YouTuber Calls Out Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration Marketing Campaign

Logan Paul & KSI launched PRIME Hydration in early 2022, & both stars are experiencing overwhelming demand.

The hydration drink still sells almost instantly every time it’s released in the UK.

In a video posted on Oct. 11, Derek from More Plates More Dates had some words for Paul, who has been very outspoken about how great PRIME is. 

According to Derek, despite going after Gatorade & Liquid IV, Paul doesn’t paint the full picture.

Despite Paul pointing out the difference in sugar, carbs, calories, and electrolytes, Derek says he is misrepresenting their product.

Here’s what the article states –

“There are different circumstances in which you’d want one or the other, to be frank,” Derek added. “When he lumps them together as if it is an electrolyte is an electrolyte, it’s like do you know the composition of sweat that even comes out of your f**king face when you’re exercising bro? I don’t think so. I think you think all this sh*t is the same.

He continued: “For you to go at Liquid IV, ready to like chop their head off, when you don’t even know the what the difference is and why it would be useful to maybe have some sodium in there is actually kind of laughable, to be honest.”

Read the full story here

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