Why Use Video in Social Media?


Video production is not an easy endeavor. Some may even think it’s not worth all the effort. That’s why we need to talk about the importance of video marketing on social media.

Whether you’re trying to gain more followers, grow your brand, drive more sales, or all three—posting videos on social media is your best bet. It’s a powerful asset and most marketers and entrepreneurs have realized it by now.

If you’re still not using videos to grow your business, you’re getting left behind by your competition. You’re also missing out on a fantastic source of leads and revenue.

Almost everyone is spending time online, and a significant portion of those people are on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube are all huge platforms, each with their own dedicated user base. No matter who your target audience is, they are surely spending time on social media.

Add in the fact that video is the most engaging type of content there is. Anyone who is involved in video marketing should realize the potential of this combination.

Why You Should Use Videos on Social Media

The staying power of platforms like YouTube and the rapid rise of TikTok only prove that video remains in high demand. The reason for it is simple: people love watching videos. They spend more time watching videos than looking at images and reading text-based content.

While text and images are also visual, they lack the movement and the sound that make videos attractive. Videos can easily draw the eyes in. But aside from that, it can also provide more information within a short period of time.

Videos are easy to digest. Not only do you have someone speaking directly to you through the screen, you also have text, diagrams, and other visual elements that make it easier to grasp complex concepts. Compare this with a long and drawn-out article that may take several paragraphs to get to the point.

Putting videos in a highly crowded platform such as social media, where people are constantly looking for something new to watch and engage with, is a powerful way to find new customers. Because of this, social media has evolved from a place to connect with friends to a one-stop shop of entertainment, information, and marketing.

In the age of social media, video content reigns supreme.

Social media is changing the way people communicate with each other, and video is part of that change. Video content makes a brand more trustworthy because it shows viewers exactly who is behind the camera. When they watch a video, they can see the person behind the brand. They can listen to their voice, they can watch their gestures, and they can even observe shifts in tone and facial expressions. With videos, people can see your personality, which helps build trust.

People make buying decisions based on which brands they trust the most, so this is one of video’s greatest benefits. Putting them on social media will help you drive more conversions. There are a lot of emotions at play whenever people decide to buy a product. So in order to sell more, you need to create an emotional connection with your target audience. Create videos that educate, inform, and inspire so you can convert more leads into paying customers. The more value you provide, the more you will get back.

Additionally, your videos should be on social media simply because they act like search engines in their own right. You can apply search engine optimization or SEO to make sure your videos appear in front of the right audience. You can use relevant keywords so that your videos will pop up whenever someone uses those search terms.

On social media, engagement matters. The more people view, like, and comment on your video, the more likely it will be to appear in front of more people. This is how some videos go viral.

Although you shouldn’t always try to go viral, a video can provide a continuous stream of leads and conversions if it reaches that many people.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of promoting your video content on social media is that you can capitalize on trending topics. People love watching videos—but they love videos about trending topics even more. This is especially true if you are one of the first to cover the topic, or if you can provide a fresh new perspective on the matter. On some platforms like Instagram and Twitter, trending topics are a big deal. Always be on the lookout for relevant hashtags that you can feature using your own content.

How Effective is Video on Social Media?

There’s no question that people on social media love videos. In 2018, one study revealed that 54 percent of consumers wanted to see more videos from businesses and brands they support.

In fact, video is growing in popularity in all channels. In 2019, users spent a weekly average of nearly 7 hours watching videos online. This is an increase of 59 percent from the year 2016.

We can assume that these numbers only grew when the COVID-19 pandemic started and everyone got stuck at home. Lockdowns and social distancing measures only increased the demand for video content because a lot of people were getting bored at home.

Facebook and Instagram both saw an increase of 40 percent in usage because of the pandemic. Facebook Live and Instagram Live views doubled in just one week. A lot of brands quickly adapted to this situation and started using more videos and live streams to attract people’s attention.

Attention Span on Social Media

Speaking of attention, people have very short attention spans—especially when they are online. Social media is an endless source of entertainment and information. You can just scroll as long as you want and you can keep getting new content.

That’s why people don’t hesitate to click away from videos that are boring or uninteresting. They know that there’s a sea of content out there that’s waiting for them. It is the marketer’s responsibility to create content that instantly captivates the audience so that they would stick around.

Even with videos people have short attention spans. Sure, it will likely attract their attention for a few seconds, but the challenge is to keep their attention all the way to the end, so you could deliver a proper call to action. That’s the tricky part.

The good news is that as long as you’re delivering value, you will likely be able to keep your audience transfixed on the screen. So you need to make those precious few seconds count. Video content experts say you should put your best 8 seconds of content at the very start of your video. It will act as a hook that will get them invested enough to watch longer.

If the first few seconds of your video is interesting enough, people are likely to watch for at least two more minutes. That’s another thing to keep in mind. The best videos are the ones that are short and to the point. Deliver the message of your video quickly and your audience will appreciate it more. That’s why short videos generally perform better than longer videos.

Longer videos are best reserved for people who are further along in your sales funnel and need more detailed information before they can convert. Otherwise, stick with a short video that doesn’t exceed two minutes.

On Facebook, desktop users spend around 2.5 seconds on any piece of content, but these interactions are even shorter with younger audiences. But with an interesting video, your chances of getting views are higher.

LinkedIn users, on the other hand, generally have longer attention spans than other social media sites. This is because of the professional nature of the platform. People on LinkedIn are actively searching for information, that’s why they stay there longer.

Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s a larger user base or a longer average attention span. It is your job as a marketer or business owner to figure out how to make social media work for you. Tweak your strategy and content based on what your audience is responding to.

Create content that grabs their attention right away. Video is the perfect tool for that. Unlike a long-winded article, videos are much easier to consume. Be concise, be entertaining, and whatever you do, do not bore your audience

How Video Interrupts People from Scrolling

Attention spans are declining and it’s because social media provides instant gratification when it comes to entertainment, news, and information. But this is also one of the reasons why you need to use videos on social media. It is the only content that mixes the visual and auditory elements that can immediately grab people’s attention.

Thanks to the insta-play feature used in some social media like Facebook, people are instantly taken by the movement and the sound of video content. Videos break the monotony of endlessly scrolling through your newsfeed. Videos can interrupt people’s scrolling. They will stop to pay attention to whatever the video is presenting them. No other piece of content can have as much impact.

When people stop to check out your content, whether it’s because of insta-play or because you have an interesting thumbnail, they are taking a few seconds to decide whether it’s worth their time or not. Use this as an opportunity to watch the rest of your video.

As a marketer, you can make the most out of the quickest engagements if you play your cards right.

Making impactful videos is not an easy thing to do. It takes skill and a bit of experience to create videos that inspire, entertain, and inform. So start learning today by launching your video marketing campaign on social media.

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