YouTube Announces User Handles With Customizations

Many social networks, like Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook, have adopted handles indicated by an “@” sign in front of a name or nickname. 

YouTube is now too – and not just for its established creators.

YouTube handles, or individual URLs that let people find your videos were only available to people with 100 subscribers or more. Most of us used URLs like 

YouTube is rolling out handles – @ names you’ll use for channel pages, shorts, and other YouTube stuff.

Here’s what the article states –

“YouTube is sending out notifications via email or, if you’re already a creator, via YouTube Studio; at that point, you will then be able to choose your handle. If you’ve already created a personalized URL for your channel, YouTube will automatically assign that as your default handle; but if you’re tired of it, you will be given the option to change it.

I haven’t created many YouTube videos — last I looked, I had two, neither of which is worth mentioning — but I received my invitation yesterday. So here is how the relatively simple process for choosing a handle works.”

Read the full story here

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