Why Most Salespeople Fail At LinkedIn


So you’ve heard great things about LinkedIn. You know it’s the biggest professional platform online with over 756 million users. You know it’s where CEOs, business owners, and other decision makers are hanging out. You also know it is the best when it comes to converting leads into paying customers.

Now you’re ready to use it yourself. But before you dive right in, you might want to know about some of the most common mistakes salespeople make when using LinkedIn.

Why Most Sales Professionals Fail to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

As great as this platform is, you still need to know how to use it properly before you can benefit from it. Otherwise, you’re just going to miss out on a fantastic source of leads.

The number one reason salespeople fail to generate leads on LinkedIn is they don’t understand how to use it in the first place. If you’re still treating LinkedIn like an online resume, you’re already missing out on its incredible potential. Start leveraging LinkedIn as the powerful sales platform that it is.

Your competitors are using LinkedIn. Don’t get left behind. Know how to make the most out of LinkedIn by avoiding these common mistakes.

Leaving Your Profile Empty

This is one of the first things your LinkedIn coach will tell you when they check your LinkedIn profile. Your profile should not be empty. You cannot optimize something that barely has anything in it.

If you don’t fill in all your information, your profile visitors won’t have any reason to contact you. They won’t have any idea who you are, what you do, and what value they can get out of you. With an empty profile, they won’t even have your contact information. You are making it impossible for your profile to generate any leads.

What you need to do is put in all the necessary information. Upload a professional head shot and a custom LinkedIn background banner. Think of your LinkedIn banner as a free billboard for your business or services.

This shows people that you mean business. If they see an empty profile, your leads are going to think you’re not active on LinkedIn. They won’t see you as an industry leader if you don’t have a polished profile.

You want your profile to reflect your level of professionalism. That’s because you want to make the best first impression. Your prospects and customers are checking your LinkedIn profile. Make sure they are impressed by what they see.

Not Creating Content for LinkedIn

Speaking of being an industry leader, you can’t establish thought leadership without creating your own content. It’s not enough to hit ‘Share’ on the company blog every day. Unfortunately, people aren’t interested in that.

Your prospects and customers all want to know what kind of value you are bringing to the table. And so you need to develop content that’s specifically made for your LinkedIn audience. You need content that showcases your value.

On LinkedIn, long-form articles tend to do better than in other social networks. That’s because LinkedIn users want to get as much information as possible, so they don’t mind reading longer article as long as it is informative and helpful.

Talk about things that only someone from your industry would know. Talk about industry news, stories, tips, and life hacks. That is how you generate engagement and sales.

Your content can attract more people to your profile. The more traffic you have, the more engagement you create, the more leads you will generate.

So think about what kind of content would be valuable to your customers. Aim for at least 2 to 3 pieces of content per week. You can also share pictures, quotes, polls, and most importantly, videos.

Sending Spammy Messages on LinkedIn

This is a surefire way to get yourself in LinkedIn Jail. LinkedIn Jail is just a term for having your account restricted or suspended by LinkedIn because you violated their rules. In this case, spamming other users with unsolicited messages can get you in trouble.

It’s not going to generate leads for you. Spamming thousands of people with the same copy-pasted message will only put your account at risk. Your recipients will instantly recognize you as a spammer and they won’t pay attention to your message.

When you message people on LinkedIn, you want them to respond to you as much as possible. You can only do that by engaging with them and starting a genuine conversation.

You can still automate your LinkedIn outreach provided that you use the right automation tool for the job.

For example, Kennected can help you send personalized messages and follow-ups without spamming LinkedIn users. Kennected generates a stream of leads, connections, and meetings—all on autopilot. Once you’ve set up a campaign by identifying your target audience on LinkedIn, Kennected will send your messages automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them yourself.

By allowing you to personalize your messages, Kennected lets you reach more people without spamming them. It even limits the number of messages sent per day. What it does is it handles the tasks that are mundane and repetitive, so you can focus on more important tasks like running your business.

Spamming LinkedIn users never works. That’s why some salespeople just end up wasting their time on LinkedIn. Stop sending that tired old message and start personalizing your outreach.

Kennected helps you start conversations so you can focus on building those relationships. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more.

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