Why LinkedIn is the #1 Social Media Platform For Businesses

When contrasted with other social media platforms, it is easy to see why LinkedIn has risen in popularity over the past few years.

Unlike other platforms that exist, LinkedIn specializes in business connectivity and networking.

While other platforms claim to be rooted in the same ideals, LinkedIn keeps their business networking at the forefront of their platform.

A recent article by the National Law Review highlights how important it is to be using LinkedIn effectively for your business purposes.

“LinkedIn is your new, ever-circulating resume. It gives everyone on the platform a glimpse into your professional life—past and present—and the more active you are on it, the more likely that glimpse is to turn into a full picture.

Think of LinkedIn as a search engine (i.e., Google) for recruiters, hiring managers, and business professionals alike. The more your profile is filled with details and/or keywords aligned with your area of expertise, the easier it is for employers to find you. But if your profile is not easy to find during a search, you won’t be getting a lot of profile views or appear in search results.

Recruiters and hiring managers live on the backend of LinkedIn called LinkedIn Recruiter. They are looking at profiles in a completely different way than the average job seeker or user. They are looking for specific terms when they have an open role. They want to find the people who are as close to a perfect fit for what they are looking for as possible. So, if your profile has all the words they are looking for, you’re likely to appear at the top of the search regardless of whether you are looking for a new job or not. For example, if you are a commercial contracts attorney, you will want to make sure that your LinkedIn reflects your experiences. If you have experience drafting and negotiating SaaS agreements, you will want to make note of this under your job description.

LinkedIn should be your best friend before you retire. If you are looking for a job, this is an amazing way to make sure you are seen, and your resume doesn’t get thrown to the bottom of the stack (or more commonly in our digital realm to the 10th page of the search results). You want to make sure that you are the industry example and come up as the first search result when someone searches “Contract Attorney”, for example. Not only will this give you passive advertising for yourself and your firm but optimizing your LinkedIn profile might present an opportunity that could change your life.”

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The article mentions that LinkedIn is your ever circulating resume, a manifestation of your talents and skills for others to view on the platform.

This is absolutely true, and you don’t have to be actively job searching to reap the benefits of the platform.

LinkedIn is the healthiest platform to use for your business for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that LinkedIn is rooted in authenticity and connectivity.

You connect with people to learn from them, and relationships are meant to be fostered on the platform.

Use LinkedIn as a healthy business platform and automate your lead flow with Cloud Kennect to keep your company growing and prospering.

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