Why Are Videos Good For Learning?


Over the years, video has slowly been integrated into various educational programs. When the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns made online classes more common, it only solidified the role of video as an excellent tool for education.

But the potential of videos for educating an audience isn’t limited to the academic environment. Marketers and entrepreneurs can use it to boost their video marketing campaigns. With an educational video, you can improve your engagement, reach more people, and increase your sales.

Today we’re going to talk about why videos are perfect for educating your target audience and how you can use that to boost your brand.

Why People Prefer to Learn Watching Videos vs. Reading

Video marketing works best when you focus on giving value to your audience rather than selling your products and services. People hate being sold to. But on the other hand, they love watching videos. If you can give them entertaining and informative videos, they are going to make that purchasing decision by themselves. When you focus on value, all it takes to convince people to buy is a little call to action.

So how do you give people value? Either you give them something fun and interesting to watch, or you give them something new to learn. The best videos provide a mixture of both. However, that can be a tricky balance to achieve, and not everyone can master it right away.

For now we’re going to focus on the educational aspect of videos. Videos are perfect for education because they are highly visual. Sure, pictures and text-based content are also visual mediums, but videos have something that those other formats don’t: motion.

Not only are videos as eye-catching as a normal picture, they also have movement. These moving pictures automatically catch people’s attention. The eyes can’t help but be drawn to them. Think of it like a painting, but a thousand times more impactful. If a picture can paint a thousand words, just imagine how much a video could say.

While people will naturally look at your video, there’s no guarantee that they will keep watching it. That’s why you need to give them a reason to stick around: and that’s where the educational element comes in. Marketers can introduce a topic that is relevant to their audience’s interests and then speak about it. Talk about complicated topics that only industry experts know about.

When you present information in this format, viewers are more likely to keep watching. Since they’re already spending some time on your video, they might as well learn something from it. That’s the advantage that videos have over something like a long-form article.

Videos can present more information within a short period of time, whereas an article might take a few paragraphs just to get to the point. Additionally, videos can contain more information within a single frame than one entire article. That’s because videos have sound, videos have movement, and videos can contain elements like graphs, pictures, charts, text, etc. It contains all those pieces of information in one easy to digest format.

That’s why a lot of people prefer to learn by watching videos than by reading. When you’re reading something, you have to rely on your imagination or a few images included by the author. But when you’re watching a video, you can see so much more information. This is a great way to spend your time online.

It’s no surprise that people spend more time online watching video content than looking at pictures and reading text.

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

Viewers are more comfortable watching videos because they can see the person who is speaking. They can see their face, hear their voice, and look at their gestures. They can sense the shifts in tone and other important subtleties that are lost in other mediums. They can even see a little bit of the personality behind the camera.

All of these factors make video marketing the perfect way to promote your brand. As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of building trust. Videos can make your brand more trustworthy. It can help you build strong relationships with your clients and even find new leads.

As long as you are bringing your authentic self into your videos, you can build an audience around your video content. That’s why vlogs and vloggers are so popular these days. They make the most out of their personality to attract people and build their community.

When you post videos that people could learn from, you do more than just attract them with your personality. You are also showing that you are a thought leader in your industry, which helps build that trust. When your audience trusts you, they are more likely to convert into paying customers. Since you are already giving them value, they will be able to justify investing on your products and services to get even more value from you.

Keep your videos short, because those are the ones that make the most impact. Short videos are likely to be finished, and they are more likely to be shared. So get to the point of the video, and teach your viewers what they need to know right away.

Video marketing experts say you should put your best 8 seconds of content right at the start of your video. People online have very short attention spans—even when it comes to video content. Since there is no shortage of video content, they will not hesitate to scroll away if your video comes across as boring or uninteresting.

Sometimes it’s all about the topic you choose. It needs to be relevant to their interests, and it needs to educate them on things they don’t know about. People will decide on whether or not they are going to watch your video based on the topic you chose.

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