Why Kennected Started Using EOS Software

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As a digital company, software for EOS helped us structure our business strategy and the best practices for everything within our organization. is a suite of tools to help your company get support and aid our business operating systems.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What software is and how it benefits your business

  • What an EOS is

  • The benefits of an EOS system for your company

  • How Kennected Uses EOS software every day

Read on to learn about the best practices for everything offers and how this service has strengthened every aspect of Kennected’s business structure.

What is Software for EOS?

Ninety is a cloud based platform that provides tricks and best practices to your organization and leadership team regarding company structure, goals, and mission.

Essentially, this platform aims to provide your business with the necessary tools and resources to guide you towards success.

Here are just a few items that Ninety can help your company with:

  • Access to their blog to receive tips, tricks, and best practices Ninety has to offer

  • Support for your company vision

  • Performance metrics and development

  • Resources for your leadership team to implement

  • Tips for execution on specific leadership tactics

  • A guide for organizational structure within your business

  • Provides the tools you need to implement your core values

Businesses everywhere have goals, and Ninety works hard to give you the tools necessary to achieve them.

Stay consistent with the platform and make sure to put your vision at the center of your business every day.

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What is EOS?

EOS stands for an entrepreneurial operating system, and Ninety is an EOS based platform.

As a business, it is important to have goals, values, and a vision outlined for both your employees and your leadership team.

An EOS takes these elements and helps guide you in the direction of success.

The most beneficial areas of an EOS are within the areas of leadership, data, and processing.

EOS platforms like Ninety will help guide your executive team in the right direction by providing resources and tips for sales enablement, lead generation, and more.

Your business leaders need to have a solid grasp on these elements in order to lead your company effectively.

A well structured EOS will also have databases curated for the purpose of improving your existing software and technology.

Use these metrics to assess your strategy and adjust when needed.

Additionally, use an EOS to strengthen each team involved in your business.

Utilize sales enablement features for your sales force, content marketing resources for your marketers, and organizational facets for your operations team.

Benefits of an EOS System for Your Business

There are many benefits of an EOS platform like Ninety for your business.

  • Demonstrates commitment to your employees

  • Helps increase cohesion across your business

  • Emphasized the trait of being resilient and flexible as a business owner

  • Helps to empower employees in their work and contributions

  • Increases client success and satisfaction across the board

An EOS looks different for every business, so be sure to take the time and figure out exactly what you need from Ninety, just like we did here at Kennected.

It is important to view your business in a constant state of growth, so use your EOS to reflect this mindset.

Take feedback often and use it to better your business.

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How Kennected Uses EOS Software

Here at Kennected, Ninety has been a great service platform and has helped us strengthen a variety of areas within our business.

We have used our EOS to help with performance across the board, as well as increasing communication and cohesion between our departments.

Find a service that benefits your business like Ninety has for Kennected.

Start strengthening all aspects of your business today!

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