Using LinkedIn Automation to Gain Authentic Leads

As one of the most popular platforms for job prospecting and hiring, LinkedIn has only grown as a source of networking for many business professionals in the last few years.

Users of LinkedIn are able to list out their credentials on their profile, including where they went to school and what skills they possess.

An issue that has come into prevalence is the honesty that surrounds these inclusions, especially when it involves false information regarding job prospecting.

A recent article by Fast Company asks the important question: how can we tell which information is truthful and what isn’t?

“At its last count, LinkedIn says it has around 850 million members worldwide. However, unless a user takes the time to fill out a form identifying fake or inaccurate information about an imposter account, it’s nearly impossible for the social media platform to determine whether profiles contain false claims about a person’s education or employment. One survey found that 34% of LinkedIn profiles contain inaccurate or misleading information.

Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, found this out firsthand when it discovered that roughly just 50 profiles out of 7,000 claiming to be Binance employees on LinkedIn were actually employed by the company. Since LinkedIn is the most popular site for businesses on social media, this should be alarming. A flood of fake employees threatening a company’s brand could happen to any enterprise—with very few consequences. 

Millions of professional recruiters, human resource departments, and hiring managers use LinkedIn to seek qualified candidates for open positions. LinkedIn profiles that contain lies about employment, degrees achieved, and certifications earned can cause major headaches for employers. Hiring misfires can cost thousands of dollars to rectify.”

Read the rest of this article here.

The article highlights the importance of using technology to find authentic information within the LinkedIn platform, and one of the best ways to do so is by employing automation.


Automation tools are a software implementation that serve to strengthen lead generation efforts, while also sorting through various LinkedIn profiles to gauge their compatibility with your own business.


What this means is that utilizing an automation tool can help to not only get you the most high quality leads, but it can also find falsified information within LinkedIn profiles.


Technology can be used as an asset to your business in many ways, and it is exciting that automation can now differentiate between authentic information and fabricated statements. 

Do right by your business and use automation for your lead flow and to help you find the most accurate and truthful leads by using Cloud Kennect.

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