How Do You Write A New Real Estate Bio?

No matter what industry you are in, the way you tell your story on LinkedIn will have a huge impact on your lead generation efforts. This is especially true for real estate agents, because you need to be able to convince prospects to trust you—and your story plays an important role in that process.

Writing a bio for your LinkedIn is one of the most crucial steps in building your real estate profile. Unfortunately, writing about yourself can be quite challenging, so we are here to give you some tips on how to make that profile pop.

Why Bios Matter so Much for LinkedIn​

First impressions matter. Since most of your leads won’t know who you are, it takes a lot of convincing to get them on your side. They won’t choose you as their real estate agent if they don’t think you are a suitable fit for them. Your LinkedIn bio is your chance to show them who you are: as a person and as a professional.

If you can’t make that good first impression, your profile visitors might click elsewhere. Sure enough, many people make snap judgments based on their first impression. LinkedIn users are busy people: they won’t spend too much time on a profile that fails to catch their attention.

So writing a bio on LinkedIn is rooted in the art of persuasion. Your LinkedIn bio should establish your credibility and authority in real estate. They need to get the impression that you are professional, and that you can get the job done.

How to Write a Professional Real Estate Bio for LinkedIn​

Before you write your first draft, you need to have a clear idea of what your tone and point of view should be. It needs to be consistent with your brand, because this affects how the reader “sees” you before they even get to meet you or talk to you. Your tone should be the same throughout your profile, whether you are more serious, laid-back, warm, or formal.

Some real estate agents choose the conversational approach when writing their bio, as if they are talking to a friend they’ve known for a long time. Others want to be warm yet professional. It all depends on how you want to present yourself to potential clients.

Your LinkedIn bio is the perfect tool to showcase your uniqueness and expertise. Use it to share what makes you different from the rest. Make sure to include what type of real estate agent you are, whether you are a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, or both. If you specialize in working with a particular demographic—veterans, retirees, luxury home investors, first-time buyers, etc.—you should mention that as well.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to tell profile visitors what you are good at through your bio. You can also take this as an opportunity to tell your story and share your goals with other people. Most clients appreciate the honesty, and it also shows that you are a goal-driven individual.

With all these in mind, write your first draft. Keep it short but detailed: you want to catch your reader’s attention with the first sentence to encourage them to read on. Your most valuable prospects will read the whole thing because they are already interested in what you have to offer. You want your LinkedIn bio to also convince those who haven’t made up their mind yet.

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