Virality Is Out For Marketers

Social media is getting more competitive, so digital marketers have to change their approach.

After the first 250,000 views, brands experience a significant drop in engagement with TikTok videos, according to Glossy’s Dash Hudson. 

The first 250,000 people who watch a video, click a link, or complete a loop are the BEST audience for a brand. Business success isn’t about virality anymore. 

Here is what the article states –

“Born from the days of traditional advertising, when views and reach delivered results, virality has long been considered the gold standard of success on social media. In today’s landscape, however, going viral is no longer what’s driving business success.

The rise of video-based content eclipsing static displays has unveiled a new kind of social experience. As the appetite for video content has grown, the algorithms behind the world’s leading platforms have become more sophisticated. In this new dimension, users are no longer shown content simply based on who they follow but rather on what type of content they most enjoy.”

Read the full story here

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