What Is Expandi?

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The Expandi Linkedin automation tool helps you generate new leads automatically after refining leads based on your preferences.

In addition to choosing your target audience, Expandi lets you create multiple ad campaigns for different niches without any restrictions. 

According to Expandi, they want to make sure their clients choose their LinkedIn automation tool wisely and that they are a safe, effective option. 

Expandi is a LinkedIn automation software that automates most engagements and interactions on LinkedIn so you can reach more people.

Even though that’s a good goal, does it accomplish it? 

Here’s an Expandi review to help you decide if this is how you want to manage your LinkedIn account.

Let’s look at a company in the LinkedIn growth industry and see if they’re a good fit.

What Is A LinkedIn Automation Tool?

Similar apps to Expandi all aim to automate. How does automation work? You can automate your LinkedIn profile with a few features to make your life easier. 

Why would someone automate their LinkedIn profile and outreach? There are two main reasons for that. You can save time like no other service with LinkedIn. 

Also, most of your competitors might use automation to get ahead of you. This is the main reason most people use a service like Expandi. 

You know that social media automation can be tricky if you’ve read other reviews. Like other social media outlets, LinkedIn automation services can be tricky.

Their algorithm is built to detect suspicious activities that could affect their professional platform. 

How safe is this process? Is it legal? Even though it’s safe, it’s not the cleanest thing you can do. Regarding LinkedIn’s terms and conditions, robot-like behavior isn’t allowed. 

LinkedIn Is Fighting Back With Social Media Outlets

In the last few years, social media platforms have fought automated services and bots that pre-generate engagements and interactions.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are mainstream social media platforms that are anti-automation.

LinkedIn has gotten smarter about recognizing automation, and you’ll get a warning when you’re detected.

Including automation, you have to agree not to use any services that go against the terms of use. There will be more consequences if you use automation services again.

These services don’t keep up with algorithm updates, so users’ accounts get messed up.

Many were shut down recently for violating the rules, and they’re getting more negative reviews than before.

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Why Does LinkedIn Harp On Automation?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that focuses on real companies and real people.

A platform that connects careers and business opportunities must maintain integrity to remain a trusted source for engagements. 

In the case of spam, bots, and auto-messages, they will lower LinkedIn’s integrity, and people will start looking elsewhere.

Why Is It Important To Be Active On LinkedIn?

People used to not notice fake engagement, but now they all recognize it right away. They get a lot of generic and spammy comments and direct messages.

Your LinkedIn account needs real people who engage with your content and are active on the platform. 

Despite LinkedIn’s differences from traditional social media, it still thrives on engagement and content.

Business people and LinkedIn users can hire a digital or social media marketing agency, pay for online automated services, or outsource jobs.

Some of these options can damage your LinkedIn account, so you should take precautions before outsourcing your work on LinkedIn.

The Importance of LinkedIn Connections

The purpose of LinkedIn is to make career connections and build networks for businesses and job seekers, so, understandably, people want to connect.

The whole point of LinkedIn networking is to make connections. Growth services implemented automation quickly, which is a problem on LinkedIn.

Lead Generation Methods Are Changing

LinkedIn has also evolved in terms of lead generation. The LinkedIn platform is always a great way to get more leads

Their growth and engagement are sometimes managed by outside, third-party services.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve got a lot of work to do. You might have been able to do well if you had created a profile before everything went crazy.

You have to compete with the algorithm for engagement and marketing on LinkedIn, just like all other social media platforms. 

However, if you’ve only been using the popular professional social network for a short while, you’ll know there’s much competition.

With Expandi, your LinkedIn growth is in good hands. You need real engagement and people to encourage growth and enhance your LinkedIn presence.

While they acknowledge LinkedIn’s importance, their service touts itself as the “safest automation service” for connecting with leads.

So let’s find out is Expandi safe and what is Expandi actually, because it’s important that you feel comfortable and know what you’re getting into when you’re choosing a new service to rely on.

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Is Automation Good Or Bad?

Automation will transform many industries. Despite the disadvantages, technology has its advantages. This holds for LinkedIn automation services.

There are many positive aspects. Although automation is acceptable for many marketers and other businesses, it does not violate LinkedIn terms of service.

How Does Expandi Work?

You can bulk message a bunch of users on Expandi to reach more people in less time, and you can set up autoresponders so you can stay in touch with them.

By using Expandi software, you can take popular accounts similar to yours and scrape all of their followers, or look at their posts and scrape all of the people who engaged with them. 

Expandi offers the following functionalities:

  • Dashboard

  • Contact database

  • Drip campaigns

  • Lead generation

  • Campaign management

What Is A/B Testing?

The goal of A/B testing is to create multiple versions of the same campaign to see which one works best. You’ll need to create a campaign and complete the search you want to use. 

During the search, click the ‘Assign all results’ tab, select all users and then click the ‘Assign to Campaign’ tab. Next, choose the campaign you want to add these users to.

Each user will be randomly assigned when you click the ‘Add selected contacts to campaign’ button.

How Does Expandi Work With Hyperise?

Expandi integrates with Hyperise, allowing you to easily customize your emails’ images.

Expandi Pricing

Expandi costs $99 monthly and includes:

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Response detection

  • Resume sequencing

  • Tracking & Analytics

  • Response template

Pricing pages are easily accessible with information on what you’ll find at a reasonable price.

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Concerns With Expandi

Depending on who you ask or where you stand on LinkedIn automation, Expandi can be seen as another automation service.

It’s a matter of time before it’s discovered. Eventually, it will get accounts suspended or banned. Of course, that’s not considering the creative methods of using automation.

Your LinkedIn account will be adversely affected if it’s shut down. People will notice the loss of connections and followers.

It will look suspicious to your real connections and followers when it happens suddenly, like when Expandi gets shut down. 

You’re pretty likely to lose them for this reason unless you know them. Say goodbye to your online reputation.

The whole process of building your online presence, specifically your LinkedIn account, might have to be started again. Using Expandi’s service is no doubt a ticking time bomb.

Your reputation is vital to your success on LinkedIn, so you must protect it.

It’s important to do your research and protect your LinkedIn account above all else. Your LinkedIn results will be much better if you do things right.

Before choosing how to engage on social media, we always recommend people do their own research. In the case of LinkedIn, it’s even more crucial.

Our reviews provide you with reputable alternatives to Expandi. This way, you don’t have to look up every service online.

When choosing a new service, the most important thing is to feel safe and know what you’re dealing with.

Where Is The Expandi Team?

Companies aiming to help customers need to discuss their team on their website. It’s a great way to learn about their business before deciding whether to match it with another.

Expandi has everything at their fingertips, although they have no information on an alleged team.

Expandi Review Verdict

At the bottom of their website says, “use of Expandi is at your own risk.”

There doesn’t seem to be much room for improvement with the overall design. I’ll mention one last thing: the prices are great.

A service that puts this much effort into making its customers happy seems reasonable at $99 per month. Nowadays, it’s hard to find reliable and safe services. 

Another cool thing about this service is that they randomize the automated interactions, making them less robotic and more human.

It delays your account’s actions and gives it a proxy IP server that mimics human behavior.

However, we don’t recommend Expandi; though it’s not the worst option, it’s also not the best.

One of the most trusted services in the space and our number one recommendation is Cloud Kennect.

If you lack the spare time to research the latest and greatest automation tools, we have the #1 tool for your lead generation needs.

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