What the “Slowest Sports Day of the Year” Teaches Us About Running a Business

In the sports world, many fans consider the summer months to be a “deadzone.”

Long abated national championships have been played, seasons have ended, and the waiting period for the return of these leagues has begun.

When it comes to dealing with the “slowest sports day of the year,” an article by the Boston Globe has an interesting take on the idea:

“For the purposes of clarity, let’s focus on just two of the sporting events taking place on the “slowest sports day of the year.”

The first, ironically, is one of the fastest annual competitions in the world: The Tour de France. The basics, if you don’t already know, go like this: More than 200 riders representing 22 teams pedal their way over a 2,068-mile course broken into 21 stages.

What that summary doesn’t capture is the race’s drama, its ambience, and the undeniably compelling level of suffering that riders endure on the road to Paris. The beauty of the Tour is always found in the struggle, and 2022 is no different.” 

Read the rest of the article here. 

In short, the slowest sports day of the year still features some incredible events and exciting media for sports fans to consume. 

In many ways, the sports sphere is a lot like running a business. 

Your business will have certain time periods where leads are flowing in, customers are satisfied with your services, and all of your departments are running smoothly. These times will feel like championship season. Embrace these periods!

In turn, your company will experience the ebbs and flows of a sports season as well. Some months will be like championship season, while others will give you the same feeling that sports fans experience during the deadzone. You’ll just be waiting for the next season to start.

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