How Can I Write SMS In Notebook

The Notebook App is an application designed for not only content creation, but also task management, listing, and creating templates, which can all be used for SMS creation.

The Notebook app is easily accessible on your laptop or desktop computer and is a dedicated desktop app that you can utilize in a variety of ways for your business.

Let’s take a minute to look into all of the ways you can begin sending SMS messages, either through the Notebook app or other messaging apps.

What is The Notebook App?

The Notebook application is a web app that allows for notification syncing and can store all your conversations in a comprehensive and organized platform.

Essentially, the Notebook app is a blank canvas that you can personally fill with any content that suits you, as well as any notes or any text messaging templates you would like to save for easy access.

Third party apps tend to be convoluted, but the Notebook app is designed to be customized to fit the needs of your business, both in organization and content creation.

It allows for message syncing and functions as a desktop app as well as a phone companion app.

When you are getting started on your instant messaging service, it’s a good idea to schedule SMS messages while using multiple mobile apps for editing and proofreading purposes.

You could use Notebook as a dedicated messenger website or a place to store mobile data and select messages.

After a brief setup process, you’ll soon be able to include Notebook in your web interface arsenal and begin using it to your liking.

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What are SMS Messages?

SMS messages are text messages that are sent from your business to your designated client base.

Since this content is being delivered via text message, it is short form and sent directly to a client’s cell phone.

As a short message service, you will enable messages to be sent from your business’s apple ID, and these messages will be received by iPhone users, android users, and even desktop apps if desired.

A big piece of an SMS campaign lies within its accessibility.

You don’t want a client who owns an android phone to be omitted from your SMS due to their app text message access, so make sure that your platform keeps accessibility at the forefront of its mission.

Similar to web apps like Facebook messenger, SMS will provide all the features you need, like tap text message forwarding and desktop notifications through the same account.

Most messaging apps will limit you in some way, either through content templates or using a separate app to actually craft your messages.

You won’t be limited through your SMS campaign– in fact, this web app lets you send messages and MMS messages (photos) directly through the main settings screen.

Using the same account, you’ll be able to send a QR code, configure custom emojis, sync photos, and receive text messages from your clients all through the same phone companion app.

The previously mentioned android messages will be received in the same way as any other text would, as the software is designed to be compatible with android phones, Windows PC, and even WhatsApp Web.

You can use your settings cog icon to toggle messages and disable desktop notifications if desired.
Your text messages are truly customizable and the software is created for compatibility and ease of use.

How are Text Messages Used for Business?

Text messages can be used for business purposes in a variety of ways:

  1. Transfer files from business to client

  2. Link to your main facebook site

  3. Send links to your other MacOs apps

  4. Send a QR code or link to feedback survey

  5. Send a default thumbs up to a given mobile phone number

  6. Use MMS messages to let your clients access pictures in their messages icon

  7. Send messages as frequently as you wish to your customers

One of the most important pieces of business text messaging is obtaining written consent from each phone number in order to make sure that individuals want to be receiving your text messages.

Once you have obtained consent via an SMS opt in, you are now ready to begin sending SMS.

Since your SMS texts will be going directly into your clients’ phone app, it is important to focus on content that is urgent or quick for your clients to read.

This may include promotional messages, appointment reminders, a QR code, or any photos that are compatible with any phone number on your SMS list.

A good way to consider text messaging for your business is following the general format of Facebook messenger.

These messages are short, sweet, and meant to convey a simple point.

When in doubt, keep it simple and straightforward.

What is the Messages App?

The messages app is where SMS texts from your business and any other text messages are being delivered to on a client’s phone.

As a phone app, Messages is an application designed to house all text communication that is sent and received from any given phone number.

Android messages are sent and received in the same manner via the Android phone without any Android installed applications.

Usually, a cell phone will have functions that have message syncing set up and a computer connected to text notifications as well.

Making sure you have a grasp on the basic format of the application is all you really need to know about this phone app.

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How Does The Notebook App Work as a Phone App?

As a windows app, the Notebook application will be linked to a Microsoft account, allowing for easy folder transfer from one account to another if needed.

As previously mentioned, Notebook is a great place to store any kind of information, whether it be SMS templates or organizational notes.

As a phone application, it can function in a few different ways.

You can alter the settings to provide a browser alert for when others in your business are working within Notebook, or when important dates and events arise.

You can also use cool features like the phone’s camera and google voice to write notes in Notebook without typing anything.

Once you download the application, you’ll soon see the versatility of the app and the many uses it can provide for your business, including in the SMS areas.

How Kennected Uses SMS Messaging Apps

Here at Kennected, we like to utilize SMS for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that we love to be connected with our client base.

We think it is extremely important to have working relationships with your customers and to be available to communicate with them as well.

Using SMS is a great way to not only build client relationships, but to make them last.

Once you begin using SMS for your business, you too will see the advantages of text messages and how they can benefit your mission.

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