What Businesses Can Learn From Tom Brady’s Career

August 3rd is Tom Brady’s 45th birthday, and in honor of the GOAT, the Sports Illustrated Daily NFL News decided to write a piece titled “45 Thoughts on Tom Brady’s 45th Birthday.”

Tom Brady is a truly unique athlete, and his accomplishments are unlike any other football player, much less any other professional athlete.

This article compiled some statistics from Brady’s career (thus far), but focused more on his journey and provided commentary on each phase.

List items 20, 39, and 40 were the most insightful within the article, and each of these are outlined below:

    “20. This is greedy. This is fair. This is Brady’s rare duality, the part that doubles as a contradiction. For years, the quarterback has said that he cares, more than anything, about his process, about what it takes to win and summoning the energy to embark on another round of obsession that’s, if not unhealthy, then right on the border. I believe him when he says that winning isn’t as important as process, growth over outcome and all that. But an important distinction should be made there. Brady does care deeply about winning. He does care deeply about his legacy. But shaping any one season or a career unlike any in the history of professional football starts with a process, which leads to winning and leads to legacy. None of those concepts exist without the others, nor how they tie together to form a singular pursuit.

  1. Brady didn’t go to the Bahamas this spring just to hit the beach. He brought wideouts and conducted workouts, having answered the only question that matters for him at this point. Motivated? Yes. Enough to be him? Without a doubt.
  1. Brady confidants understand why he publicly says he cares little about his legacy. They don’t want to speak for him. But they don’t exactly buy that notion, either. For instance, Brady is well aware of Ryan’s strikeout record, which is nearly 1,000 K’s higher than the second-highest career tally (Randy Johnson). Ryan’s experience is Brady’s future, unbreakable marks and all, everything until The Day, whenever and wherever it comes. Ryan said he just knew. It was time. He sought out his general manager and said, “I don’t think I can do it anymore.” He didn’t mean pitch. He meant to meet his standard as a pitcher. That was always the hardest part. Being him.”

Read the rest of this article here.

When an athlete has reached a certain status, they are bound to receive some criticism, and Brady is no stranger to the haters in this regard. 

He has already “proven himself” as an athlete many times throughout his career, and many fans of football believe he should step aside and make way for new stars on the field. 

In truth, many athletes in Brady’s position would have retired a long time ago and been satisfied with their career, rightfully so. However, Tom Brady is not just any athlete, and his greatness shines through his complete dedication to the game and himself.

His past wins and accolades are still part of him, but until Brady feels his work is done, he’ll be out on the field, doing whatever it takes to secure a win.

The article calls him greedy, and this is absolutely true. Greed plays a role in any worthwhile pursuit, as does a certain degree of selfishness.

Businesses should mimic Brady’s mentality, especially as they grow and begin to expand into new areas.

Never forget why you started, just like Tom Brady. Keep working to chase your goals and improve your business in spite of outside commentary.

Be selfish, greedy, and above all else, confident in your ability to succeed.

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