Why More Businesses Are Utilizing Technology To Streamline Their Productivity and Workflow

As the digital age continues to thrive and grow in prevalence, more and more companies are employing cutting edge technology to aid with their business ventures. 

An article by Microsoft highlights this surge in technological employment, noting that many companies are interested in streamlining certain aspects of their business for the ease of their consumers and employees.

Many businesses have found new technology to be an incredible asset to their company in many ways, and Microsoft details this shift here.

“The industrial metaverse has the potential to simultaneously improve supply chain resiliency, business efficiency and sustainability. When organizations make or move goods, they leave a carbon footprint. With the industrial metaverse, they can simulate manufacturing processes and supply chain scenarios infinitely in the cloud before a product is made or moved. The result: less waste, water consumption and carbon emissions — all while creating better products more efficiently and sustainably.

Manufacturers set new quality standards with digital twins and mixed reality.

Belgium-based AB Inbev, the world’s largest brewery, is creating a digital model of their breweries and supply chain with Azure Digital Twins, enabling brewmasters to make the highest quality beer and front-line operators to remotely monitor quality and traceability data. Bosch is using an Integrated Asset Performance Management (IAPM) solution powered by a digital twin on Azure that enables rotating machines, like turbines and electric motors, to indicate when they need maintenance to run with optimal costs and maximum efficiency. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a global leader in industrial robots, is building a digital environment for robotics, which enables collaboration in the industrial metaverse and remote operations of robots utilizing Microsoft technologies like Azure IoT and Azure Digital Twins. Hyundai Motor Group is establishing an electric vehicle battery asset management platform with Azure Digital Twins to increase battery management efficiency. Denmark-based Novo Nordisk, a leader in the global production of diabetes medicine, is using technologies like HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 to make production processes more efficient while maintaining the highest quality standards and complying with authority requirements and regulations.”

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Simply put, companies can utilize various technologies to streamline certain processes and reduce any pain points they may have, regardless of what their business pertains to. 

It is important to embrace what technology and software can do for your business, especially when it comes to improving customer service and overall efficiency.

We sometimes have reservations about using technology to accomplish important tasks, as it can feel like relinquishing control over something pretty crucial to the success of your business. Think about it this way: technology is there to help you, and you are fully in control of how often you utilize specific software and what you use it for. 

Evaluate which areas of your business need additional help, and look into technology that will help streamline this process and make your life easier.

Monitor your lead generation and automate lead flow with CloudKennect. Just like the companies that Microsoft highlighted in this article, your business will reap the benefits of technology utilization.

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