How Do You Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing services are installed to your business software to help support the SMS functions it provides, including sending and receiving messages, providing SMS templates, and recording open rates and responses from your text messages.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • SMS marketing and SMS campaigns

  • How to structure your SMS messaging

  • SMS vs. email marketing campaigns

  • The best practices within SMS marketing

  • What your SMS marketing should look like and accomplish

Read on to learn more about SMS marketing campaigns and the plethora of ways that this service can expand your business’s marketing and sales efforts.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is a marketing strategy that allows you to send text messages from your business directly to your customers.

This form of business text messaging gives you greater access to your client base, allowing you to reach them with important information in a timely manner with each marketing message.

Your current digital marketing strategy likely includes email marketing, social media, and targeted ads, but SMS marketing software targets a specific niche that these other forms of mobile marketing cannot reach.

In short, your SMS marketing program allows you to send and receive text messages, increasing the open and response rates of your marketing messages and also fostering important client relationships.

As a short message service, SMS marketing is rooted in the text message format that we all know and love.

The messages within your SMS campaigns should be short and sweet with only one focused purpose within them.

Let’s take a deep dive into SMS marketing strategy and see how your text message marketing should look for your business.

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What Should My Text Message Marketing Look Like?

A big piece of SMS campaigns is the fact that the messages within that campaign will look different every single day.

Though it is called an SMS campaign, it is not cohesive in the content sense.

Here are a few of the SMS marketing examples that your SMS can cover:

  • Send transactional SMS messages to aid in sales efforts

  • Engage customers with discounts and open ended questions

  • Use promotional SMS to boost your social media and other platforms

  • Use marketing automation to create SMS advertising

  • Promote lead generation for your small business

  • Send bulk SMS to reach your existing customers quickly

  • Set up an SMS customer service channel to aid your clients

  • Send any other marketing communications that are urgent

The best part about SMS marketing is that the marketing software is designed to give you a lot of freedom within a designated SMS platform.

As long as your messages are short and are in line with the telephone consumer protection act, you really have the freedom to shape your marketing campaign in any way that you would like.

Before we get into all that your SMS service can provide, let’s compare the SMS best practices with email marketing strategy and see what methods work best for each.

SMS Messages Versus Email Messages

Since SMS marketing is rooted in the text message format, it’s important to outline exactly what content should be delivered in this format.

Your SMS marketing platforms will help you to create your marketing text messages, but before you can do that, you first have to take a look into your current marketing strategy and see if there are gaps that need to be filled.

Here’s what your email marketing strategy likely accomplishes:

  • Sending long form content

  • Sending promotional messages through a marketing channel

  • Gauging customer satisfaction through surveys and clickable links

  • Including success stores of eCommerce marketers and small business owners through your own service

  • Having links to an online store or website

As a multimedia messaging service, email marketing should be among your marketing best practices, especially when it comes to delivering long form content to your potential customers and new customers.

However, there are some things that SMS marketing can accomplish that email marketing falls short on.

Within an SMS marketing program, you have the ability to:

  • Obtain written consent through an opt in

  • Generate more sales through transactional messages and SMS advertising

  • Use multiple channels for sending messages and text marketing purposes

  • Send appointment reminders

  • Use SMS to include the opt in and unsubscribe link

  • Send coupons and other discounts within an SMS message

The main difference here is that with SMS marketing, you will have a designated list of SMS subscribers that you can structure your content around.

Once you set up your SMS service provider and collect phone numbers, you’ll begin to construct your SMS contacts and your first SMS campaign.

Each of your customers must opt in to your SMS through an explicit consent feature, and an unsubscribe link must also be included in all of your SMS text messages to ensure that your clients are not receiving unwanted SMS.

Since this feature does not exist in email marketing, it demonstrates that your list of SMS contacts really want to be a part of your SMS marketing program and value your communication.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the SMS marketing strategies that will help you best construct each marketing message.

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How Should I Structure A Business Text Message?

As previously mentioned, the SMS marketing and SMS messages for your business will look different depending on the day and the purpose of the text messages.

Each text message will have a central purpose to it, and it is best to keep only one message from the above list included in any given text marketing message.

Despite this variation, the bulk text messages you send should follow a three step structure every time.

When you use SMS, your messages should look like this:

  1. Opening: Include a friendly greeting with both the client’s name and your name in the first line.

  2. Content: The purpose of your message goes here. Be as clear and concise as possible!

  3. Closing: Include a call to action or open ended question here to encourage phone calls or a response to your SMS.

Ultimately, the goal of your SMS is to encourage participation in other marketing channels and to foster relationships with those subscribed to your SMS marketing.

Make sure to keep this focus at the center of your text marketing.

If the goal of your SMS marketing is to create closer and stronger relationships with your client base, be sure to emphasize your brand persona in your SMS messages in the opening and closing sections.

This will emphasize your friendly demeanor and your willingness to connect with that client through your SMS marketing.

If the goal of your SMS marketing is more rooted in revenue generation and sales efforts, be sure to include transactional messages and discounts for your SMS subscribers.

The beauty of business text messaging and SMS marketing is that it gives you the power to mold your messages in the way that you want through marketing automation.

Create your marketing channels and use them accordingly.

Best Ways to Use SMS Marketing Messages

Let’s go over the best ways to use SMS marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Something that sets SMS marketing apart from other strategies is the ability to send correspondence directly to mobile phones.

Once you collect phone numbers, you essentially have more intimate access to your clients, and this should be reflected in your SMS content.

A good rule of thumb with SMS marketing is to always be thinking about the customers.

What kind of messages should be delivered to their phone numbers?

Is this content short form or long form?

Is this message providing value to the client in some way?

Your business SMS marketing messages will look different depending on the intention behind them, but you should always be thinking about how to best answer these questions.

Experiment with SMS marketing, and see what works best for your business.

Don’t be afraid to try something new– but always be keeping the best interests of your clients central to your text messages.

How Kennected Uses Text Advertising

Here at Kennected, we use SMS marketing campaigns to help guide us in a variety of our business ventures.

It’s important to foster client relationships, and SMS marketing helps us do that.

It is also crucial for the success of a business to have a channel where urgent and relevant information can be delivered reliably and in a timely manner.

Start using an SMS marketing service today– you won’t regret it. 

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