How Is Data Storage In Cloud Different From On-Premise Data Storage?

Table of Contents Navigation: What is Cloud Storage?, What is On-premises Storage?, What are the Major Differences Between On-premise and Cloud Storage?, So, How Do You Choose Between the Two? Thanks to in-depth technology infusion, the modern business environment has become increasingly data-centered. This evolving trend has in turn necessitated the need to think about … 閱讀更多

What is More Secure Cloud or Server?

Table of Contents Navigation: On-Premise Servers vs. Cloud Servers: The Pros and Cons, Cloud Servers are a More Secure Option, Kennected Can Help, When All Is Said and Done   On-premise servers and cloud servers are two different server setups that businesses can use. The main difference is that on-premise servers are hosted locally, while … 閱讀更多

Is the Cloud Less Secure?

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What Are 2 Disadvantages Of Cloud Backups?

Table of Contents Navigation: What is Cloud Back-up?, Why Cloud Backups Aren’t Bad Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud storage as their key data storage mechanism. This pervasive use of cloud services can be attributed to the number of benefits offered by cloud storage including but not limited to ease of scale, storage virtualization, and fault … 閱讀更多

Micromarketing Strategy Versus an Undifferentiated Strategy?

Table of Contents Navigation: Target Audiences, Creating Marketing Campaigns, Data Collection, Examples of Micromarketing There are many types of marketing strategies that a successful business might use in a marketing campaign. Micromarketing is a differentiated marketing strategy that targets a specific group of people in a niche market. They aim to target a specific group … 閱讀更多

What Are The Pros To A Cloud Backup?

Table of Contents Navigation: So, What is Data Protection?, What are the Cloud Data Backup Advantages?, What are the Cloud Backup Disadvantages?, Are Cloud Backups Worth It? Data is the lifeblood of any successful business in the digital era. However, being an invaluable business asset, your business data attracts all sorts of interested parties. The … 閱讀更多

Why Cloud Is More Secure Than On Premise

Table of Contents Navigation: How are Things Protected in the Cloud?, Difference Between Cloud Storage and On-premise Storage, Reasons why Cloud Computing is More Secure, Popular Cloud Storage Services, Security Solutions, Data Center A lot has been said about cloud computing over the past few years. And while it can be a pretty hot discussion … 閱讀更多

What are the Disadvantages of the Cloud?

Table of Contents Navigation: Probable Downtime in Internet Connectivity, Level of Security, Cloud Computing Inflexibility, Cost Comparison, Technical Problems, Which Type of Business Can Experience Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?, How Can You Overcome the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?, Cloud Computing Can (Likely) Fit Your Needs Cloud is a huge network of remote servers all over … 閱讀更多

What Does B2B Stand For?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Does Business to Business Stand for in Marketing?, How Do I Contact Business-to-Business Clients?, Essential Business to Business Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business, Explore Account-based Marketing, Pitfalls to Avoid in B2B Mrketing, Advantages of Business to Business Marketing strategies, Challenges Associated with Business-to-Business Marketing, How Cloud Kennect Can Help … 閱讀更多

What is B2C Lead Generation

Table of Contents Navigation: Definition of B2C Lead Generation, Barriers to B2C Lead Generation, B2C Lead Generation Strategies, Use Video Content, Use Gated Content for Lead Generation, Content Marketing Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Personalized Email Marketing, Invest in Paid Advertisements for Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization, Use Analytics for Lead Generation Growth and sustainable … 閱讀更多

How Cloud Deployments Differ From On-Prem Deployments

Table of Contents Navigation: Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Providers, Deploying Software Via the Cloud, On-premise Deployments There is a significant difference between deploying software and on-premises deployments via the cloud. Cloud deployments are usually done using the Internet and services like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Companies do not need to own any hardware … 閱讀更多

What is Azure Prem?

Table of Contents Navigation: Overview, Cloud Services, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Azure Ad Connect, Effect on Business Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing providers globally and offers various high-end services, including storage, virtualization, and deployment, among many others. As with all cloud providers, you have to pay for your resources. Azure … 閱讀更多

Is Cloud Faster than On-prem?

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How Do You Become a Lead Generation Specialist?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Is Lead Generation?, Types of Lead Generation Specialists, How to Become a Lead Generation Specialist, Becoming a Lead Generation Specialist Lead generation is a process that is essential for any business. It can be challenging to generate leads on your own, but with the help of a lead generation specialist, … 閱讀更多