Why Tech Companies Employ Veterans & How This Should Shape Your Business Mindset

Technology companies employ a wide range of individuals, and a recent article by MilitaryTimes details why veterans are ideal employees for many tech businesses. 

Like any business, technology companies have many moving parts and departments that join forces to produce software and other products.

Businesses that utilize the skills of their employees produce better quality products, and this is definitely the case at Silicon Valley.

“Silicon Valley likes veterans. Or at least some of the biggest tech companies do. They appreciate veterans not just for their technical or administrative skills, but also basic habits like just showing up to work on time.

“Compared to non-veterans, veterans have the combination of technical, operational and analytical background and experiences coupled with a high level of maturity, leadership and followership that most civilian college new grads do not possess,” said David Cross, a senior vice president at software company Oracle who served in the U.S. Navy and the Army Reserve.

In particular, veterans are well-suited for fast-moving or crisis situations that often occur in information technology (IT).

“With the rapid transformation to Cloud services and applications, veterans are uniquely skilled and experienced in how to operate, respond and lead in high spaced, tense and stressed environments, which can often encounter events requiring incident commander leadership and poise,” Cross said.”

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Leaders at Silicon Valley recognize the benefits of employing veterans in multiple ways, but what is most notable here is the assessment of skills and their respective application into a business.

The article mentions that the unique skill set that veterans possess makes these individuals well suited for work within a tech company, but these traits make veterans ideal candidates for any job on the market.

This article teaches us two main things, and the first is that skill sets should be placed higher on an importance scale than any label that comes with a given individual.

Each job candidate you come across in your business will have different experiences and skills to show from these events. Make sure that you are thinking beyond past jobs and understanding how each skill can be used as an asset to your business or department.

This mindset will help you and your employees move past any labels and continue to grow and foster new skills along the way.

Secondly, this article reminds us that everyone is on their own path, and these varied journeys will shape us into better employees and people. 

This article states that veterans as a whole possess better leadership skills and maturity than non veterans, but this “one size fits all” approach won’t serve your business or your employees.

Veteran or not, we as humans all have the capacity to grow and learn, as well as the potential to develop new skills as we go. Recognize existing strengths, but be aware that with the right leadership development, any person in your organization has the ability to hone new skills.

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