What Is an SMS Specialist

An SMS specialist is a term meant to describe a safety management specialist (SMS).

As a safety professional, an SMS specialist demonstrates competency and essential knowledge in a variety of areas, all while passing a certification examination and an SMS certification as well.

Let’s take a look at what exactly these professionals do on the day-to-day, as well as the necessary steps required to become an SMS specialist.

What is a Safety Management Specialist?

In business, SMS generally refers to a short messaging service, or a text messaging platform that allows you to send mass messages from your business to your clients.

However, in this case, SMS refers to a safety management specialist, an individual who performs a variety of job tasks related to risk management and emergency preparedness.

The goal of a safety management specialist is to ensure a business’s safe operation, with a focus on safety, health and environmental elements.

In order to become a safety management specialist (SMS), you must undergo the following steps:

  • Study the core exam materials

  • Review certification exam blueprints

  • Review certification requirements

  • Demonstrate the management skills required for this position

  • Undergo certification exam preparation

  • Take the SMS exam with an understanding of your organization’s safety management systems

In order to become an SMS, a candidate’s applied knowledge is absolutely essential towards obtaining the SMS credential.

Since there is an SMS certification, it is important that the individual study plan and workplace environment are tailored to suit the job duties and safety of the current organization.

In order to ensure exam success, an aspiring safety management specialist (SMS) will likely be trained in the areas of occupational health, incident investigation, private practice, and scoring procedures that go along with the certification.

As safety professionals undergo certification exam preparation, they may also want to obtain a specialty certification that might result in an increased salary or advancement of their career goals.

Let’s take a minute to see what certified safety professionals do and review their functionality within a business.

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Who Are Certified Safety Professionals?

Certified safety professionals are individuals who hold senior positions in a business, with their main goal being to protect individuals from harm in the workplace.

This can take a variety of forms, which is why CSPs will usually have gone to public workshops focused on occupational health and other professional practice that is designed to help with maintaining current knowledge and the safety activities devoted to the role.

They may have a college degree or have taken a course designed to aid in this position.

CSPs also have to take an exam, and they may recruit additional students to work through the materials at their own pace to prepare them for a new position.

A safety management specialist (SMS) is included under the umbrella term of CSPs.

Once an individual has the necessary experience gained and is ready for the exam, they can then begin to learn the health and safety needs of the business, case by case.

What are Safety Related Programs?

These programs are public workshops designed to assist safety professionals in their duties through course preparation, health codes, and can also help to prepare individuals for the SMS exam.

These workshops are self paced and geared towards the exam or course CSPs are aiming for.

While these programs are usually designed to help prepare future CSPs for the safety role, they can also be used to grant BCSP awards, which are awards that celebrate outstanding individuals in the safety field.

Whether a future CSP is preparing for an exam or a course, there is a program designed to help.

Ensuring the safety of your business and employees is extremely important, so the training involved in these positions is rigorous and designed to reduce any workplace risks that arise.

How Kennected Uses SMS

Here at Kennected, we want to make sure that our business and employees are protected from any issues that may come up.

Utilizing the services of a CSP, whether they are an SMS specialist or not, is a great way to ensure that you are looking into risk management and other protection services.

CSPs are versatile and trained to be ready for anything.

Start looking into this service today and be better protected against any issue that you and your business may face. 

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