What is a System of Record

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A system of record is a database where timely data can be stored and utilized from within an authoritative data source system. These specialized systems of record are great for tax management, storing relevant information, and as a secondary location for the same data used in a customer system.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What customer relationship management is and how it is used

  • What a human resource system of record is used for

  • How to keep data stored and centric to your systems of record

  • How Kennected Uses a CRM and retrieval system within a system of record

Read on to learn about how an operational system of record can benefit your business and how your CRM can be used as an authoritative source system as well.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

A CRM is a system of record that can be utilized by all employees within your business.

Here is all that a well structured CRM can do for you:

  • Serve as a financial system of record

  • Store data for your marketing team

  • Use information storage from different systems to highlight many functions

  • Include numbers within a finance system for easy access

  • Keep data from most systems into one consolidated location

  • Store records from various departments

A good CRM is used to help streamline various processes, as well as serving as a resource for your employees and clients alike.

Think of your CRM as a database for any information and data you may need to help boost efficiency of a certain function within your business.

Use your CRM to your advantage and be sure to utilize a system of record within this data source.

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What is a Human Resources System Used For?

Like most organizations, your business should utilize a comprehensive and complete system of record of your HR department.

Other systems of record may include valuable data for your clients and sales reps to use, but the HR system of record will look a little different.

Your HR system should contain the following:

  • Reports on each department

  • Support and solutions for various issues

  • Data on operations

  • Daily tasks and other functions from a single source

  • Processes and critical productivity metrics

While other systems of record may be primarily rooted in aiding your business with various processes, your HR system of record should be used to serve as a reference point for employees when needed.

While this system of record will also be constantly changing, the data within this system will be less important for your business functions than the data within your CRM system.

How to Keep the Data Element Central to Your Systems

Above all else, your systems of record need to contain valuable data that serves your company in a critical manner.

Many organizations possess a CRM and other systems of record, but these services are useless if they are not utilized and updated properly.

The main goal of a CRM is to aid your organization through data collection and storage.

Update your system of record frequently, and double check to ensure that data is entered properly for future access.

With accurate data and control over that data, your employees will be better able to serve your clients and will be able to create great relationships with them as well.

Focus on maintaining and creating new avenues for data collection and usage, and your business will be in a great spot.

How Kennected Stores Relevant Data in Systems of Record

As a digital company, it is extremely important for us here at Kennected to have a solid CRM that works alongside our employees to provide accurate client information.

We have worked hard to ensure that our CRM is solid and that it benefits us every single day.

Having a single source for all of our relevant data is crucial to the success of our business, and the same is true for other successful companies.

Put your customers first and make sure that your data is safe and accessible. 

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