Are Videos Effective Forms Of Marketing?

It’s no secret that video marketing is dominating the industry right now. And the reason for that is simple: people absolutely love watching videos. In fact, most internet activity is spent on watching video content.

So it’s also safe to say that if you are a marketer or a business owner and you’re not using videos to market your brand, you’re getting left behind by the competition. At the very least, you are missing out on a fantastic source of leads and revenue.

You need to keep up. Most businesses are now considering video to be an essential component of their marketing strategy. Videos aren’t just a useful tool in your arsenal anymore. They’re now a necessity.

The rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and now TikTok is partly responsible for this evolution. Not to mention YouTube is such a powerful platform for content creators online.

Whether you want to reach a wider audience, improve brand awareness, increase your revenue, or launch a new product, video content can help you reach your business goals. It’s impossible to ignore the trend now. So instead of neglecting this amazing marketing strategy, it’s time to embrace it.

If you still need convincing, here we’re going to talk about the biggest benefits of video marketing. It’s important to understand why video is such a useful tool for marketers before you dive right in. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Videos are an Effective Form of Marketing​

Video marketing is all about using video content to promote your brand, products, and services. Different video types can be used to achieve different business goals. This makes video marketing a very versatile marketing strategy.

Videos are visual content, which means they are very eye-catching. And depending on what content you produce, they can also be entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking.

You can use videos to educate your target audience and gain their respect. Or you can promote your products to convince them to invest in your brand. You can also produce entertaining videos to develop your brand and create a stronger relationship with your audience. Again, it depends on what you want your videos to accomplish.

Videos have a more “human” appeal compared to text-based content. That’s because viewers can watch your facial expressions and hear your voice. This creates a stronger emotional connection with the viewers, something that is practically non-existent in text. These subtle details can make all the difference. If a person trusts your brand, they are more likely to make a purchase. And with videos, it is easier to earn their trust.

In the United States alone, there are over 75 million people who watch videos online on a daily basis. Here are some of the reasons why videos are effective for marketing your business.

Search Engine Optimizatio​

Search engines like Google absolutely love video content. It’s clear that their algorithms heavily favor pages that contain videos over those that don’t. And because search engines view videos as high quality content, this will work in your favor as you use search engine optimization or SEO.

When posting new videos online, make sure you use proper keywords and hashtags to drive more traffic and gain more engagement. Having the right keywords on your video descriptions can help people find your content online—even in a sea of video content.

SEO works great with video marketing. Using this technique will help your video stand out from your competition, exposing it to more people, which will then lead to more conversions. Another good quality of videos is that they are easily shareable. They can generate a lot of clicks and impressions, which help increase your ranking in search engines like Google.

Increasing Conversions​

Product demos, product reviews, and product launch events are designed to increase your conversion by explaining to people how they can get value from your offerings.

If you want an easy way to increase conversions from your landing page, just add explainer videos and product videos. Reports show that 74 percent of users who watched a product video within a landing page went on to purchase it.

Informative videos that perfectly capture the essence of your products and services can lead to direct sales and conversions.

71 percent of marketers agree that video conversion rates outperform other types of marketing content.

Building Trust

It’s hard to convince someone to buy something from you when they don’t trust your brand. But as we have previously mentioned, videos are perfect for earning people’s trust. The way you present and demonstrate your products can ease their fears and cast aside their doubts regarding your products.

When people are able to see exactly what they are paying for, they are more likely to trust you with their money. 57 percent of customers agree that high quality visuals give them more confidence to purchase a product online.

But video marketing isn’t just about making product videos and brand videos. You can also post vlogs on a regular basis to showcase your journey towards success. This casual, low-effort type content is very impactful because it shows another side of your brand: one that is more authentic and unscripted.

A lot of content creators have built a fortune with their vlogs. Vlogging, also known as video blogging, is like an online diary that you post on a regular basis. It keeps people updated on your business and your own progress as an entrepreneur.

By giving them this behind the scenes peak at your organization, you can earn your target market’s trust more easily.

You can also earn people’s trust by educating them on complicated topics. Educational videos like tutorials, how-to videos, and webinars demonstrate your thought leadership. It shows that you know what you’re talking about. Your prospective clients will be more confident that they are in good hands when they know you’re a thought leader in your industry.

Opportunity to Go Viral

The best part is that videos can even go viral. While this won’t always happen with every single video, the potential for viral success is always there, especially if your content is particularly entertaining or interesting. Some content creators specifically aim for online stardom by creating viral content.

When people love your video, they share it with their friends. That’s free advertising for your business. If you want to get tons of traffic, make sure that your videos are easy to share. When creating videos, keep it short and simple. Viewers love content that is easy to digest—that’s the type of content that they are most likely to share.

With a single high-impact video, you can increase brand awareness and generate a stream of leads for your business.

However, aiming to go viral isn’t a reliable marketing technique because sometimes what “clicks” with people is entirely random. It is mostly based on community response. When creating video content, focus on providing value rather than just aiming to go viral.

Increase Brand Awareness and Recall​

Building a brand is no easy task. You need to be consistent throughout all your social profiles to even start building brand recall. Attracting people to your social media and convincing them to pay attention in the first place? That’s another story.

But videos make it a lot easier for people to remember who you are and what your business does. That’s because videos are visual. They are memorable. They are good at giving people mental images that they can associate with your brand.

Videos can showcase your products and services. With this visual medium, it’s easier for customers to remember what is being offered and who is selling it.

One problem marketers have when it comes to video marketing is the short attention span of their viewers. Knowing that there are literally billions of videos out there, viewers don’t hesitate to click away from content that’s boring or uninteresting. That means you only have a few seconds to captivate your audience—2.7 seconds, on average.

Videos can communicate a lot more information in a few seconds compared to other forms of content. If a picture can paint a thousand words, imagine how much a video can convey. Use this to your advantage.

No matter what your business goals are, you need to start developing your own video marketing strategy right away. Find out who your target audience is, find out what type of video content they consume, and where they hang out online. This will help you create videos that are inspiring and valuable. Get started on your video marketing journey today.

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