WhatsApp To Release Short Film On NBA Star

This month, Meta’s messaging app WhatsApp will release a short film featuring NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Naija Odyssey, narrated by Antetokounmpo and his mother, Veronica, explores the classic Greek epic poem The Odyssey

As Antetokounmpo says in the trailer (watch below), his teachers told stories about travelers battling the sea — to find themselves. 

“I was on that same journey,” Anteteokounmpo says. 

The film will be released on Sept. 21 on WhatsApp’s social media channels & Amazon Prime.

Here is what the article states –

Why did WhatsApp commission the film? The project is really a piece of branded content seeking to capitalize on Antetokounmpo’s worldwide fame and communicate the message that WhatsApp can bring people together. “‘Naija Odyssey’ is a story that reinforces how WhatsApp helps us embrace our multifaceted lives,” said Vivian Odior, WhatsApp’s global head of marketing. “In navigating relationships, identity, and even adversity, WhatsApp is there — enabling you to embrace all sides of you by connecting you to those who matter most.”

Read the full story here

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