Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Automation

Ultimate guide to linkedin automation campaigns


When people think of social media, they immediately think about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok. But when they think about social media for business, the number one platform that comes to mind is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals online. In fact, it now has over 722 million members around the world. Businesses that want to increase their sales turn to LinkedIn to develop a consistent stream of leads. That’s not easy to accomplish in other social networking platforms because people don’t go to social media just to look at products and services.
But because LinkedIn is built as a professional platform, all of its users are focused on becoming the best versions of themselves.

That’s why they are always ready and willing to look at offers that can help them reach their personal and business goals.
Even with all of its benefits, LinkedIn is not easy to master. If you haven’t jumped on the LinkedIn train yet, your competitors are probably getting ahead of you. You’re also missing out on a fantastic source of revenue. So launch your LinkedIn campaign today—and use LinkedIn automation via Cloud Kennect to make it easier. Here we are going to cover everything you need to know about LinkedIn automation: how it works, what it does, and how you can use it to take your business to the next level.

Done properly, LinkedIn automation can help with lead generation. Specifically, you can generate leads faster and convert more leads into loyal customers. On top of that, because it is automated, you also get to focus on more important things while the automation tool does all the work in the background. You wouldn’t have to spend hours or days contacting everyone in your LinkedIn network.
Plus, if you are working with the best tool in the market—Kennected—you will get even better results.

Best Practices For
LinkedIn Automation

Having the right tool is important when it comes to LinkedIn automation, because as you may already know, LinkedIn does not appreciate automation. If you’re not careful, your LinkedIn account might end up getting banned and it will just be a waste of your money. ‘LinkedIn Jail’ is another term for getting your account banned or restricted. It’s not a pleasant experience especially if LinkedIn is a huge part of your marketing campaign. It can really slow things down for you. LinkedIn even explicitly states that automation is against their terms of service:Read More
“We don’t permit the use of any third party software, including “crawlers”, bots, browser plug-ins, or browser extensions (also called “add-ons”), that scrapes, modifies the appearance of, or automates activity on LinkedIn’s website.” That said, if you use automation responsibly, your account should be fine. What LinkedIn is really against is users spamming other users. Some automation tools “automate” your LinkedIn outreach but they really just spam everyone, which leads to the user’s profile getting banned or suspended. High quality LinkedIn automation tools like Kennected don’t spam your leads and prospects. In fact, it only does what you normally would be capable of doing on your own. It automates actions that humans can accomplish—it doesn’t make you look like a spammer. Kennected is designed to make your LinkedIn outreach easier. This makes Kennected the safest automation tool out there. When using LinkedIn automation software, remember to interact with your leads in a professional way. Don’t forget that you’re dealing with actual human beings. So if you’re using an automation tool and you think it’s doing something only a spammer would do, you’re probably at risk of getting your LinkedIn account suspended. Imagine paying for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, paying for an automation tool, spending a lot of time building relationships, and then having all your hard work disappear in an instant. That’s definitely something you would want to avoid. When automating, your outreach should be done with good intentions. That’s how you build a strong business in the long run. So to stay out of LinkedIn Jail, do not send out messages in bulk—unless the tool can send personalized messages. Stick with professional LinkedIn automation tools and your account should be fine.
ultimate guide to linkedin automation

Here Is How To Prospect On LinkedIn
Using Software

The first step is to get the right automation tool. You can save a lot of time by going straight for Kennected. It’s not just an automation tool anymore. Kennected now also has other tools that can help you with your outreach including Cloud Kennect, Kennected Video, and Kennected Calendar. Here’s how the automation tool works. Imagine being able to send personalized messages to thousands of people in your defined geographic area that has a LinkedIn account—without spamming them. That’s the power of Kennected.
With Kennected, you use LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to define your target audience. You can make your search as wide or as specific as you want. You can then set up a personalized message that Kennected will alter to suit the recipient. The automation tool will then send your messages automatically, but not in bulk. Kennected sends messages one by one, and at a pace that a normal human user would be able to do.
With that in mind, Kennected only sends up to a certain number of messages per day. Kennected is also designed to send scheduled (and personalized) follow-ups up to a certain number of times. Kennected also has a reply detection feature that stops future follow-ups from being sent to those who are already in touch with you.
The follow-up feature, the reply detection, and the personalized messages are all designed to help you get a response from your target audience. This is another measure that keeps your account safe even when you’re automating. The more people engage with your messages, the less LinkedIn will think that you are a spammer.
Kennected even lets you set up multiple campaigns at the same time, which means you can target different demographics with different messages so you can gauge their response. This tool provides smart prospecting on autopilot.
That is how a LinkedIn helper should work. Some tools do not operate this way, and unfortunately some can even put your account at risk.

Add Value- Don’t Pitch Right Away

The number one rule when reaching out to other people on LinkedIn—especially those who are not connected to you or know you personally—is to treat them like a human being. These are real people you are contacting, and it just so happens that most people don’t like being sold to. They get hit up with connection requests daily and sometimes hourly. Providing value and building rapport is essential in today’s climate. So when you, a total stranger, message them and randomly tries to sell your product directly in their LinkedIn inbox, they are most likely going to ignore you and delete your message. Or worse, they might even mark you as a spammer. So the key is to not pitch right away. Don’t annoy your leads and prospects.
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Show value and build rapport first. That’s a concept that will take your business to the next level. And the thing about LinkedIn automation is that it puts your outreach on autopilot, which means you can focus on conversations and building relationships. LinkedIn marketing is really about understanding how people behave in real life. You wouldn’t go to a part right away and hand out business cards without building rapport (Gosh I hope you don’t do this). So don’t do that online. It’s tacky. Concentrate on giving value to the people you are messaging. Find out how you can help make their life easier through your products and services. “Value” may sound like a broad concept, but as a marketer or entrepreneur, you already know what your value is. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to deliver your value in relation to the person you are talking to. Show your value first. If you haven’t figured out your value, it’s something that is beneficial to the other person—and the aim is mutual value. You are trying to convince them to work with you so you can bring out the best version of them. If your value is clear, it’s much easier to convert leads into paying customers Don’t pitch right away. Just start by getting to know your audience first. This means your first message should just be a brief introduction of who you are, what you do, and what your value is. You can then end with an invitation to continue the conversation at another time. This brings us to our next point.

Build Relationships & Be Truly
Interested In Them

Although you are automating your outreach, you can still do your research on the leads who respond to your message. You can schedule a meeting or a call with those who responded to your message. This is your opportunity to get to know them. Be truly interested in who they are and what their story is. This will allow you to figure out their struggles and learn how you can help them. Building a relationship takes time, so it’s important to lay a strong foundation from the beginning. Be a friend or acquaintance rather than a salesperson. Earn their trust by offering your genuine support. Find out what’s important to them and then help them achieve those goals. Read More
Build real trust with real value. You will generate leads with this strategy. Just slowly. But it’s better to be an inch wide and a mile deep than the other way around. Remember, light spread wide will illuminate, but light focused will penetrate. Be focused light. Once you build that connection, check in with them frequently. If you come across an article or a video that can help them, you can forward it to give them more value. Ask them how things are going. Congratulate them on their career milestones. Build a genuine connection by contributing ideas, showing interest, and giving encouragement. The goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Learn How To Present Your Product or
Service in a Non Salesy Way

Eventually, you’re gonna want to pitch your products and services. Even at this stage, you do not want to sound overly sales-y. Find unique and creative ways to pitch your product without coming across as annoying. When pitching your product, focus on its value—tell them how they are going to benefit from it without exaggerating how awesome it is. Tell them a few of its limitations. Be honest and authentic with how you present your product so you can build on the existing trust between you and your connection. Tell them exactly what to expect when they buy your product or try your services. If you want to create a long-lasting brand, you need to learn how to let customers build a relationship with your products. People can create emotional connections with a certain product that they love or a brand that they trust. If you manage to get to that level, you will find loyal customers. Read more
This is why we’re putting an emphasis on reaching out to your customers on a personal level. It’s a much more effective long-term strategy than just pitching and pushing people away. When you’re finally pitching your products, don’t get too wordy. Shorter product descriptions actually work better than long ones. If the person is interested, they are going to ask questions. You can then get a conversation going and build up their interest. Generally speaking, your pitch should not be longer than 200 words. With that in mind, make sure your pitch actually describes what your product does. Building business relationships is tricky. It goes without saying that this process takes a lot of time. But the good news is that LinkedIn automation saves you a lot of time anyway. Just stay focused on developing those relationships. If you build it, they will come.

What Is Social Selling

Unlike what some marketers believe, social selling is not the same as social media marketing or social media advertising. So if you’ve heard of it and you’re not sure what it means, then you’ve come to the right place. Simply put, social selling is all about finding your business prospects on social media and then building a rapport with them.

That’s the key difference. Building rapport is not the goal of social media marketing, but rather promoting a brand to a larger audience. Social selling, on the other hand, zeroes in on particular targets and then builds a relationship with them. Social selling puts a lot of emphasis on the word “social” instead of “selling”. Because people make a lot of buying decisions using their emotions, the social aspect of marketing is very important. Done right, it is a better version of cold calling.
Build a strong connection with your target audience now, or else you will lose them to your social media savvy competitors. If someone comments on your post, engage with them. If someone replies to your message on LinkedIn, start developing that relationship. Automation tools, cant mimic real personal interaction. At Kennected we want to automate the mundane research and outreach process, but not the human interaction. Nothing can replace you and your human empathy and relational capabilities.

Social selling involves connecting with prospects and developing a deeper connection with them so they can be converted into customers. So this means social selling is not the same as bombarding strangers with DMs and tweets. That’s called spamming and it’s what you want to avoid

How To Use Social Selling & Automation
To Scale Your Lead Generation

By combining social selling and LinkedIn automation, you can generate and convert more leads on the biggest professional social networking platform. That’s exactly what Kennected does. Our advanced filters allow greater prospecting and lead generation results with LinkedIn marketing. Imagine being able to craft an offer that’s exclusive to LinkedIn: one that they can’t find online or on Groupon. You can send your prospects a message and introduce yourself. Whether they buy something off your first message or two, or if they just connect with you—you win. Read More
That’s because once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you get their email, phone number, and other important details right inside your Kennected dashboard. We can help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost than mailers or list buying. And it’s also a whole lot more effective. Then we can help you build up your email list, SMS list and more. It’s about being everywhere your ideal potential customers are. Kennected can help you grow your business. Kennected automates the mundane and repetitive tasks that are keeping you from being productive, such as sending intro messages to hundreds of prospects. This automation tool takes care of that for you, so you can develop stronger connections with those who have responded.

How To Leverage Advanced Targeting To Make
Automation Hyper Personalized

One of the reasons why people get their accounts restricted on LinkedIn is because they just send the same canned message to thousands of people. When you’re automating on LinkedIn—or any platform, for that matter, personalization is a very important factor. The good news is that LinkedIn has data-rich filters and advanced targeting that you can leverage to make your outreach as personalized as possible. Wherever you go and make a campaign in Kennected, you create an audience based on their job position, title, interests, etc. For example, you can look for CEOs studying in a particular university so when you send your message it looks customized and not automated. Kennected and LinkedIn allow you to make extremely specific campaigns. So instead of targeting every CEO in Indianapolis, you can come up with something more specific and craft a personalized message for every single one of them. Kennected will fill in the details such as first name, job title, etc. This way, you are a lot more likely to get a reply. Use Cloud Kennect to identify a targeted list of ideal prospects and then send them personalized messages that actually get responses.

Leverage Video To Get Better Engagement In Your Automated Messages.

Marketers are learning more and more about the power of video content. It’s not just limited to social media marketing and video marketing anymore. Now, internet-savvy marketers are using videos in their email marketing campaigns too. Having videos in your email can increase its open rate significantly. In fact, even just mentioning the word ‘video’ in your subject line can increase its open rate. Video is a powerful tool in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. And now you can also leverage it in your automated messages. Read more
With video, you can use video messages to build relationships faster. When people watch a personalized video that’s dedicated to them, they are more likely to answer. Therefore, it’s easier to build that connection and establish trust. Instead of just sending a text-based email, you can stand out from the crowd by using video messages on LinkedIn. Use the Kennected Video software to create personalized outreach messages that will be delivered through LinkedIn. This goes perfectly with Cloud Kennected because you can set up a specific audience and send a video for a particular demographic, for example, CEOs that went to the University of Michigan. With Kennected Video, you can stay connected with your targets no matter where you are. How do you send “personalized videos” at scale? Easy, once you get the geographic area of the people as well as the demographic (job title etc), you are able to use phrasing like, “Hey I saw that you were a CEO and attended XYZ university. I wanted to shoot you this quick video and talk about …….”. You can imply their name without saying it because you drop two specific things to them, in this case their title and where they went to school at.

Leveraging First Degree Blast
Feature To Drive Traffic To
New Content Pieces

You spent all this time building up your network. Why not get messages to them to highlight a new piece of content from your website, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel or wherever you publish content? LinkedIn automation lets you do exactly that. If you have already identified your ideal targets in your outreach campaign, you can put the spotlight on new content pieces by sending them directly to your targets. You can drive traffic towards helpful content pieces that are designed to give value to your leads. Not only does this build trust with your audience, but it also establishes you as a thought leader in your industry.
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When you send articles, videos, and other content pieces that are relevant to your target audience’s interests, you will drive more traffic to your website or social media page. This is perfect for SEO, and it can also give you tons of engagement.

How To Use Kennected’s Group
Messaging Feature

Using the Cloud Kennect software, you can send messages to specific LinkedIn groups. For example, if you are in the insurance space, you can find specific groups on LinkedIn that are all business owners in insurance. You can then join the group and use Kennected’s Group Messaging feature to introduce yourself to each member. Because they are from the same LinkedIn group, creating a tailor-made message for them is easy.

To use this feature, grab the link of the LinkedIn Group you want to message and then plug it into the Cloud Kennect software. Automating your LinkedIn outreach is essential in creating scale, and the best part is that Cloud Kennect by Kennected helps you reach users that are in the same groups as you are! LinkedIn automation does not have to be spammy. Its about how you wield the weapon, not just the weapon itself.
Our software automatically sends thousands of these messages to your prospects every single month.

Leverage Influencer Posts

There’s a whole lot of socializing involved when it comes to social selling. And perhaps the savviest of them all are social media influencers. These online personalities have made a living out of their brand and they have amassed huge followings on their chosen platforms. Now imagine being able to take an influencer’s post and leverage it for your own campaign. For example, Gary V makes a post: you can grab the post’s URL in Cloud Kennect and build an entire campaign or sequence-based off of that post. You can find people who have interacted or engaged with this influencer’s post and create a personalized message for them. Read More
You can say something like: “Hey [First Name], saw you liked Gary V’s latest post about [Topic]. Thought you might like to read this other article”. How many other Linkedin automation tools have this feature? We’ve yet to see another one do it. We’re helping people find better prospects, quicker and at scale so our customers can focus on building real relationships. Sales teams from across the world are leveraging Cloud Kennect to help them find better prospects and reach their sales teams’ goals. With one popular post from an influencer, you can reach a whole new audience that is already engaged and interested in the topic you are talking about. You can then insert whatever introduction or call to action that you want. And now suddenly, you are also on their radar. LinkedIn users are getting saavy to the usual, “you and I have a lot of people in common, we should connect” pitches. So leveraging commonalities like who they follow (and specifying who) can lead to greater amounts of connection requests being accepted.

Utilize The Ultimate Linkedin Sales

Kennected is the ultimate LinkedIn automation tool for your business needs. We are your lead flow partners. With Cloud Kennect and Kennected Video, you can turn cold LinkedIn prospects into actual connections. You can then use your own social selling skills to build solid relationships. Turn contacts into customers and turn your LinkedIn network into a source of leads and revenue. 

This sales funnel is not just about producing revenue, it’s about building relationships and providing value to the marketplace. Kennected offers innovative LinkedIn automation tools that allow users to scale their LinkedIn messaging outreach. We help our customers find their ideal customers quickly and at scale. Check out our testimonials page to see how we are helping people or organizations just you grow.  Contact Kennected today to learn more!

Ultimate guide to linkedin automation campaigns

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