What the Rise in Cycling Reminds Us in Business

The pandemic brought many changes to life as we knew it, and one of the most widespread shifts came to light in the athletics sphere.

Not only where major sporting events and leagues halted, but everything from large sporting venues to small gyms became closed until further notice, causing everyone to evaluate their fitness routines.

Home gyms and outside exercise rose to popularity as a result, and an article by AP News speaks on the rise of cycling that occurred due to the pandemic.

“Lindsay Mo couldn’t go to her gym after Beijing shut down indoor sports facilities in May because of a coronavirus outbreak. So she started cycling — and soon fell in love with the sport.

Bicycles have long been a means of transport in China and once outnumbered cars on city streets. Now cycling is increasingly also seen as a sport by an urban middle class that has benefited from China’s growth into the world’s second largest economy. What began as a niche sport about a decade ago has turned into a mini-boom.

Biking events organized by Beijing cycling club Qiyi tallied about 10,000 participants over the past year, with about 50% of them regulars. Nationwide, at least 20 million people are participating in the sport, according to the Chinese Cycling Association.

The pandemic has played a role, with authorities moving quickly to close non-essential businesses — including gyms — during outbreaks under a strict zero-COVID approach. 

Cycling, which can be done individually as well as in groups, has largely been free from restrictions that limit gatherings, especially indoors.

For cyclist Yang Lan, the sport also provides an escape from the daily hassles of life in the coronavirus era. “With the pandemic … it seems to be the only way for us to run away from the terrible city life and pace,” she said.”

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Exercise can be a form of escapism, self-care, and meditation all in one, so suddenly having a routine stripped away during a global pandemic came as a shock to many people around the world.


However, this shift reminds us of one resounding fact: when problems arise, there is always a solution.


When gyms are closed, people exercise outside. When schools are closed, teachers and students turn to the online space to complete their work. When in-person business consultations are halted, software and technology become vital to the success of the company.


It’s important to be prepared for anything, and to also realize that solutions will present themselves just as easily as problems arise.


In your business, you should be prepared to combat any issues that may come up, and one solution you should always have in your arsenal is technology.


Use tech to your advantage when things are going well, and you’ll be more prepared to rely on software when problems arise.


Be flexible and ready for anything in your business. Remember that there is always a solution to any given situation, just like how cycling alleviated the pandemic exercise problem.


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