What Jomboy Media Reminds Us About Business and Sports Media

As social media continues to be a major influence on sports and the broadcasting industry, podcasting and other video reaction forms have become increasingly popular.

In a sea of sports podcasts, what makes one in particular stand out?

Jomboy Media has risen from a creative outlet for Jimmy O’Brien into a full blown digital media conglomerate with one factor to credit: the good vibes.

A recent New York Times article spotlight’s O’Brien’s rise to popularity and the values he carries into his business ventures.

“Relative to other manager tirades, Baldelli’s confrontation was decidedly milquetoast — a low-stakes outburst over a close call at home plate in the middle of baseball’s dog days. But O’Brien doesn’t miss many opportunities to entertain — and often enlighten — his growing audience of baseball worshipers. 

He has built a digital sports media empire on it. Jomboy Media, a start-up that sprouted from O’Brien’s GIF-laden social media feeds and then grew exponentially because of its coverage of a baseball scandal, has nearly tripled its work force to 64 since 2021. It recently closed a $5 million funding round led by Connect Ventures that included a handful of athletes and celebrities. It is the type of legitimacy that could spoil something born of love, but thus far O’Brien and his company have managed the transition from hobby to big business without getting away from what made them relatable in the first place.

As the company has grown, O’Brien and Storiale have kept up the positivity and energy that made them popular in the first place. Their banter adheres to their utmost principle, which O’Brien calls being “fun, not funny.”

“The easiest way to get laughs sometimes is to knock other people down or go negative,” he said. “That isn’t really our vibe.”

Read the rest of this article here.

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As a digital media company rooted in sports, Jomboy Media stays away from negativity and focuses on sports commentary and the unity of the practice.

It is clear that O’Brien uses his platform to enjoy his own sports viewing experience while connecting with like minded people, and this is what sets him apart from other sports podcasts.

O’Brien is not focused on garnering attention and views; he is focused on staying true to his values and what he wants to do with his platform.

Businesses should keep their core values and mission at the forefront of their everyday tasks and trust that the results will come, just as O’Brien has done with his sports media venture.

When a business refuses to compromise on their values, amazing things happen.

Success will come your way with hard work and dedication, and it will come on its own terms.

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