What the Satellite Solution for Wildfires Tells Us About Running a Business

The technology development sphere has seen a recent need to develop more satellites to combat the increased frequency of wildfires.

Since these satellites help to both prevent fires and to provide crucial information during these wildfires, technology companies are working hard to produce them as quickly as possible.

An article by SpaceNews details this recent surge and just how important it is that these satellites are produced and distributed quickly.

“Satellite technology is racing to get ahead of increasingly prevalent wildfires that risk lives, destroy property and create pollution that causes long-term health issues.

More than 3.7 million acres of land in the United States have already burned this year, according to the National Interagency Fire Center, nearly double the average over the last decade.

The changing climate is helping to extend wildfire seasons. One of the most destructive wildfires in Colorado’s history started Dec. 30, unusually late in the year for the state. “Nobody expects to get a wildfire in the middle of the winter,” notes Mike Kaplan, a resident of Colorado and recently appointed vice president of business development at satellite-maker LeoStella.

But as wildfires advance, so is the satellite technology to combat them. A new breed of commercial Earth observation operators is taking advantage of historically low launch costs, promising governments and other customers cheaper and more up-to-date imagery at better resolutions. These images can support firefighters, giving them strategic insights that can be tough to get from drones and planes in high winds and other hazardous conditions.”

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As wildfires increase in frequency and severity, efficient solutions like satellite imagery rise to prevalence as well.

This situation sets up a very basic concept that relates to all facets of life: when a problem arises, a solution is needed to combat it. 

This rings true for technology needed to fight wildfires, and it is also true for your business.

There are two big things we can take from the satellite and wildfires situation, and the first is never to underestimate the power of preventative measures.

Being prepared for things to go wrong will minimize the damage of the event itself, just like how satellites being already in place can help to reduce the spread of wildfires through their imaging. 

Less than ideal events will occur in your business, and you should have software in place to help mitigate the damage of these issues. You’ll feel more prepared for anything, and even better, your business will be able to handle anything that comes along with ease and a set plan.

The other item that the above scenario helps remind us is that every problem has a solution, and we have the tools and equipment needed to fight any issue.

For many years, wildfires happened and there was no real solution to help get rid of them.

There are some problems that won’t ever fully disappear, but technology exists to help mitigate the dangers and reduce risk for everyone involved. 

Use technology to your advantage, and put solutions in place for long term problems.

Make sure that you are prepared for anything and ensure that your lead flow is automated with CloudKennect.

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