What Is Dux-Soup?

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The Dux-Soup sales automation tool lets you scrape LinkedIn profiles, send LinkedIn messages, and create CRM contacts from them.

Dux-Soup has more than 50,000 users and offers tools to automate your LinkedIn activities.

Three standout features include:

  • LinkedIn automation software

  • Prospect management

  • Download profile details

What Is LinkedIn Automation Software?

LinkedIn automation is when you use tools to automate tasks you’d otherwise have to do manually. You can send connection requests, message prospects, follow up, etc.

Why Do People Generate Leads On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a huge platform for finding your B2B target audience.

Since professionals come there to interact and communicate, they are also building their brand and reputation almost automatically.

LinkedIn doesn’t work like Facebook, where content is cherry-picked in the feed.

Instead, LinkedIn content is focused on offering opportunities for professionals, so that is what users see.

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What Are Dux-Soup's Features?

Dux-Soup wants to help you automate your LinkedIn activity. They say they can:

  • Automatically view other LinkedIn profiles depending on what your prospective connections look like

  • Send out personalized messages for you

  • Manage prospects and download profile details

  • Help you auto-tag profiles

You can skip profiles with certain tags to ensure you’re only contacting the right people.

Dux-Soup has a History Skipper option, so you can skip profiles you’ve already visited and don’t overdo it. 

You can target the right people with Dux-Soup’s search options, filters, and prospect management tools. 

How Does Dux-Soup Work?

Dux-Soup automatically engages with the prospects you select on LinkedIn.

It endorses their skills, and sends them personalized connection requests and multiple, delayed, personalized direct messages.

It does this on your behalf, from your browser, providing you with full control and visibility of the activity in your LinkedIn account.

Dux-Soup On LinkedIn

You can use Dux-Soup to find leads too.

Dux-Soup lets you filter LinkedIn based on job seekers, influencers, premium members, and more. You’ll get the right person for the right job with these filters.

You can also filter tagged profiles and revisit the ones you saved. Plus, Dux-Soup keeps everyone interested together, so you know who to call when you need them.

Dux-Soup lets you make your custom filters.

Automatic Data-Gathering

This platform’s easier to scan profiles, engage, and filter prospects.

View profiles, invite connections, send messages through LinkedIn’s messaging and InMail features, save profile information to a PDF, skip previously viewed profiles, and tag profiles so you can find them later. 

You can also set it up to send automatic follow-ups, pause your campaign automatically, and see your automation history.

Schedule Your Posts

You can schedule your posts to save time and ensure everything happens regularly.

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Personalized LinkedIn Outreach

Their website talks about how they can accelerate the lead generation process by helping you target your prospects with personalized LinkedIn outreach.

Dux-Soup can take things one step further, and visit profiles that fall within your industry and interact with them.

When they visit certain profiles, they can send out a connection request on your behalf.

They allow you to customize your connection requests with a message, so that the entire thing feels more personable and increases the chances of them accepting your connection.

Dux-Soup Is A Chrome Extension

Because it is a browser plug-in, you will need a Google Chrome account, which means that you either need to sign up for one now, or if you already have one, you can begin the signup process.

It will become your virtual assistant, saving you hours of manual data entry when tracking all the prospects you interact with.

Dux-Soup Plans

Dux-Soup offers three unique plans for maneuvering the platform to its full capabilities.

Dux-Soup Starter

Dux-Soup has a free version, so if you’re not sure you’re ready to leap, you can try the free plan first.

Starter gives you all the tools you need to start your LinkedIn lead management.

Starter is free, but it gives you the fewest options. You get the ability to find prospects, filter them, and organize them with notes and tags.

Overall, it has fewer features that help you connect directly with prospects and more that help you find them.

It’s worth noting your banking information is not required to test the tool.

Dux-Soup Professional

Dux-Soup Professional lets you download visited profiles to a CSV or upload a CSV with auto-visits.

Pro Dux costs $55/month and gives you more options with prospecting and engagement.

You get more automated features and can use downloads like notes, tags, skill sets, and job histories.

You also get a performance dashboard.

Dux-Soup Turbo

If you have Dux-Soup Turbo Edition, you can send actions and profile visits to Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, ATS systems, Zapier, and Salesflare.

You can also trigger actions and profile visits from these same platforms.

Dux Soup's Quacks Newsletter

Dux-Soup makes a regular newsletter called Quacks that claims to offer the best marketing tools, simple ways to create email lists, and expert strategies for achieving 85% response rates from outreach.

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Is Dux-Soup Legal?

Yes, Dux-Soup is legal. You cannot be fined or arrested for using the product.

However, Dux-Soup directly goes against the Terms of Service that LinkedIn provides, meaning your account could be warned, penalized, or suspended if you abuse automation on their platform.

Dux-Soup Alternatives

There are various Dux-Soup competitors; however, we’ll run through only a few.


Salesflow is a cloud-based automation tool using IPs to ensure a secure prospecting outreach while running on autopilot.

With Salesflow, you can set up integrations to get data from LinkedIn sent directly into your CRM system using Zapier.

“This is a brilliant platform that saves time and money on lead generation, reduces stress, and gets you connected to relevant prospects across your target industries, and fast,” someone said.

Cloud Kennect

Kennected offers one of the greatest lead generation tools on the market today. Cloud Kennect safely finds you quality leads so you can focus on closing deals faster.

You will likely be consumed by leads galore, but with our automated follow-ups, you’ll find reasons to continue engaging with prospects.

Using the boolean search feature, you can search for the right prospects based on your present set of search results, and you can make these search results as specific as you like, such as company, location, etc.

The best part? It runs in the background so that you can focus on closing.

What about customer support? Our friendly, helpful reps are always available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot.

They have an in-depth knowledge of the platform to help you resume your campaign fast when you have an issue.

Cloud Kennect has support for LinkedIn business, Standard, and Sales Navigator.

Support is available through live chat and email, though you can request a support call with a representative.

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Dropcontact does not work like other solutions on the market that use stored databases. Dropcontact does not use any nominative database but only algorithms to enrich an email.

It’s the only 100% GDPR-compliant solution on the market.

Dux-Soup Review

Dux-Soup claims to offer its clients many features that can help them stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn and find the right connections for their chosen industry.

While this sounds well and good, we still need to review them. Dux-Soup is no doubt of the more popular services to access lead generation.

However, we recommend doing your independent research before selecting a tool.

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