Warner Music Group Launches Investigation Into Claimed “Russian Operations”

Even after the invasion of Ukraine, Warner Music’s Russian arms & French company Believe have kept brokering deals, the Guardian reports.

An executive at ADA Russia, based in Warner Music’s offices & whose staff have Warner Music email addresses, tried to drum up business with local labels almost a month after Warner Music suspended operations in Russia.

Warner Music Group has launched an investigation into the executive’s business in Russia.

Here is what the article states –

“After the invasion of Ukraine, Believe, one of France’s biggest tech businesses, which is valued at more than €800m (£702m) on the Paris Stock Exchange, advised Russian partners how to continue to work around sanctions while also saying it remained in full compliance with international sanctions.

After a Guardian investigation, the company said that it had stopped hiring and new investment in Russia and suspended activities including releasing music from independent artists that use its services, as well as terminating relationships with local labels and artists it works with directly under international sanctions.”

Read the full story here

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