Why the Post Pandemic Reliance on Tech is a Good Thing

Though technology has been present in the business world for many years, the recent pandemic has increased its prevalence worldwide and within every industry.

One such affected area is within government and city departments.

A recent article by Bloomberg details this shift and how the pandemic instilled an increased reliance on technology.

“As the CityLab summit convenes in Amsterdam, urban leaders and experts are discussing how to better leverage technology and data to serve their residents. The event, hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute, is designed to encourage problem-solving and networking among city officials. 

James Anderson leads the Government Innovation programs at Bloomberg Philanthropies. He spoke about how cities are putting a greater focus on using data to innovate. 

One of the most positive changes to come out of the pandemic was the way local governments accelerated their digitization efforts — shifting delivery of services online and creating new ways to reach and support the people who, for too long, have been left out. That’s a trend that will continue as cities everywhere — from Butuan, to Mexico City, to Baltimore — deepen their investment in digital capacities.

People saw the critical role local governments played in addressing a global crisis. And they can expect cities will continue to play a similar role in tackling many others — including the migration and climate crises. I hope this translates not only into greater resident engagement, but also greater trust in local government and greater turnout at local elections.  

Mayors really leaned into the power of data and technology during the pandemic — perhaps more than leaders at any other level of government. It’s how they engaged with residents, made policy decisions, and innovated. Now, as we come out of the pandemic, I see mayors doubling down on data and injecting data skills deeper into their organizations.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

When the pandemic took the world by storm, it was technology and software that kept people connected and in tune with one another.

This applied to businesses, schools, hospitals, and even governments, as the article highlights.

While this reliance was originally born out of necessity, these industries are now seeing the benefits of technology and how these tools can aid certain processes.

Above all else, technology keeps us connected and helps to streamline certain functions.

While different tools should be used for different purposes and within various industries, the benefits of tech remain the same across the board.

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