We Connect Vs. Kennected | Which Platform Is Right For Your LinkedIn Automation Needs?

We Connect and Kennected are two reliable LinkedIn automation tools. They are suitable for all types of professionals. But choosing the right platform for your LinkedIn automation needs is the key to getting the best results.

Here we will be looking at the features and functions of both LinkedIn automation tools to see what they have to offer—and to determine which one is right for you.

We Connect Comparison to Kennected

Automation tools like We Connect and Kennected can make life easier for marketers, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and other professionals. These tools can complete repetitive and mundane tasks easily, so that you can focus on your other responsibilities.

But different tools offer different features. We Connect is a powerful campaign manager that lets users set up and run multiple campaigns based on unique target audience profiles. It can help you widen your network by selecting thousands of prospects and sending personalized messages.

Feature-wise it is very similar to what Kennected offers. Kennected is also a powerful campaign manager that lets you send personalized messages and follow-ups automatically.

While We Connect is all about giving you all the basic tools you need to expand your network, Kennected’s lead generation is more focused on providing laser accurate data and taking a personalized approach to every campaign.

What We Connect Offers

Aside from sending personalized automated messages, We Connect also lets you endorse up to 3 top skills of your connections. It is a process of recognizing them and getting recognition in return. It is a simple yet effective way of boosting your profile.

Speaking of profiles, We Connect can also be used to automate profile visits, which is helpful because profile views matter a lot. More profile views means more opportunities. By attracting more people to visit your profile, you can attract a lot of business. We Connect’s Auto Follow feature also makes it easier to find people of interest.

What Kennected Offers

We Connect has plenty of useful features that you can find in almost any other LinkedIn automation tool out there. Kennected takes automation to a whole new level by using laser accurate data to fine tune all your outreach efforts, so that you can find your ideal customers.

With over 30+ proven scripts, Kennected makes it easier to connect with the right people. Kennected lets you set up and send personalized invite messages, with placeholders to send up to 100 new invitations. You can also schedule personalized follow-up messages, with up to six different follow-ups for each person. This is useful for those who have made the connection but have not yet responded.

After setting up your messages, you are ready to launch your campaign. Hit Start and just wait for the responses and connections to come rolling in.

Why Kennected is the Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

Cold calling and manual prospecting are tedious and unproductive. This is why these older methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. There are too many connections to make, and too little time. You could be spending all that energy into more important tasks like managing your business or improving your product.

Kennected lets you personalize your messages as well as your follow-ups because it improves the chances of getting a response. People are more likely to reply to a personalized message rather than an email that feels like spam. Kennected saves users a lot of time.

With Kennected, you can automate your outreach using accurate data, personalize your follow-ups, and create new revenue streams.

Why Our Onboarding Process Is Superior

When it comes to social selling and marketing, making real connections and building rapport is necessary. This is why certain tasks should not be automated. Conversations, for example, should not be automated. Kennected understands this and applies it to every campaign.

Kennected’s personalized approach to each campaign is what sets it apart from the rest of the LinkedIn automation tools in the market. Every customer has different needs and goals for their brand or business, so the approach should always take this into consideration.

When it comes to lead generation, Kennected is one of the best tools out there. If you follow Kennected’s superior onboarding process, you should start seeing results within a few days. With proven and effective sales scripts that can be personalized, targets are more likely to respond and make the connection.

Kennected brings you a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having success with Kennected.

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