Why Regular Season Football Is Essential

This weekend featured a lot of great matchups in the NFL, but one of the most highly anticipated was the Bills and Chiefs game yesterday.

Both of these teams have a lot of young talent that fans are eager to see play, and both teams have had great matchups in the past as well.

A recent article by Sports Illustrated details the game and how the two teams performed yesterday evening.

“The idea that the Bills prevented an expedited Patrick Mahomes scoring drive at the end of the game Sunday to hang on and win exorcizes some number of demons. Had Mahomes carved up the Buffalo secondary again in some multiple of 13 seconds to steal the game, Bills coach Sean McDermott would have had a real pickle on his hands, needing to amass a quantity of cleansing sage for Orchard Park too large for standard shipping.

We don’t necessarily buy the idea that the Bills were totally able to cling to the platitude that a date with the Chiefs was just another game on their schedule, though it was certainly part of their psychological preparation for this week. But it’s not all about what happened last year. It’s a safe bet there was a real curiosity on their part to see how good they really were after thumping the Rams in the opener, beating the Titans by 34 and the Steelers by 35. Everyone knows the Bills are the best team in football, but it’s weeks such as this one that cement the idea bone-deep.

The Chiefs represented their last real hurdle, both mentally and physically, for the only goals that will truly eviscerate how the 2021 season ended in January: gaining home field advantage in the playoffs and a first-round bye to make the ludicrously difficult task of making it to the Super Bowl a little bit easier.

They will almost certainly see the Chiefs again. They gave them a good deal of homework in the meantime. At least from the looks of it, more than the Chiefs can reasonably make up in the next three months.

There were a number of moments in Sunday’s game in which the Bills flashed maturity, both as a roster and as a staff. The additions of certain players—such as Von Miller—and the ability to sidestep a key portion of the game plan when one player was ineffective or not having his best week, were critical parts of their win over the Chiefs. They are beyond the quicksand moments that often grip a team when various uncalled penalties and untimely physical annoyances mount.”

Read the rest of this article here.

This portion of the NFL season is largely preparation based, and this is especially true for teams like the Bills and the Chiefs.

While these matchups matter for season records and game experience, the games themselves are simply rehearsal for the championship season.

Solid preparation and experience now will pay off in spades when it really matters, and these two teams have proved that sentiment true.

Like with the NFL, businesses need to focus on preparation all year round.

There is likely a season where your business has more pressure and more goals you want to achieve, so view this time as your own championship season.

Use automation to prepare for these times and work to strengthen your strategy throughout the preparation phases.

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