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EOS, or the entrepreneurial operating system, is a set of practical tools designed to help business models improve and strengthen over time. The EOS toolbox is created to help your leadership team through a proven process.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What the entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) is

  • What the six key components of the EOS process are

  • Best practices for implementing EOS

  • How EOS is used for sales enablement

Read on to learn all about the EOS model and how a healthy leadership team can benefit greatly from this service.

What is an Entrepreneurial Operating System?

EOS, or entrepreneurial operating system, is an operating system that is designed to help businesses find exactly what success means to them and aiding the process of getting to that point.

Companies running EOS worldwide reap the benefits of the framework, especially after they implement EOS tools into their existing business models.

Essentially, EOS is a summation of a company’s vision, core values, and the most important goals that companies want to achieve.

An EOS company can utilize the benefits of a computer operating system and a people operating system, making this service extremely beneficial for all facets of your business.

Now that we know a little bit about the EOS system, let’s outline the six key components of EOS and how EOS works within an entire company.

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What are the Six Key Components of EOS Tools?

The six key components of EOS are vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction.

Ideally, an EOS holistic model will help your business to achieve a healthier culture and will provide a complete guide to solve issues and support business goals.

As an entrepreneurial company, you want to hold your team accountable to the EOS standard, so let’s review what each of these concepts mean in regards to business goals.

When you approach EOS, think of each of these simple concepts as accountability goals.

  1. Vision

This concept involves ensuring that your leadership teams are implementing EOS and your company vision every single day.

Your sales and marketing departments need to be emphasizing your goals and mission through content creation and proper selling techniques.

  1. People

Your people operating system is centric to the success of your business, so never neglect the importance of human energy.

Make sure to emphasize accountability within your employees and remove subjectivity when speaking to your potential clients.

  1. Data

Study important metrics and use them to improve some aspect of your business.

Reduce management fads and produce real results using data provided from your software.

  1. Issues

Similar to data, you need to make sure that you are able to “treat symptoms” as they arise.

Don’t be discouraged by issues, but rather take the necessary steps to improve these problems and make sure that they don’t arise in the future.

  1. Process

Your organization will have many processes, so be sure to streamline them and maximize efficacy.

Harnesses human energy whenever possible and use the strengths of your teams accordingly.

  1. Traction

Make sure everyone in your company has the same goals and is helping achieve the complete set of values that you have laid out.

Get more traction through intense focus, accountability, and organization.

Best Practices For EOS Implementation

In order to purely implement EOS, there are several best practices that your business can utilize and remember to implement every day.

  • Emphasize accountability

  • Create initiatives for each team

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page

  • Paint a picture of optimized “EOS life”

  • Emphasize core values weekly

  • Look at other successful entrepreneurial companies and see how EOS works

When it comes to EOS implementation, every business will have a slightly varied approach.

With this in mind, pick an EOS model that supports the goals of your business and use the proven process to your advantage.

How EOS Tools Can Be Used In Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the practice of providing your sales force with the proper materials, resources, and content to make their selling efforts more effective.

With an EOS model in place, your sales enablement efforts can also be improved dramatically.

Here are a few ways to emphasize sales enablement throughout an EOS implementation process:

  • Use your EOS toolbox to create relevant sales content

  • Use an EOS implementer to aid sales processes

  • Solve issues through healthy help and focus on achieving the right seats

  • Use a people analyzer to aid the organization and spot any pain points

  • Emphasize accountability on your sales floor

It’s important to use EOS tools to improve every aspect of your business, and this should be emphasized for your sales team.

Hold sales reps accountable and make sure that everyone in your company is doing their best to use EOS principles every single day.

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How Kennected Uses EOS Tools

Here at Kennected, the EOS process is extremely important for company alignment and the execution of our goals across all of our departments.

We emphasize the usage of practical tools and using what lies within our EOS toolbox to make sure that our processes are running smoothly and that we are moving in the right direction as a business venture.

Your organization will benefit greatly from an EOS implementer, so get started today.

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