Why New Technology Should Be Welcomed, Not Feared

Technology has always been a subject of debate, with some implementing software whenever possible and others keeping cutting edge technology at arms length.   

Prior to the pandemic, technology was prevalent, but the shift online during this time period amped up the necessity of software for businesses, schools, and hospitals alike. 

This abrupt shift brought about the conversation that always surrounds tech: is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

An opinion piece in the UK Financial Times speaks on this balance.

“How personal data is held and used has been widely debated, and for good reason. Stories of data leaks and identity theft are common, and vulnerable people are at high risk of being targeted by scammers. The unfortunate side-effect of locking down our data is that those same vulnerable people lose out when governments are unable to share information and better target the resources they have. 

But the technology already exists to eliminate this difficult balancing act once and for all. Through the emergence of privacy-enhancing technology (PET), we can share information about individuals that transform our understanding of communities without actually sharing their records. Privacy-enhancing technology is the key to governments having their cake and eating it too when preserving privacy and also creating the analytics needed to transform societies for the better. 

While this move to introduce the Data Reform Bill does work to facilitate the sharing of data in a limited number of settings, loosening protections carries significant political baggage and puts the UK government on yet another collision course with the EU on data adequacy.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

As this article states, data privacy and protection are often brought together and used as a counter argument for certain technologies, especially in the business world.

In a business, we rely on customer data and tendencies to sell our products and keep generating revenue. Client information is stored for the sole purpose of referring back to what each customer indicated they wanted to receive from your business.

Analytics are also a huge part of what helps businesses thrive and expand. Companies use engagement and metrics to see which pieces of content are driving leads into their business, and equally important, what content isn’t working.

Privacy is very important to the general public, and people have every right to be concerned about the protection of their personal information. The solution to this problem is slightly counterintuitive: more technology can be put in place to protect from other software. 

In the digital world, technology reigns supreme, and new software should be embraced rather than feared. 

As a business, you should be implementing technology that protects your customers and your company, especially as we adjust to a more “normal” post pandemic life.

Use a CRM that helps you safely store important information and also helps to alleviate any concerns your clients may have about data protection.

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