Walmart’s Plan To Maintain Customer Membership

This month, Walmart’s membership scheme subscribers will get FREE access to Paramount+. 

As retailers chase Amazon’s Prime membership, retail & entertainment could merge.

Bundling video subscriptions with other products is nothing new. These deals with SVODs were carved out by pay-TV providers & mobile operators five years ago.

In 2020, Walmart sold Vudu to NBCUniversal after acquiring the film & TV rental service. 

According to Ryan Douglas, commerce strategy lead & program architect at Wunderman Thompson-owned Gorilla Group, despite its “unsuccessful track record,” the retailer has upped its game.

Here is what the article states –

Walmart’s costly membership has so far failed to stack up to Amazon Prime’s $139 a year scheme that gives users music, video, gaming, free delivery and Whole Foods discount. “It’s difficult for Walmart shoppers to up and pay an extra $100 a year, and for what perks?” asks Douglas.

Douglas thinks that with inflation forcing consumers to shop down-market, Walmart might make a success with this offering. “A lot of people who are now paying $140 for Prime – they might make a transition down to Walmart as they will still get some of those complimentary services.”

Read the full story here

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