What Are The 3 Common Reasons To Use The Cloud?

Table of Contents Navigation: Cloud Security, Data Backup and Cloud Storage, File Sharing and Communication, Other Cloud Computing Benefits, How Kennected Uses the Cloud to Serve You The concept of cloud computing has been all the rage lately, but what is it really? Here at Kennected, we want people to be informed regarding this amazing … 閱讀更多

What Type of Cloud Storage is Dropbox?

Table of Contents Navigation: Dropbox Features, What are the Different Types of Cloud Storage Options? Dropbox is a popular file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. It was founded in 2007 by two MIT students, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, who were frustrated with the hassle of carrying around USB … 閱讀更多

What are Three Advantages of Cloud Computing?

Table of Contents Navigation: Background Information, Three Advantages of Cloud Computing, Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a service model that provides on-demand self-service access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Its proponents see the ability to rapidly provision or release the necessary resources as significant cloud computing benefits. The cloud’s potential … 閱讀更多

What’s the Difference Between Web Based and Cloud Based?

Table of Contents Navigation: What is Cloud-based Computing and Services?, What are Web-based Computing and Services?, Differences between Web Based Computing and Services and Cloud-Based Computing and Services, Pros and Cons of Cloud-based Computing and Services, Cloud vs. Web: Benefits Cloud computing is rapidly becoming more commonplace; thanks to the accessibility and affordability, these platforms … 閱讀更多

What is Microsoft Prem?

Table of Contents Navigation: What is Microsoft Premier Support?, What is the Difference Between Premier and Standard Support?, What is Microsoft Unified Support vs. Premier Support?, What Does It Take To Get Microsoft Premier Support?, What Does Microsoft Premier Support Include?, What is an Evaluation Period?, What are Microsoft Proactive Credits?, What are the Benefits … 閱讀更多

Is Cloud Cheaper than On-Prem?

Table of Contents Navigation: Cloud vs. On Premise, Some Drawbacks of Cloud Computing, Conclusion Is cost a major concern when it comes to decision-making? When deciding among several options, the cost is undoubtedly a crucial concern, as it is with most business decisions. Similarly, acknowledging the cost difference between cloud and on-premise IT services is … 閱讀更多

Why is Cloud Based Software Better?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Is a Lead Generation Site & What Is It’s Purpose?, Why Cloud-Based Applications Are Better Than Local Applications, Why Should You Use Cloud-Based Applications?, Are There Any Disadvantages When Using Cloud-Based Applications?, Types of Cloud Computing Services?, Cloud Computing Benefits, Data Storage, Difference Between Local and Online Installation, How Does … 閱讀更多

Is Cloud Safer than On-Prem?

Table of Contents Navigation: On-Premise Data Storage, Cloud Storage, Securing Cloud Providers, Ways in Which Cloud Storage is Better Than On-Prem, How Cloud Storage Can Improve Your Business, How To Choose The Best Cloud Storage Provider, Benefits of Cloud Security Vs On-Prem Security Concerns, Data Center Security Threats, Data Center Security Measures, Kennected Services Are … 閱讀更多

What Are The Types of Cloud Storage?

Table of Contents Navigation: What is Cloud Storage?, How Does Cloud Storage Work?, Benefits of Cloud Storage, Types of Cloud Storage, In-Demand Types of Cloud Storage Services, Critical Aspects to Consider when Selecting the Right Cloud Storage Provider, Conclusion Cloud storage is one of the best ways to back up any data you need. Setting … 閱讀更多

What Is Difference Between Local Server And Cloud Server?

Table of Contents Navigation: Cloud Server Definition, Local Server Definition, Cloud Servers Pros, Cloud Servers Cons, Local Servers Pros, Local Servers Cons, Conclusion Websites and applications are the backbones of online business because they help clients globally interact with the business on google and other online platforms. E-businesses also need to ensure that they secure … 閱讀更多

What is the Difference Between Secondary Storage and Cloud Storage?

Table of Contents Navigation: Secondary Storage, Cloud Storage, Secondary Storage Vs Cloud Storage, Kennected is Here to Help Data storage is an essential component of every organization, as it ensures the successful flow of business. How you store your data plays a vital role in ease of access, use, and security. In this digital age, … 閱讀更多

What is Not a Benefit of Cloud Backup?

Table of Contents Navigation: How Cloud Backup Works, Cloud Backup vs In-House Backup, Disadvantages of Cloud Backups, In-Premise Backup, Advantages of In-Premise Backup, How To Choose The Right Cloud Technology For Your Company, Approaches to On-premises Backup of Cloud Data, Kennected Can Help Cloud storage providers make switching online backups easy. You download the backup … 閱讀更多

Is Cloud Storage Cheaper than Local Storage?

Table of Contents Navigation: Local Storage, Cloud Storage, Our Take on Which is Better Between Local Storage and Cloud, How Kennected Can Help You Save Time and Simplify Opportunity Technology has grown immensely, providing more opportunities for people and their businesses in recent times. More specifically, how information is stored has grown to include options … 閱讀更多

Why Is Cloud More Expensive?

Table of Contents Navigation: 12 Reasons Why Cloud Services Are More Expensive Than On-Premises Solutions Cloud services are becoming more and more popular as businesses move away from on-premises solutions. However, some still believe that cloud services are more expensive than on-premises solutions. This blog post will explore the 12 reasons why cloud services can … 閱讀更多