Use Memes To Jumpstart Your Business Marketing

“Creator economies” like TikTok dance videos, crocheted doilies on Etsy, and iFunny memes are growing. 

In 2021 alone, the creator economy raised $1.3 billion. There’s more to memes in 2022 than just laughs.

In every industry, brands are using social media to build communities & inspire strong sentiments. 

There are nine ways memes can help you reach your goals.

Here’s what the article states –

“Increase engagement with your social media page. If you enjoy memes, you know the internet gets flooded with clever takes on trending news. You can keep track of popular memes and share the ones that are topical and well-aligned with your corporate image to fuel greater engagement with your audience online. A recent research report highlighted the benefits of this strategy, revealing that while millennials generally eschew commercial and sponsored content, 84% of them are influenced by user-generated content, including memes on company pages.

Help your brand stand out. Given the short-form nature of meme content and its punchy messaging style and visuals, memes can stay in your memory long after you’ve clicked on them. There is a way to leverage this by incorporating memes into your branding, ensuring better brand recall than other communication formats. It’s a crowded space, and memes help break through the wall of indifference and capture consumer attention. One company nailing this is Barkbox, a company selling dog toy subscription boxes. Barkbox has racked up an impressive 1.8 million followers on its Instagram page by almost exclusively sharing memes. It now surpasses the follower count of the country’s largest pet retailer — PetSmart — by a cool 1 million people.”

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Lead generation is the #1 issue for most B2B marketers. Did you know that? 

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