What “Unattainable” Sports Records Teach Us About Business

As the sports world continues to evolve and new heights are reached, the conversation about certain records and accolades is always stirring.

Every single sport has a list of “greats” with records and outstanding performances, and some of these records are not even being actively chased.   

A CBS article listed out the most impressive records from each professional sport and detailed exactly how reachable these records are.

“Arguing the most impressive sports records is a difficult task: Does longevity matter? What about a one-game or one-season outburst that’s stood the test of time? Are records that are older automatically better? How do we factor in changes that have dramatically altered several sports?

There are plenty of records that will never be broken because people are no longer trying to break them. From May 30, 1982 to Sept. 19, 1998, Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 consecutive games. It’s an absolutely silly record: more than 500 games longer than Lou Gehrig’s second-place streak and roughly 2,400 games longer than the longest active streak, which belongs to Matt Olson. That is simply a record players aren’t chasing any more. Same with Rickey Henderson’s 1,406 stolen bases, nearly 500 more than second-place Lou Brock and over 1,000 more than active leader Dee Strange-Gordon (336). Baseball has changed massively with smarter practices regarding players’ health, the rise of advanced statistics and analytics and more.”

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Since some sports have undergone such drastic changes to the game, certain athletes will always be members of their respective hall of fame. 

Some records are deemed “unreachable,” while others may have previously been at that standard but now seem within reach to some rising stars.

This article and the various records mentioned within it represent something special about the sports sphere: many things seem unattainable unless you dare to dream.

This same idea can be applied to business. We have seen drastic changes in the business world just in the last few years, and we have also seen that dedication and hard work can bring amazing results.

Just as these athletes are chasing a record in their field, businesses chase new goals and dreams for themselves. The chase is natural and warranted for both sports and business.

When records are deemed “unattainable,” athletes ignore this label and decide for themselves if they want to chase after them. Businesses should mirror this mindset. We are all in control of our efforts and the goals we set for ourselves.

Sports and business are connected in a lot of ways, but one of the main things that these two are united on is the pursuit of greatness. The goals we set for ourselves in business are only unattainable if we decide that they are.

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