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As a free downloadable messaging service, WhatsApp business app can serve a variety of purposes for you and your business.

It can help you connect with your clients, send mass messages to your employees, and serve as a touchpoint for any mobile communication.

Read on to find out exactly how WhatsApp can change the way your business communicates with its client base.

What is WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp is a free to download application for smartphones that allows you to send and receive messages from any location.

This differs from text messaging in that WhatsApp connects to the internet, making it a cheaper messaging option than the standard text messaging platform.

While WhatsApp is generally used for international messaging, it can also be a useful tool for businesses in several ways. WhatsApp marketing is becoming a new mode of mobile communication for businesses.

After downloading the messaging app, you will be able to send text messages to any person who has also downloaded the app on their own device.

As the most popular messaging app both in the United States and abroad, there will likely already be a large group of your clients with profiles on the app.

With WhatsApp marketing features, you can easily send bulk messages to your target audience and even to your entire messaging market if you choose. You can even send flight status updates via WhatsApp, since it is an international platform.

Your contact list can include anyone on the app, including your business owner, international audience, and any others you want to receive your promotional messages.

With your business account, you will have all the advantages of WhatsApp with the added benefits of easy use and quick communication!

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How Do I Create a WhatsApp Business Account?

The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a business profile that will be associated with your WhatsApp business account.

You’ll want to include several items in this business profile:

  1. Business description

  2. Social media accounts

  3. Your personal number

  4. Your specific brand persona

  5. Your business name

  6. Profile picture

All of your business information should be included in your profile.

These features are especially important because your profile will be visible to any person that receives your messages. It will be linked to your username, which you will also create at this stage.

Make sure that your business profile is professional while also maintaining an air of approachability.

One of the main goals of WhatsApp marketing is to connect with your client base. You want to paint yourself in a light that invites communication, rather than closing yourself off to new customers or your existing clients.

You are also likely to receive customer feedback from your WhatsApp business app, whether that comes from text messages, phone calls, or simply engagement rates from your own messages.

Making group chats with customers to connect them with one another can also be a great way to strengthen your client network. Your WhatsApp will essentially serve as free communication between phone numbers, giving you an easy marketing channel within the WhatsApp marketing features to work with!

How Should I Use my WhatsApp Business Account For?

The main ways you can use your WhatsApp business application are to connect with your customers and to send communications within that network.

You can also use WhatsApp business to message your own employees. It is a very user friendly platform, allowing you to create group chats and other channels to suit your business needs.

Other messaging apps have similar features, but WhatsApp is not limited to specific locations like those other options.

You have the ability to foster customer loyalty and customer relationships through this medium. You can also alter settings to create automated messages, email marketing functions, and other marketing channels.

Make sure to make your WhatsApp marketing channel your most engaging marketing channel. Create personalized content, send photos, and emphasize brand loyalty within your WhatsAPP messages.

How Does my WhatsApp Business App Connect Me With My Clients?

Ideally, you can create a massive following within your WhatsApp business channel.

Your WhatsApp users will have direct access to you and your business, allowing them to reach you if needed with questions, concerns, feedback, and any other correspondence they’d like to send.

WhatsApp for business also has features that support voice messages, so WhatsApp users can send your a voice recording if they would rather not type out a message.

With your enormous audience, you’ll want to send a welcome message to all of your contact list, including your international customers and potential customers.

This introduction message will open up the conversation, placing you in a spot where you can easily reached through your own WhatsApp account.

In addition to the messaging apps that WhatsApp business offers, your business profile should also include your email address and other business profiles you may have.

This invites your WhatsApp marketing to extend beyond text messaging apps.

You can connect this service to Facebook messenger, email marketing channels, and other locations via the WhatsApp web.

Having your business profile accessible to WhatsApp marketing users is key towards fostering these important relationships and making it easy for communication to flow.

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Guidelines for Appropriate WhatsApp Messages

A great feature of WhatsApp for business is that you can utilize it for any piece of your marketing strategy. There are no real guidelines for what you can do with your marketing strategy within the application.

With that being said, there are a few elements you may want to consider for your WhatsApp business campaigns:

  1. Optimizing sales leads

  2. Strengthening your marketing efforts

  3. Fostering customer relationships

  4. Making your WhatsApp status attractive and approachable

  5. Creating WhatsApp groups to create a customer network

  6. Featuring a product catalog within your messages

  7. Allowing a dedicated person to reach out to you directly

  8. Showcasing your business hours and accessibility

Not every message you send will hit all of these categories, but it is a good idea to keep the ones most important to your business goals in mind.

Your brand persona will be created through your messaging, so make sure to embody the image that you are aiming to project.

WhatsApp marketing can be useful for reaching existing customers, but it can be just as beneficial towards acquiring new ones if done correctly.

WhatsApp Versus Standard Text Messaging

In order to craft your mobile communication marketing strategy, you should know what elements make WhatsApp different from traditional messaging platforms.

Most platforms will allow you to send messages, voice calls, video calls, and alter your business settings at any time during service.

What differentiates WhatsApp messenger from these other platforms is within all that it provides your business, coupled with the ease of usage.

Since WhatsApp was created by two ex yahoo employees, accessibility and analytics are at the forefront of their mission.

Some of the metrics that WhatsApp provides for your business are:

  1. Google analytics

  2. Your WhatsApp status and how many people view your profile

  3. Message statistics

  4. WhatsApp marketing tips and tricks

  5. The frequency your customers are using WhatsApp

These metrics are invaluable to your own WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Seeing these numbers will allow you to evaluate the needs and wants of your users.

Perhaps they are interested in a QR code that takes them straight to your website. This WhatsApp marketing feature is easy to implement and beneficial to your users.

You can provide links that allow your recipients to automatically join other group chats, or even inviting customers via email marketing to use WhatsApp.

Both text messaging and WhatsApp have a plethora of benefits for you and your business to employ. Make sure to make an informed choice about which platform you want to use for your own business advancement!

How Kennected Uses WhatsApp Business App

At Kennected, we strive to be connected, both with one another and with our client base.

We love to use WhatsApp because of the incredible features outlined above.

With over a billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has the capability to overtake Skype and other similar platforms due to its usefulness and ability to connect anyone with everyone.

We use WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing techniques to strengthen our own relationships, and doing so helps keep us connected to one another throughout the day and anytime we may be of need.

It’s important to us to use WhatsApp carefully and with intention.

WhatsApp marketing is a fairly new concept for businesses, but new and exciting are two things we seek out here at Kennected. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services, and WhatsApp marketing helps us do so.

Using WhatsApp marketing has been a great tool for us in many ways, and it can be just as useful for you and your business.

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