How Do I Write SMS Content?

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On average, 98% of mobile users open and read SMS messages that they receive from brands. This makes SMS an undeniably effective marketing strategy. But getting people to open your text message is one thing—getting them to convert into actual paying customers is another challenge entirely. So you need to know how to make effective SMS marketing copy.

Marketers should not miss out on this fantastic source of leads and sales. Ecommerce marketers see an average of 2.5% conversion rates using SMS marketing campaigns according to data from Klaviyo. You can gain these benefits by sending professional text messages that are well-written and direct to the point.

Here we are going to talk about effective ways to write marketing SMS messages. Let’s take a closer look at the best practices for text message marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

But before we get into the best strategies for text message marketing, first we need to discuss what SMS marketing is. SMS means short message service. An SMS marketing campaign involves sending a text message to a customer, prospect, or lead with the hope of converting them or generating interest in your products and services.

Just like email marketing campaigns, you message a specific group of people. With an SMS campaign, a business owner can send texts to leads and loyal customers alike. And speaking of email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing campaigns have proven to be just as effective when it comes to getting engagement from subscribers.

But before you can do so, you need to collect their phone number, and for this, they are going to have to sign up to be part of your SMS list. Once they do sign up by giving you their phone number, you can send them different text messages like updates, promotions, news, etc. But again, they have to opt-in to this service. You don’t want to send unwanted messages to people and end up annoying them or pushing them further away from your business.

SMS messaging campaigns allow you to reach customers on a more personal level. You are contacting them directly through their personal mobile device, meaning this is a very powerful tool if used correctly. With an effective SMS marketing campaign, you can build genuine and meaningful relationships with your customers, and that will provide longevity to your brand.

The key is to send timely and relevant texts that are non-intrusive. Do not spam them with texts or else they can opt-out as quickly as they joined your SMS list.

Remember that SMS marketing works best when used alongside other marketing campaign strategies.

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How to Write Content for SMS Marketing

Texting is easy, but text messaging with the purpose of generating leads and converting them is not the same as texting your friends. You need to send professional text messages because every time you send texts to your leads, prospects, and customers, you are representing your brand. Your goal with this messaging campaign is to make a good impression—always.

Here are a few tips for writing a text message for your SMS marketing campaign.

Keep Your SMS Messages Short and Simple

Simplicity and clarity are two examples of qualities every text message should have when you are reaching out to customers. This is always the number one rule when it comes to writing SMS marketing copy.

A shorter message is more likely to be read all the way through, giving you the biggest chance of getting your message across. Remember that unlike billboards or even blog posts, your text message will be displayed on a small mobile device. You want your message to fit the screen or at least get your headline across.

Although these people chose to opt into your SMS texts, they don’t necessarily want to be bothered with long paragraphs of text. If you have a promo, give them all the details right away. No need for any “linguistic garnish” or excessive details. Give them all the information they need and end it with a clear call to action.

SMS is heavily reliant on brevity. Both you and your subscribers will benefit from staying within the character limit. Shorter messages will help you save on your marketing budget, and what you have to say will also be consumed by your subscribers more easily.

Make Your Text Message Clear

Although you are supposed to use less text, you still have to make sure your readers are actually getting the information they need. If they don’t get what you are trying to say, then there is no chance of converting them. Use a short message that is still clear and easy to understand. This way, they will be more likely to follow up on your call to action.

Avoid confusing words. Don’t use slang that people in your SMS list are not familiar with. When it comes to SMS marketing, you don’t have to get poetic. Tell them about your new product; when the next sale is going to be; or what your promo is all about. Then tell them what they can do to participate.

Some marketers use different acronyms to shorten their message and keep it within the limit. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want your subscribers to get confused while reading your message.

On that note, try to avoid ambiguity as much as possible. Avoid emojis unless they are strategically used to catch your audience’s attention. When in doubt, just stick to your letters and punctuations.

Personalize Your Text Message

SMS marketing is one of the most direct ways to talk to your customers, aside from speaking to them face to face. So take advantage of this and use SMS text to create a strong connection with your audience.

Including your customer’s name can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level, which strengthens your relationship with them and leads to more conversions. This also makes your messaging look less sales-y. Just choose which SMS messages should be personalized. There is no need to put their name in every message, especially if you are just talking about a new promo. Promo messaging is impersonal by default.

Sending a personalized SMS message to remind them of a promo, or a text on their birthday to greet them, can be an excellent way to connect with your customers.

Aside from personalizing your texts, you should make it easier for them to respond or reach you for inquiries. Add your contact details like other phone numbers or email addresses somewhere in the text. People won’t look for these details if they are not included in the SMS.

Work these contact details naturally into the text message by adding them to your call to action. For example, you can say “to schedule an appointment, call” and then add your phone number at the end.

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Target the Right People with Your SMS Marketing

You don’t have to send every text message to everyone in your SMS list. Many businesses segment their contact base for further personalization, sending the right texts only to the appropriate people. You can offer discounts to your most loyal customers, invite new people to events, or offer other forms of discounts to existing clients.

People don’t want to receive texts that have zero relevance to them. This will only annoy them and convince them to opt-out of your SMS marketing.

You can take this further by segmenting customers based on factors that are unique to your business. For example, if you are running a pet shop, you can segment customers based on what pet they own. A cat owner does not need updates about dog products. By segmenting them, you can ensure that the right audience is receiving the right information.

Targeting the right people with your SMS marketing also means writing your SMS copy in language they will understand. 75% of customers online say that they would consider buying products in their native language.

Catch their Attention with Your Text Message

The beauty of using SMS marketing for your company is that your customers who opt into your text message marketing will probably open your message when they receive them. Even then you have to remember that people have short attention spans. That is why you need to ensure your text message marketing can instantly show value to your readers so they will keep reading.

If they take a look at your message and they immediately think it is boring or irrelevant, they will stop paying attention. Luckily you now know how to keep your messages short and simple. You also learn how to segment your audience so that your messaging is always sharing relevant information with the right people.

Now it is time to add a sprinkle of personality or creativity to your messaging. Try to incorporate your brand’s voice into your text, especially if it is not a formal message or a simple status update.

SMS does not let you use different eye-catching fonts, so this is mostly about your wording. Capitalization is about the only way to add visual interest to a text, so use it wisely. Using all caps can draw their attention, but make sure you are drawing attention to the right thing. Do not abuse capital letters. Only use it for things like SALES, and other important details like holiday hours.

If you use all caps throughout the whole text, people will lose interest. This is counterproductive to your goal of catching their attention.

While you have their attention, don’t forget to sneak your call to action in there. Using a call to action will remind customers to do something right after reading your message. The best time to put a call to action is at the end of a text.

Some SMS texts are so brief that they are just one large call to action all the way through. If it is an important announcement or a simple update, this could work.

But without a call to action, your subscriber will have no idea what to do. At the same time, do not use more than one call to action per text as this may confuse your subscribers.

Since you cannot rely on visuals, just focus on the benefits for the reader. Since you are texting them, you might as well let them know what’s in store for them if they follow your call to action.

Read and Edit Your SMS Message Before Hitting Send

Each SMS text is short and simple, so any grammatical errors or misspellings will be easily noticeable. Before you hit send on your SMS text, read through it and see if there are any mistakes. Check every word and sentence. You can also take this opportunity to make sure that the SMS is clear and concise. You want your text to deliver value and provide all the information needed by your customers to participate. Don’t forget to read your call to action.

Texting for lead generation and conversions may be tricky at first, but businesses need to get used to it as soon as possible because this marketing strategy is not going anywhere any time soon. Small businesses shouldn’t miss out on the benefits of SMS marketing.

Write SMS in a professional way. Even though you are just texting someone, you still want to make it look and sound professional.

Keep Your SMS Marketing Campaign Consistent and Predictable

Finally, you have to keep your SMS marketing campaign consistent. Don’t message your prospects every single day. Instead, text them once a week or only as needed. Respect your customers’ boundaries even though you have their phone numbers. Set up a texting schedule and stick with it.

Also keep in mind that a lot of people don’t like to be bothered early in the morning, at night, or during the weekend. Remember this as you optimize your SMS marketing campaign schedule.

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Why You Should Use an SMS Marketing Campaign

Used correctly, an SMS campaign can complement all your existing marketing strategies, allowing you to reach more customers than ever. But the biggest benefit of SMS marketing is that it gives you a direct line to your customers, creating the opportunity to build solid customer relationships.

Text message marketing is simple and easy to use. All you have to worry about is what kind of message you should be sending and when. Other than that, it doesn’t require that much effort on your part. Use it wisely and you will get great conversion results.

What Are the Different SMS Messages You Can Send?

Now that you know all the best ways to craft your SMS messages, it’s time to talk about what kind of texts you can send. Overall, there are two main categories of text messaging: promotional and transactional messages.

Promotional SMS messages are urgent messages that are meant to draw attention to your products and services. You can also use them to inform customers about your latest promos, sales, and discounts. This messaging type is used to increase sales and build brand awareness.

Use promotional text message marketing to create hype over your latest offerings. Create a sense of urgency over your newest SMS coupons, flash sales, and loyalty programs.

On the other hand, transactional messages are purely informational. They are not intended to create urgency or build hype. They are sent out to customers who have already purchased your product or responded to your call to action. These include

  • Appointment reminders

  • Confirmation details

  • Shopping information

  • Cart abandonment reminders

  • And more

Is Text Message Marketing Dead?

Even with the rise of social media, SMS marketing messages remain a valuable part of multi-channel marketing. An SMS campaign is still highly beneficial because text messages can improve customer relationships through better communication. This can lead to an increased ROI in the long run. Besides, digital marketing works best when you use all channels available to you, so don’t shy away from sending marketing messages to the right audience even if it is through SMS. Don’t hesitate to write those texts.

In the age of social media, SMS campaigns continue to thrive. In fact, it can be even more effective than email campaigns. People check texts more often than emails because of the direct nature of SMS. You can reach people regardless of what mobile phone they are using. Marketing messages through SMS can reach people whether they are smartphone users or non-smartphone users.

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SMS marketing gives your company the ability to reach leads, prospects, and customers through their mobile devices. And now you know how to write SMS messages properly, including how to add a clear call to action.

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