Writing Killer LinkedIn Connection Request Messages

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More sales leads stem from LinkedIn than any other social platform. How is this possible? Outstanding LinkedIn connection requests.

Regardless of who you are, an updated Linkedin profile is a must-have if you enter the workforce. Workshops, training sessions, and webinars are now thronging ad spaces.

Live sessions are marketing daily to help Linkedin users, job seekers, and freelancers optimize their Linkedin profiles and connection requests.

Despite letter writing being given as an acid test since our halcyon school days, writing a good Linkedin message for recruiters still is a sour spot for our writing muscles.

To grow your LinkedIn network, you need to start sending better connection request messages.

A good connection request message can ensure a potential connection accepts your request.

A reader’s interest will continue or descend within seconds of reading a connection request.

You need a tried and tested template or a trusted framework to craft the perfect LinkedIn connection request.

This blog guides you towards creating the perfect Linkedin connection request.

Getting your LinkedIn to invite messages right can significantly affect how many connections you can build.

So, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few messages you can send in different scenarios.

The Different Types of LinkedIn Connections

First things first, let’s talk about different types of LinkedIn connections. 1st-degree connections are LinkedIn users already part of your network.

You can communicate through LinkedIn messages. 2nd-degree connections are LinkedIn members connected with your 1st-degree connections.

A second-degree search for connections on LinkedIn is a great way to identify mutual connections. Use this search to identify new opportunities, partners, jobs, etc.

3rd-degree connections are LinkedIn members connected with your 2nd-degree connections. You can send connection request messages to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

To learn more about them, like their name, the industry they work in, company name, LinkedIn groups, etc., a search can help you write a personalized message.

What Are Connection Requests?

When you request someone for a connection on LinkedIn, you request them to connect their LinkedIn profile with yours. It most often includes a private message asking for a connection.

Yet the LinkedIn connection request message is misused so frequently that it’s developed a negative connotation in professional networking.

Your connection request sets the tone for your relationship with people on LinkedIn. Like most business people, you’re looking for an opportunity.

A chance to build profitable relationships. Just like with any relationship, first impressions are critical.

By using the right templates, you can be sure that many new opportunities will be flooding your inbox in no time.

So if your sales team isn’t getting replies from Linkedin, try some of these personalized connection requests.

What Are LinkedIn Groups?

Groups are a great thing to mention that you may have in common.

Most people join groups related to the industry they are in – rather than groups that their prospects might be in.

A Simple Connection Request Template

Hi (name), I’m interested in (company) and your company kulture. I’m also interested in learning more about your recruiting process.

Would you be willing to chat with me briefly over the phone? Thanks!

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Useful Connection Request Phrases

When reaching out to someone via LinkedIn, you can include some of the following helpful phrases in your connection request message:

  • I’d like to add you on LinkedIn

  • It would be great if we could connect on LinkedIn

  • We might want to get in touch through LinkedIn

  • What’s your LinkedIn account so that I can add you?

  • I’m happy to have a mutual connection with you!

  • Feel free to add me on LinkedIn

  • I’m adding you on LinkedIn to get in touch

  • Join me on LinkedIn!

Industry-Specific Connection Requests

Industry-specific invites can also go a long way, especially when creating a network of like-minded individuals, or if you would like to grow in a specific niche.

Focus on inviting those in the same industry as you, as this will ensure that your requests are accepted, especially if you can add value to each other.

Potential Business Partners

Working with a strategic partner takes time. A business partner wants to see several things – you know their customers well, are trustworthy, and can add value to their business.

All of this takes time to develop.

Greeting A New Colleague

You’ll want to be less familiar if you connect with people you’ve just met. Say you recently landed a role with a tech company, and you want to connect with your supervisor.

You should still compliment her and show you’re familiar with what she does—just be a little more reserved.

Seeking People You Want To Work With

Perhaps you’re trying to get a side project off the ground, and you want to hire a graphic designer.

Or maybe you’re a software engineer looking to collaborate with someone who’s really experienced in a particular coding language.

Or maybe, like the writers that contact me, you want someone to bounce ideas off and trade feedback with. The key is making the kind of relationship you’re seeking explicitly clear.

Dear (Name), I found your profile on the Society of Professional Women and wanted to reach out to discuss potentially working together.

I’m a (Job title) with (years) of experience and seeking new opportunities.

I’d love to chat about whether my background might be a fit for any of your openings, and I’d also be happy to connect you with you on additional interests.

Someone In The Same LinkedIn Group

Maybe you’re in the Society of Professional Journalists group, and you notice one frequent poster always posts unique insights and relevant articles.

Luckily, the fact you’re in the same group gives him an automatic reason to accept.

Dear (Name), I’m also in the Society of Professional Journalists, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

The piece you shared a week or two ago about the future of data journalism was pretty thought-provoking. I’d love to keep in touch and learn more about your work. Best, (Your name)

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Make The Connection Request Mutually Beneficial

Hi (name). I stumbled upon your profile and would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

I have been interested in your career and am impressed with your dedication, expertise, and educational background.

Having a strong network of professionals like you is an integral part of my business strategy, and I hope this potential connection will benefit both of us.

Someone You Admire

Sending connection requests to total strangers is always tricky, because their first instinct is to say no.

Again, it’s important to immediately establish who you are and why you’re reaching out.

Prove you’re not just on a hunt to break 500 contacts by referencing projects they’ve worked on or achievements they’ve made.

Dear (name), I am a college senior interested in working in sales and marketing. I have been following your work for (company name) for the last year, which impressed me.

I loved your recent campaign in The Atlantic; that multimedia component was unexpected and effective.

If you ever have 10 minutes, I would like to discuss this topic in greater detail.

Best, (name)

Don't Provide A Sales Pitch

The new LinkedIn limitation on the number of connection requests looks like a problem.

Think of it this way: many users are swamped with people using LinkedIn to sell to them. They’re expecting lots of spam messages.

So if you’re initial message comes across as too “salesly” or impersonal, they’re much more likely to reject it altogether.

Some of the most common mistakes people make when creating their messages include:

  • Talking too much about themselves or their business

  • Diving straight into talking about products or services

Using a standard template with no personal or thoughtful details Sending requests saying “I’ve read your profile” when they have not.

These issues will raise alarm bells for your potential prospects.

This is mostly because, a lot of the time, these prospects are being approached by loads of sellers who’ve done no research and just want a quick sale.

Eventually, buyers will catch on! And that’s why it’s so important to take the time to think about the messages you’re sending.

Contacting Recruiters

You should contact recruiters with whom you have something in common, whether a mutual connection, participation in a professional organization, or membership in the same LinkedIn group.

If you want to reach out but don’t have anything in common, we recommend checking out what groups a recruiter is a part of.

Connecting With A Former Co-Worker

It’s always good to catch up with old colleagues.

Hi (first name), It was great working with you at (company name) back in (year). It wouldn’t have been the same without you helping me with (project name).

How’s your new position at (company name) going? It’d be great to catch up sometime! All the best, (Your first name).

Rushing Connection Requests

As with most things, people are impatient; they want results overnight. They view LinkedIn as a necessity to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Still, they don’t invest much time or effort into building relationships with other like-minded people. Instead, they take a more passive approach to connections.

Most of the people who fit in this category aren’t all that interested in pursuing connections on LinkedIn.

They’re focused on bare minimums – accepting connection requests and blasting out generic invitations. Don’t be like those people.

Be thoughtful and tactical with every connection request message.

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Comment To Receive Offer Connection Requests

Ever seen marketers on LinkedIn telling people to comment on their posts to receive the offer?

This works well because the more people comment on your post, the bigger your reach, and the LinkedIn algorithm will want to show your post to even more people.

Many people also use Lempod to boost their views, likes, and comments. Then, once you gain a ton of comments, you must reach out to them using Expandi.

It’s simple, but effective.

Considering A Career Change?

A career path is never a straight line. Sometimes you need advice from other professionals who have been there.

Hello (name), I’m currently contemplating making a move and would love to chat with you about the kind of work you’re doing at (company name).

I’m happy to arrange a quick phone call next week if you’re free or to send a few questions over LinkedIn. Thanks, (name)

Hiring LinkedIn Connections

Dear (name), I was impressed by the social media strategy you put together for (company name).

Also, I am a small business owner, and I am interested in hiring you for a similar project.

If you are interested, let me know, so we can arrange a phone call to discuss the timeline, rates, scope, etc. Looking forward to possibly working with you, (name)

Searching Out Freelance Opportunities

If you are a freelancer, then your goal should be sending a personalized Linkedin invitation to generate leads for your business/service.

Remember that you have only 300 characters to stamp the first impression.

By fixing your priorities, here generating leads, you can use the right combination of words for the advent of a relationship with your prospect.

Reaching Out To An Author of A LinkedIn Article

Hi (first name), I came across a LinkedIn article you wrote on (topic). I resonated with your thoughts on (key idea). I’d love to keep in touch and learn more about your work.

Connecting With A LinkedIn Event/Networking Event Attendee

Hello (first name), I saw that you too attended the (event name). Learning (what you learned) was particularly useful for my business. Anyways, I would love to connect!

Having attended the same event implies that you have an interest/topic in common to continue the conversation.

Reaching out to LinkedIn event attendees is one of the industry leaders’ top strategies for finding qualified leads.

For Those Spying On Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s a simple outreach template that works almost every time. Go to your profile. Click on ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ in your dashboard.

Send those people a personalized connection invite. Bonus: follow-up with something useful (e.g., article or case study you wrote)

Connection request template: Hey (first name), I Saw you clicked on my profile. Awesome, is there anything specific you’re looking for?

Nice to see you work in (industry) too. I’ve written quite a bit on the topic. I’d love to send you some articles (or case studies) if you’d be interested? Let me know! Cheers,

Compliment Someone's Work

Everyone loves feeling like their contributions have been noticed, so when connecting with co-workers, mention their projects, interests, or strengths.

This is an ideal way to give your colleagues a boost and strengthen your professional relationships.

It may even be just the prompt they need to endorse you or write you a glowing LinkedIn recommendation.

Hi (name), although I’ve never gotten the chance to work with you directly, I’ve heard rave reviews about your sales techniques and ability to work with tough clients.

Hopefully, one of these days, we can catch up and learn more about each other’s work.

Best, (name)

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Incorporate Mutual Connections

Did you know that you have 27% more chances of getting a response if you include a mutual employer in your Linkedin connection message than someone who does not do the same?

That’s the power of personalization.

If you and your recipient have worked under a common manager, company, or even the same title, you can include these elements in your LinkedIn message.

These personal elements make your message more glamorous.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Do you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator? It offers many advanced features to zoom in on your target audience, down to something they recently commented on.

Connection request template: Hi (first name), Your recent comment about (post-content-keyword) struck a chord.

I tend to cover some great content on growth-hacking that you can use to increase your outreach strategy. If you want to check it out, I’ll be happy to send it your way.

LinkedIn Connection Request Templates

Hi [first name], I’ve been following the work you’ve been doing for [Company name] in the last few months, and I’m very impressed with how much you’ve achieved in such a short time!

If you get the time, I would love to speak more about your work and how you got the opportunity to work on this kind of project. All the best, [Your first name].

Or you could try something along the lines of:

Hi (Name), I wanted to reach out, as it seems like you would be the right person to discuss travel management given your role — although you may not be currently traveling, would you be interested in exploring how ( company name ) can help you prepare for the future of business travel? Best, (Your name)

Another example:

Hi (Name). I’m the (Job position) of (company name). Your experience makes you a good fit for our professional women page.

I’m looking to connect with professionals interested in advancing their careers. (Your Name)

Maybe you want to connect with your new manager or supervisor:

Dear (Name), I’m excited to join the product development department.

The team’s innovation and commitment to always finding the best testing methodologies is one of the reasons I was so drawn to work at (company name).

Looking forward to contributing. Best, (Your name)

The Bottom Line For Writing LinkedIn Connection Requests

If you want to increase the number of quality connections you get on LinkedIn, being able to write an amazing connection request message is a great place to start.

Remember that Linkedin is about connecting with people you know and those you want to get to know. Put your best foot forward, and make a good first impression.

There is so much opportunity on this platform. You should use it to your advantage.

If you want a killer Linkedin outreach strategy, check out this blog on automating LinkedIn messages.

We understand that most automated LinkedIn outreach sounds robotic, with no personality. Our products focus on personalized connection request technology and relationship building.

With Kennected, you can create an engaging connection request template.

We’ve covered sales practices used by the industry leaders to grow their LinkedIn network and generate leads.

These simple, yet impactful connection request messages are proven to help you stand out from the crowd and send messages that get replies. Get creative. Get bold about it.

Shape them to your needs.

Following these tips and guidelines can boost your chances of successfully building your network on LinkedIn.

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