What the Miami Dolphins Remind Us About Marketing and Business Growth

Often even more engaging than professional athletes themselves are the franchises they find themselves a part of.

Sports franchises invite athletes and fan bases alike into their folds, creating a space where wins and losses are felt wholeheartedly.

Some franchises are simply dominant and have been that way since their inception.

Others, like the Miami Dolphins, needed a bit of a nudge to get to where they are today.

An article by the Miami Herald details how marketing and performance made Miami the sports hub it is today.

“It is fair to say the Miami Dolphins put the city and South Florida on the national sports map, but the notion needs explaining. 

It didn’t happen right away. The real attention, the real mattering, did not begin until the Dolphins got Don Shula. Then got good. Then great. Then even better than that. And yes it must always be capitalized — Perfect Season — because, well, just because. We get to decide. The accomplishment belongs to us, it is ours alone, and the perfume of it, of 17-0 in 1972, has wafted lovely across time and carried a franchise and a fan base for 50 years.

Perfection came the very next year, the first of two consecutive Super Bowl championship seasons with a combined record of 32-2. The Miami Dolphins were on top of the world, dominant like no other team in sports. If self-esteem was measurable, South Florida’s was rising like helium party balloons.

It was the beginning of a metamorphosis in Greater Miami — not just socially as the city began to speak a second language, but in the bloom of a major sports town from what had been a barren landscape. Miami/Fort Lauderdale is now one of a select 13 American metropolitan areas with all of the original Big Four sports leagues in NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball and NHL hockey. (The other markets are Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York. Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, D.C.).”

Read the rest of this article here. 

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While the Dolphins’ performance certainly helped them gain national recognition and attention, it was also their renewed focus on marketing that helped them soar.

The article highlights the fact that the Miami Dolphins were set to be absorbed by the NFL one year before their franchise-changing season. This placed all eyes on them, waiting to see if they could overcome this adversity.

In many ways, any attention is good attention. Even though the Dolphins were being watched to see how poorly they performed, they were still being watched. 

Everyone loves a good underdog story, so all eyes were on the Dolphins as they began to defy expectations and rise to the top of the league. 

Their franchise grew and with it, their ability to collect wins.

Like in business, the Miami Dolphins franchise recognized that attention is always a good thing, and they capitalized on that fact.

Business owners can learn from the Dolphins and their rise to a successful franchise through their emphasis on marketing and performance, even at their lowest moments.

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