What Is Sales Enablement Platform

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A sales enablement platform allows your business to provide your sales teams with the best resources, materials, and content management in order to increase sales effectiveness.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement is

  • What a sales enablement platform is

  • What to look for when choosing sales enablement platforms

  • What your sales and marketing teams do during this process

Read on to learn more about sales enablement platforms and all that they can do for your sales team every single day.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement strategy involves providing your sales team any materials, resources, or content created specifically to help streamline the sales process.

Your sales reps are tasked with selling your products and smoothing out the sales funnel, so it is important for them to have supplementary materials to share with leads or refer to themselves.

Sales enablement software will help with customer relationship management, sales performance, and strengthening the sales cycle as well.

Technology designed to strengthen sales enablement and CRM will help, but there are a lot of tasks that should be completed manually for the sake of your sales team.

  • Monitoring sales productivity

  • Partaking in frequent sales training

  • Focusing on marketing alignment

  • Having your marketing teams create relevant sales content to ensure sales success

  • Focusing on customer engagement

  • Equipping sales teams with a content management system

  • Making graphics for knowledge based sales interactions

Some sales enablement tools will be better produced manually, and your marketing and sales teams will need to collaborate on necessary resources.

Though some of the heavy lifting of the sales enablement process will fall on your marketing teams, a huge piece of your sales enablement solution will come from your software selection.

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What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

There are a lot of items that make sales enablement important, but your sales organizations should be at the forefront of your strategy.

A sales enablement platform should help your business with the following:

  • Strengthening sales performance

  • Giving your marketing team clear tasks

  • Creating a specific sales enablement team

  • Giving you access to sales enablement professionals

  • Helping sales readiness

  • Aiding in sales communications

  • Helping align sales and marketing departments

Since sales enablement is an ongoing process, it is important to use a software platform that helps you keep track of your sales operations effectively.

Think of it this way: your software owns sales enablement, and it is up to your sales enablement leaders and sales reps to enforce and manage your strategy.

What to Look For In Sales Enablement Platforms

Ultimately, you need to find a sales enablement platform that supports the goals and vision of your business.

Your sales and marketing content will be created within your business, so make sure that you software supports other functions, like the following:

  • Analytics on each sales rep

  • Metrics on sales collateral

  • A designated sales enablement space for customer stakeholders and customer engagement

  • A spot for ongoing sales training

  • Support for the buyer’s journey

  • Samples of sales enablement content

Look for what extra help your sales enablement software can provide you.

Your marketing team will help with content creation, and your sales force will be selling and helping customers along the sales pipeline.

Focus on sales enablement services that are not as easy to complete in house, and work to have your software maximize sales enablement success every day.

Roles of Your Sales and Marketing Teams in Sales Enablement Process

Your sales and marketing teams are instrumental to the success of sales enablement, and can be considered the joint owners of your sales enablement.

First, let’s outline how your marketers can make this process as successful as possible.

  • Using sales enablement technology to create content

  • Owning content management and strategy

  • Working together with sales to accommodate their needs

  • Creating graphics and charts for leads

  • Helping strengthen social media presence

  • Helping to compile sales enablement resources for sales

Your marketers will be providing the majority of the resources for your sales teams, and this will involve collaboration and a clear content management strategy.

Frequent check-ins between marketing and sales teams will be useful to gauge the effectiveness of the content being created and to plan out future graphics.

After your sales reps receive this content, it is up to them to use it accordingly.

Your sales team is also in charge of the following items:

  • Optimizing sales performance

  • Using sales content properly

  • Speaking with sales managers to streamline sales operations

  • Using marketing materials accordingly

  • Using each sales enablement tool to aid sales engagement platforms

Much of the sales enablement leadership will fall to your sales team.

Since the process is rooted in aiding your sales teams, your sales reps are at the heart of this function.

Make sure that your sales enablement processes are benefitting your sales team above all else.

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How Kennected Uses Sales Enablement

Here at Kennected, our sales force connects us with our clients and sells our products to eager customers every single day.

Our sales team is the lifeblood of the company, so sales enablement is a huge piece of what keeps our business thriving.

As a business, your sales team should be extremely important to the success of your overall venture.

Make sure you are taking the time to invest in your sales team and give them the best resources available for success.

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