Should I Post Articles From Other People’s Websites On LinkedIn?

If you want to get more leads, raise awareness for your brand, or even make more sales, you need to start posting content. In this digital age, content is now your greatest weapon. Content is information and communication—two very powerful tools for marketers.

For those who are aiming to expand their reach on LinkedIn, content is the best way to keep an audience. Content comes in the form of text, visual media, podcasts, etc.

You can use content to get more people to pay attention to your brand, your company, your products, and your services. However, you don’t want to post content just for the sake of having it. Content needs to be valuable, or else it will just add to the noise.

If your content gives off the impression of being background noise, people will just scroll past it. This is where it gets tricky. Marketers often wonder if producing their own content is better than sharing other people’s content. Here we will talk about why you need to use both content creation and content curation in your LinkedIn strategy.

Should I Share Original Content or Industry Content on LinkedIn?​

Content creation and content curation are two valid strategies that can help you attract your target audience. Understanding their purpose will help you optimize your approach to content sharing.

Content creation refers to the process of making your own original content. It can come in the form of a blog post, an article, a press release, a photo, a video, etc. You can then share this across different platforms to get the most engagement. Content creators often market their content to their audience.

On the other hand, content curation refers to the process of gathering existing information related to a relevant topic in your niche and then sharing it with your followers.

Both types of content have their benefits, and you need to know how to use them.

Why You Should Share Content from Your Website​

Some people would create their own content and post it directly on LinkedIn. While that’s not such a bad idea, you can get much better results by posting your content on your website and then sharing the link on your LinkedIn page.

This technique helps you drive traffic to your own platform. You are also making sure that your LinkedIn followers are visiting your own website. You are not sending them to be monetized somewhere else.

This works best if you post content that is informative, eye-catching, and beneficial to your target audience. It establishes your authority in your particular topic. It also proves that you are a thought leader in your industry.

If you want your post to go viral, videos are your best bet. Videos are the most engaging type of content because they are visual, highly shareable, and interesting. With effective content creation, you can generate leads, drive traffic to your website, establish your brand, and be a trustworthy resource for your followers.

Why You Should Share Industry Content

As much as possible, you want to post content consistently so you can maintain an active presence on LinkedIn. But you don’t always have to post original content. This is where content curation comes in.

Unless you have your own team of content creators, it would be impossible to keep posting highly valuable content every single day. And even if you do have one, you still need to share industry content as part of your LinkedIn strategy.

Content curation saves time and builds relationships. If you share posts from credible sources that are relevant to your audience’s interests, you will earn their trust. This shows that you are interested in providing value to them even when you can’t monetize it. It proves that you are interested in sharing knowledge even if there is no opportunity to promote your brand. Overall, it makes your company look good, and it keeps your target audience updated on the latest industry content.

The good news is that you already know what your target audience wants to read about. It is much easier to curate content that your followers will find interesting. You can also get ideas from customers who ask you questions about your services. It is your chance to share knowledge—without even having to make your own content.

Another benefit of using curated content is that it puts you on the radar of influencers in your industry. When you share someone’s post, you make the content creator feel valued and grateful. When you share other people’s content, you can get on their radar and increase your chances of making a valuable connection.

Curation FTW

Curating quality content adds value to people’s lives—not just the original content creator, but your followers and your own company as well. Content curation brings you all types of opportunities that might not even be available if you only use original content.

LinkedIn is a professional platform, but it is also a social networking site. That aspect should not be disregarded because you can open up a lot of opportunities by simply networking.

Content curation also supplements your content production efforts. It makes it easier to bring a steady flow of content to your audience. Some social media experts recommend following a 4-1 content guide. For every original piece of content you post, share four pieces of related content published by others. This will keep your feed full for an entire week, and give you more time to craft a truly interesting piece of content.

You can even repurpose old blog posts you’ve made and turn it into videos, eBooks, webinars, or infographics. You can get creative with your content.

No matter what type of content you are sharing on LinkedIn, it is important to stay consistent in terms of quality and frequency of posts.

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