What Is WhatsApp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp marketing software is a service that gives your business the ability to send bulk messages from your bulk WhatsApp sender software to your clients through text messages.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • WhatsApp marketing software and its functionality

  • WhatsApp Business API

  • The features of WhatsApp bulk sender software

  • How to structure and send bulk WhatsApp messages

  • The best ways to reach your target audience through custom messages and the WhatsApp tool

Read on to learn about all things WhatsApp marketing software and how it can benefit your business in a plethora of ways.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a mobile application designed to send messages from one device to another without any fees and using a free download option.

Sending WhatsApp messages is a service generally utilized by international travelers, as you don’t need an internet connection or WIFI in order to send and receive messages through the platform.

Like any other messaging platform, WhatsApp allows you to send custom messages, enter contact details, send messages to multiple recipients, and utilize voice calls as well.

However, WhatsApp can also be used for business purposes through its ability to send bulk messages through WhatsApp bulk SMS software.

Though WhatsApp software is not inherently designed for businesses, it is easy to see why WhatsApp has emerged as a marketing tool for reaching your targeted audience.

WhatsApp marketing software can perform the following functions:

  • Send personalized messages

  • Send marketing messages with a clear action included

  • Engage in bulk messaging and voice messages for your clients

  • Allows you to send potential customers messages through multiple channels

  • Allows you to create online campaigns through an interactive platform

  • Their marketing software is included with a free trial, allowing you to try it out and see how it works

  • You can have personalized conversations with your customers using the WhatsApp messaging platform

With these robust tools and message personalization features, WhatsApp marketing software is an incredible asset to small businesses looking to expanding their marketing strategy into the SMS marketing realm.

Let’s take a closer look at the WhatsApp business features and how to use the WhatsApp marketing tool to your advantage.

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How to Use Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software

Bulk WhatsApp messaging software is widely considered the best WhatsApp marketing software built, and one of the main reasons for this reputation is due to the ease of use that comes along with WhatsApp marketing software.

The first step here is to create a WhatsApp business account.

Since you’ll primarily be utilizing the WhatsApp broadcast software for your business marketing needs, it is a good idea to register your account through your company name.

Once you have created an account, you’ll be able to explore the WhatsApp marketing application and see which bulk WhatsApp sender tools you’ll be using for your own bulk messages.

It’s important to explore the application to see how bulk WhatsApp marketing works before you launch your SMS campaigns, especially because you may find features you didn’t know existed prior to your exploration.

Your own bulk WhatsApp marketing can look very different from day-to-day, so take the time to examine the popular WhatsApp marketing software and WhatsApp groups within it as well.

The Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Features

WhatsApp marketing software can perform a variety of functions, so let’s list them out:

  • Sending bulk messages

  • Having access to a customer service team to help you with SMS creation and delivery

  • WhatsApp blast software to help with updating customer service and aiding customers on WhatsApp

  • Sending personalized messages through marketing automation and WhatsApp web

  • Using WhatsApp advertising software to create marketing messages

  • Using WhatsApp business API to store contact details, previous messaging, and the information for customers on WhatsApp

  • Using push notifications to increase message open rates

  • Having a WhatsApp app that condenses communication into a single location

The best feature of this marketing software is that you are able to tailor it to fit your specific marketing needs.

The main ways that small businesses generally utilize WhatsApp marketing software are through the ability to send WhatsApp messages and using the application as a customer support tool.

The bulk WhatsApp software gives you coveted access to your customers in a way that email marketing and other online marketing software cannot accomplish.

In simple terms, the WhatsApp marketing tool helps you to foster important client relationships while also delivering relevant information to their cell phones.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the functionality of these bulk WhatsApp messages and how they play a role in your marketing strategy.

What are Bulk WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp marketing software allows you to send bulk messages from your business to your customers using marketing software, but what do these messages entail?

Bulk WhatsApp marketing software follows a similar format to that of a text message, though it through a downloadable application as opposed to the traditional messaging icon.

When you send bulk WhatsApp messages, you are essentially sending out a mass text message to anyone you have entered in your contact details list.

The WhatsApp marketing software features will help you to include message personalization, promotional messages, transactional SMS, and other templates to help you effectively reach your targeted audience.

Something important to note here is that there are many laws that make WhatsApp marketing legal and safe for both your business and your customers to use.

Similar to traditional SMS compliance rules, WhatsApp marketing software involves an opt in and opt out feature, effectively ensuring that clients are not receiving unwanted messages from your business or any other WhatsApp sender software.

When it comes to making WhatsApp marketing legal, the application has placed top WhatsApp marketing software into their system to make sure that compliance and safety are at the center of every SMS campaign.

As a bulk WhatsApp sender, you need to make sure that you have obtained consent from each client before including them in your business messaging.

If you jump right into becoming a WhatsApp bulk sender without getting consent for your text messages, you will not only be breaking compliance law, but you may also be removed as a WhatsApp sender and be unable to use the bulk WhatsApp software for your business.

Once you have sorted out your WhatsApp marketing software compliance and contact list, you will now be set to begin sending bulk messages through your bulk WhatsApp sender software.

Before we get into the structure of these bulk messages, let’s first review exactly what kind of content should be within your WhatsApp marketing texts.

Like any text message, your WhatsApp marketing messages should be short and to the point.

As a bulk WhatsApp sender, it is important to keep your customers in mind when constructing your WhatsApp messages and deciding what information to include within them.

Here are some items that small businesses may include in their WhatsApp marketing text messages:

  • Links to their website or social media pages

  • Promotional texts

  • Transactional SMS

  • Link to a free trial with your service

  • Weekly check-in message

  • Follow up message after completed service

  • Appointment reminders

  • Link to a survey or other means of receiving customer feedback

Bulk messaging can include a lot of different kinds of content, but it is always a good idea to only pull one of these options for a single text message.

When you begin your journey as a WhatsApp bulk sender and begin using the WhatsApp marketing tool, it can be tempting to put a lot of content within a single message, but this is not a great way to convey information.

A good rule of thumb for WhatsApp as a marketing tool is to only send important and relevant content with a text message from your WhatsApp bulk sender.

When you send bulk messages, make sure that your message is intentional and provides value to your clients in some way.

Use your WhatsApp business API to make your messaging valuable and desirable to your customers in some way.

Essentially, you want to make your bulk messaging advantageous to both you and your customers through the WhatsApp marketing software.

There are a few ways to make your WhatsApp marketing software beneficial for all parties involved:

  • Send bulk WhatsApp messages frequently and have discounts within them

  • Use your WhatsApp marketing tool to check your open rates and continue to improve your content through these analytics

  • Use the bulk WhatsApp messaging software to boost your other marketing software, like your social media pages or website

  • Include a free trial in your messages, or other discounted services

  • Send bulk messages to specific groups of clients to create a network

  • Use WhatsApp software to provide message personalization and templates for your clients

As you use your WhatsApp marketing software more frequently, you’ll improve your SMS and see what the best WhatsApp marketing software features are for your business venture.

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How Do I Structure My Bulk SMS Messaging?

Now that we have reviewed why individuals consider this application to be the best WhatsApp marketing software to send messages from and how to use WhatsApp marketing software, let’s review how to structure these messages.

As a bulk WhatsApp sender, you’ll soon find that no two messages from your WhatsApp business account will look the same, but there are some structural components that remain the same for every message you send using bulk WhatsApp.

When you begin your free trial, you’ll see how the WhatsApp marketing software is structured and be able to model your messages around that template.

Most of your messages from your bulk WhatsApp sender will look like this:

  1. Opening: greet your recipient with their name and include either your name of your business name in this greeting.

  2. Content: the meat of your message goes in this section. Keep this portion as brief as possible while also getting your point across in a clear way.

  3. Closing: leave the message open ended if possible, or include a call to action to encourage either a response from your client or an action of some kind.

When you send messages from your bulk WhatsApp sender software, you will generally follow this three step format.

Since your WhatsApp sender allows you to send as many messages as you want using your WhatsApp business platform, it may be tempting to treat the service like an email marketing software or something similar.

Use your WhatsApp marketing software for what it is intended to do: send brief messages to anyone who has also downloaded the application and has given you permission to receive messages from your bulk WhatsApp marketing software.

Before we wrap up this article, let’s take a moment to review the most important elements of WhatsApp marketing software and how to use it in a way that best suits your business needs.

  • Think about the intention behind each WhatsApp business message that you send.

  • Use your WhatsApp marketing software in a way that benefits both you and your clients.

  • Make your SMS valuable through bulk WhatsApp marketing software and inclusions like discounts, a free trial, and more to make your service worthwhile.

  • Although your WhatsApp marketing tool allows you to send as many messages as you would like, remember to be intentional and purposeful in your SMS campaigns.

  • Use your WhatsApp marketing software responsibly and obtain consent from each of your customers.

  • Make sure that your bulk WhatsApp sender is cohesive and easily recognizable as your business.

  • Be constantly looking at your WhatsApp marketing software analytics and seeing how your service can better serve your client base.

When it comes to WhatsApp marketing software and WhatsApp marketing in general, keep the above items in mind and you will be in a great spot to launch your SMS campaigns.

Why Use WhatsApp Marketing Software Over Traditional SMS Providers?

You may be wondering why it is advantageous to choose WhatsApp marketing software over a more traditional SMS platform, like Twilio or EZ Texting.

This is a great question, especially since these platforms are specifically designed for business SMS needs and short message service campaigns.

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp is a downloadable application that is designed for international messaging and generally used for personal use rather than business use.

However, despite its intended form being much more casual, it is clear that the WhatsApp marketing software is very well suited for business messaging, and you would see this immediately after utilizing the free trial feature.

Both traditional SMS providers and WhatsApp marketing software are great options for SMS campaigns, so you will just have to choose which platform you think suits the needs of your business best.

Let’s go over some pros and cons of both forms so we can get the full picture.

Pros for SMS Providers

The biggest pro for traditional SMS providers is that these services are specifically designed for the SMS campaigns you will be creating.

Each provider has slightly different pricing options and different features, but ultimately the goal of each provider is to aid your business in their SMS messaging endeavors.

These providers will help you reach your targeted audience, serve as a customer support tool, and allow you to send bulk messages quickly and easily to as many recipients as you would like.

Small businesses are usually drawn to these providers due to their usage of marketing automation and message personalization features, as well as the interactive platform that a provider entails.

These providers will also usually have a free trial option that allows you to send messages to potential customers while updating customer service features.

Cons for SMS Providers

It is likely apparent that the differences between traditional SMS providers and WhatsApp marketing software are marginal and the two methods can be compared pretty easily.

However, there are a few significant cons for the SMS providers that are worth noting before you commit to either platform for your SMS messaging.

Like WhatsApp, SMS providers use robust tools to send personalized messages and bulk messages from your business sender to your customers.

However, these messages go directly into their cell phone messaging icon rather than an application that has been downloaded onto their phones.

Why is this significant?

This is significant because it goes back to the earlier discussion about SMS compliance, a set of rules that govern business messaging and protect consumers from unwanted SMS.

As an SMS marketing software, bulk messages can only be sent to clients who have clearly expressed written consent to your SMS, and they can also opt out at any time.

What’s noteworthy here is that with SMS, your opt in is simply another number to be receiving texts from.

In other words, your business messaging is just another text thread for your customers to skim and sift through.

Your communication may lose its edge because of the sheer amount of text messages we all receive every single day.

Pros for WhatsApp Marketing Software

Just as the con for SMS messaging exists, the pro for the WhatsApp marketing software is essentially the inverse.

Since WhatsApp marketing software is a completely separate application, your correspondence won’t be lost.

Since the platform is less utilized by the general population, it will most likely be the case that the only messaging your clients will receive on the application would be from your business.

This is truly an invaluable advantage.

The benefits of this separate application are two-fold, with the first piece being that downloading the application can serve as a pre-compliance feature.

What this means is that in order to receive your messages, your customers on WhatsApp will first have to download the application in order to receive your bulk messaging and be a part of your online campaigns.

Only once they have made an account and been added to WhatsApp groups will they be able to receive your messages.

The other side of the coin is that if a customer decides they no longer want to receive your SMS or be a part of your WhatsApp marketing, they can simply delete the application.

In this way, WhatsApp marketing software is more compatible with SMS compliance rules than the platforms that the rules were designed for!

Another benefit of the service is that the application was designed for international messaging.

This means that you can send WhatsApp messages with the confidence that they will not only be received by everyone, but are also accessible to any international subscribers you may have.

Cons for WhatsApp Marketing Software

There is only one real drawback to the WhatsApp marketing software, and that is the fact that the service itself was not designed for the purposes of SMS messaging.

The WhatsApp marketing tools are vast, but the service itself is not inherently designed to support the demands of an SMS campaign.

However, the WhatsApp marketing software features are still complete with free download, bulk WhatsApp messaging software, a free trial, and other capabilities.

Sending WhatsApp messages to multiple recipients is still an easy function, and upgrades to the software have made SMS campaigns extremely easy to create and navigate through WhatsApp marketing software.

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How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing Software

Here at Kennected, we have seen the power of an SMS messaging service firsthand.

Text messaging is a great way to reach your customers quickly and effectively.

It is also a great way to reach your targeted audience with any vital information that they might need.

We have noticed that one of the best features of SMS messaging is the strengthened relationships that come out of having an accessible and reliable communication channel with our clients.

Whether you use an SMS provider or WhatsApp marketing software, you will see these benefits and watch your business thrive.

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