How To Use LinkedIn Automation Without Spamming

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for the modern salesman. But just like any other tool, it needs to be used properly, or else it wouldn’t be much help.

LinkedIn Automation, for example, helps make life easier by allowing you to connect directly with potential customers, bypass email spam filters, and approach a conversation as casually as you would like. However, if this is not done properly, LinkedIn Automation can feel like spam. Instead of giving the desired results, it can alienate contacts and drive business away.

Some even say LinkedIn is better than email prospecting and cold calling because of its versatility. Used correctly, it can lead to face to face meetings much faster than traditional methods.

When using LinkedIn automation, make sure to keep messages light and conversational. Otherwise, it may come across as non-genuine, fake, and annoying. This is a genuine concern for many firms, especially those that want to make LinkedIn a cornerstone of their sales funnel.

Be Friendly: Social Selling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Automation is all about social selling. The LinkedIn blog has a definition that sums it up perfectly:

“Social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This sales technique enables better sales lead generation and sales prospecting process and eliminates the need for cold calling.”

Social selling through LinkedIn involves building relationships through value-bringing content. Content could be anything that people could gain information from: articles, videos, tools, statistics, photo galleries, and more. Whatever form it takes, content needs to show what you are talking about while keeping the receiver engaged. They need to learn something from the content.

Provide Value

Content needs to showcase what the brand is all about, what it does, and how the company is a thought leader in the industry. This should be done without giving potential leads a hard sell—the goal is not to sell them anything right away, but to build a relationship.

A firm that sells could-based security solutions, for example, should start by becoming an expert on all things related to cloud space. This will reflect on the firm’s content, and it would convince customers that what you are selling is worth their time. If the industry recognizes your company as a leader in the space, they would not go for a second rate choice.

While email is a quantity game that feels like spam, social selling is more focused on quality.

How to Use LinkedIn Automation without Spamming

Social selling is what firms need to concentrate on if they want to use LinkedIn automation without coming across as spammy. It is the best way to convert qualified leads on LinkedIn. Social selling is about personal relationships with potential customers—so many people would wonder how automating this process would sound genuine.

The answer is simple: the communication aspect is not automated. You will still connect with people and talk to them while also providing content. LinkedIn automation tools such as Kennected are there to make this communication possible.

LinkedIn automation tools are great for finding new prospects and subsequently building relationships. With the right tool, users can search and identify qualified candidates to add to their sales funnel. This can automatically narrow down potential leads.

LinkedIn automation tools serve as a successful time-saver. Because there are only 8 to 10 hours in a work day, you don’t want to waste any time on a possible new venture that might not pan out. Linkedin automation tools only take a few minutes to set up and operate day in/night out.

What sets LinkedIn apart is that users on this platform are there to connect with people. They already have one foot in the door. An invite on LinkedIn is much more approachable than an email or a cold call. And because these connections are more targeted, users don’t have to deal with unqualified leads.

LinkedIn automation tools also allow you to give more attention to existing connections and continue developing these relationships.

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that lets users set up personalized messages with placeholders to send up to 100 new invitations instantly. It also enables you to schedule follow up messages, so there’s no need to do it manually for over 100 contacts—which becomes especially tedious if these contacts don’t respond. Kennected lets users focus on what is important: connecting with prospects and building those relationships.

With its personalized approach, Kennected avoids becoming “spammy” which makes it a lot more likely to attract the attention of qualified leads.

What to Avoid when Using LinkedIn Automation

When using LinkedIn automation, it is important to avoid spamming hundreds of connections. Instead, narrow down the search and find more qualified leads. If the lead is not responding, do not follow up multiple times. One or two follow ups could work, but more than that can feel like spamming.

If the lead is not responding, then they are not interested in doing business with you. It may also mean that the content is not engaging them or giving them value. This points to two possible solutions: either optimize your content, or find people who may actually gain value from the content you are providing.

Lastly, do not cold sell on LinkedIn. Remember to focus on social selling so that these relationships can blossom and the leads may become buyers and even ambassadors of your brand.

As a general rule when using LinkedIn automation, use these automation tools to get in touch with leads, but always keep your messages conversational.

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