For sales teams and professionals using LinkedIn as one of their primary networking platforms, sending invites to prospects, leads, and 熟人是关键. One of the most common things people want to know is how many LinkedIn invites they can send out at any given time.


LinkedIn allows its users to send up to 3000 invites. Each user is allotted 3000 for their account, and they are allowed to send out as many as they want per day. However, keep in mind that you will have to enter a CAPTCHA for each invite over 100 sent in a 24-hour period. Most people will never manually send out that many invites in a day. If you do, we tip the cap to you, but you’re working way too hard. When using LinkedIn自动化用户可以轻而易举地每天发送100个,规模不大,汗水不多。然而,请确保您遵循我们的最佳实践,我们在我们的 "最佳实践 "中涵盖了这一点。 入职流程

Now because of the 3000 invite limit, many people are concerned that they might run out eventually, especially if they are actively seeking new connections. But this is not really a major concern. In the event that you run out of invites on your LinkedIn account, you can simply email LinkedIn Customer Service and ask for more invites.

They will typically grant members another 500 to 1000 invites per month so long as the user has not been labeled a spammer by the community. It is important to note that if you use them all up again, you will have to wait until that month is up before being able to ask for more.


To avoid being labeled as a spammer, there are a few things LinkedIn members should consider. A spammer is a LinkedIn user who receives too many declines from the invitations they send out. What this means is that you should be careful about sending those invites too loosely if you want to expand your network properly.

一个好的经验法则是只有当你相当确定邀请会被接受时才发送邀请。许多用户只邀请他们认识的人。但是对于建立新的联系来说,只限于你的个人联系不是一个好主意。所以为了避免在寻求新的连接时被标记为垃圾邮件发送者。 打探消息 先在其他地方。


Some LinkedIn marketers use email, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, group discussions, or even real life conversations before moving over to LinkedIn. Another option is by using LinkedIn’s premium messaging feature: LinkedIn InMail. This feature lets users send messages directly to other LinkedIn members even if they are not connected yet.




Kennected让用户定制邀请函 的方式,提醒他们你们是如何认识对方的,以及为什么你们想建立联系。Kennected可以自动发送消息和邀请,同时允许用户自定义每条消息,以保持个人风格。

For users who want to withdraw an invitation they have already sent out, simply:

  • Go to your Inbox, click on “Sent and then choose the “Sent Invitations” tab to see all of the invitations you’ve sent out
  • Click on the invite that needs to be withdrawn to open the message
  • From there, click the “Withdraw” button. The recipient will not be notified that you have withdrawn the invitation
  • The withdrawn invite will not be credited back to the LinkedIn account, meaning it will still count towards the 3000 invitation limit