What Are The Types of Leads In Real Estate?

Here are the six types of leads real estate pros regularly handle:

  1. Referral

  2. Organic

  3. Portals

  4. PPC

  5. Social media

  6. Lists

When marketers generate real estate leads, they’re no longer limited to magazines, brochures, newspapers, TV, and radio advertising.

Real estate leads are the lifeline of real estate businesses. This is why 60% of real agents search for leads daily. Also, 28% of buyers found their home through a real estate agent.

It’s not possible to be successful without real estate leads.

However, engaging in real estate lead generation activities is not easy. But thanks to technology, real estate marketing is becoming easier.

Are you curious about the most efficient real estate lead generation ideas?

Do you want to change your real estate career for the better? Check out these tactical strategies for gaining real estate leads.

Unqualified Lead

Does your real estate office hand you a list of potential leads and tells you to call them? How many of them are a waste of time? That’s because they’re unqualified leads.

An unqualified lead is someone who isn’t ready to buy a house right now.

Sales Qualified Lead/Qualified Leads

These leads are more likely to convert into customers and deserve more attention with one’s real-estate marketing strategy.

Portal Leads

The portals are massive real estate search websites where you may buy leads. They rank for most competitive phrases on Google because of their massive resources and digital acumen.

There’s no way you’ll be able to compete with them. Advertising on one or more portals is a legal approach to keep your business pipeline full.

If you know you can respond quickly, have a good follow-up system, and perhaps even an internal sales agent (ISA) or virtual assistant (VA) like Agentology, portal leads are worth considering.

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Organic Leads

Almost every business has some form of organic leads. Once you’ve built the foundation, they are free leads! No monthly fee. No competing with other agents.

They are your audience and your lead gen system. Organic lead generation can take a while to get established – often years.

It’s a good idea to begin building your organic lead generation early, but be prepared to supplement it with some paid leads while you get it going.

PPC Leads

In Google Ads, you may manage your campaigns. However, optimizing your ads and everything is so complicated that you’re better off outsourcing it.

Almost every digital marketing firm wants to manage your Google Ads campaigns. PPC marketing is available on several real estate platforms for a fee.

It isn’t simply Google that is to blame. Bing has an advertising scheme too.

PPC is expensive. Your average cost per conversion can be $1000+. And you pay that money upfront, even though they might not close for 6-12 months.

It is also very competitive, meaning that you will need to maximize the buyer and seller leads that come in. That means you need a fantastic follow-up and nurturing system for these leads.

Even just a few slipping through the cracks can tank your return on investment.

Don’t be afraid of these, though, as at least a third of America’s top agents and teams lean heavily on PPC leads.

Why Do Hot Leads Reach Out To You?

These are relatively hot leads because they are actively looking for homes (or sometimes selling homes) when they submit their information.

However, they do not have a connection or relationship with any particular agent, unlike referral or organic leads. They’re a jump ball! Up for grabs for anyone!

They do, however, like or trust the portal they are searching for. That is why they reach out to you.

Target Customers With Landing Pages

Creating a landing page allows you to market something specific and unique, separate from your brokerage.

After creating your landing page, drive traffic to it by posting or advertising it in networking groups, social media, or search engines.

HubSpot found that companies with 10-15 landing pages increase leads by 55%.

Creating an exceptional landing page on your website will increase your leads.

This will only work if the landing pages are optimized to capture emails and generate phone calls from the incoming traffic.

Landing Page Examples

Realtors and brokers can use many different landing pages to capture leads. Here are some examples:

  • Book an appointment landing pages

  • Home evaluation landing pages

  • Community landing pages

  • Buyer guide landing pages

  • Luxury listing landing pages

Community Pages

When a house buyer is moving into a new area, they’ll likely carry out extensive research about the whole community and the real estate market.

That’s where community pages come in.

These are dedicated landing pages linked with internet exchange data (IDX) feeds and display homes for sale in a specific target market.

This makes them a great tool to include in your listing marketing plan.

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Generate Referrals From Positive Customer Experiences

Referral leads are awesome. They are easier deals to close, and they are more profitable than other types of leads.

These are the highest quality leads, and a sign of mature quality real estate business.

Positive word of mouth is a major plus for virtually all kinds of sales efforts — and real estate sales are no exception.

Most home buyers and sellers do ask their friends and neighbors for recommendations.

Forty-two percent of buyers used an agent referred to them by a friend, neighbor, or relative.

Building strategic partnerships, asking current and past clients for them, getting out to network, and even tapping into professional referral networks can generate referral leads. 

Consumers value the advice of their friends and family above anything, including Google reviews. Most property buyers and sellers also seek advice from their friends and neighbors.

The social evidence of a client introducing you to a friend is the most persuasive endorsement. Agent and business referrals can be a great source.

Past Clients

The best way to get new clients is when past clients sing your praises and refer you to their friends and family. But one good interaction isn’t necessarily enough.

It’s important to stay in touch, if not regularly, via a monthly or quarterly e-newsletter, so you’re always top of mind.

You can get referrals from your former clients, real estate professionals, real estate referral companies, etc.

Build Partnerships

Network with other local businesses to form mutually beneficial partnerships. Try strategies like co-hosting happy hours, sending gifts to clients or leads, and forming local alliances.

Builder And Lender Business

Think about other professionals you interact with within the larger real estate industry, such as home builders and mortgage lenders.

If you recommend their services to your clients or others in your sphere of influence, they’ll remember and return the favor.

Utilize Live Chat Options

There are many digital ways for customers to connect with you. But they might be happy to engage in a live chat to get their questions answered instantly.

There are plenty of Live Chat apps available, including FreshChat, Intercom, and Drift, plus you can also use Facebook’s Messenger app on your website.

Most apps include the option to auto-respond to website visitors and determine if human response is required.

Text Messaging

Text messages are a great way to contact a potential lead without interrupting anyone’s day. Use texts to respond quickly to inquiries to capture any leads that come your way.

However, text too much, and you’ll look like you’re spamming someone’s phone, which can be detrimental to lead generation efforts.

For this reason, while texting can be great for nurturing leads in your pipeline, it is not as effective to generate new leads as other methods.

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Retargeting is an effective marketing strategy for targeting website visitors repeatedly until they convert. It is an effective real estate lead generation idea that works very well.

It works by installing a pixel on your website that helps to store your website visitors‘ information.

You can then use the information to create relevant ads that target them based on their actions on your website as they move around the web.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads do have targeting mechanisms in which you can focus on particular demographics.

Some of the best opportunities for generating leads through online advertisement are Facebook and Instagram.

But unlike PPC ads, in which you know the user is specifically searching for what you’re offering, social media ads are interruptive.

When your ad pops up in their timeline, your average person is probably looking at cat videos, not homes for sale. For that reason, you tend to have to get your ad out to many people.

And the message is often watered down to try to induce clicks.

Traditional Marketing/Advertising

Despite the power and reach of social media, traditional marketing, and advertising channels still have their place in your search for leads.

The ROI might not be great on some options, such as a massive billboard along the highway, but it’s still worth searching for and using cheap, cost-effective options to get your name out there.

Content Marketing

on Google.

High-quality content earns higher and higher positions on sites like Google, and people click through to your site or your content.

You can also use your content as “lead magnets” to induce folks to give you an email address. Not just Google, but your social media as well. 

These prospects are the people who like your Facebook page, have submitted their email to you, or subscribe to your channel or Pinterest board. They are your audience.

Local Search Engine Optimization

People use search engines to find answers to their real estate-related questions at any given time.

Today, 44% of real estate buyers start their home search online, and 95% use the internet at some point in the buying process.

Therefore, your website must rank in Google when people search for agents to help them buy or sell a property.

It is the dream of most real estate agents to have quality local leads on autopilot. The best way to realize this dream is through local SEO.

With an SEO strategy, you can put your website in search results, answer common questions that show your expertise and trustworthiness, and capture new leads.

This implies that you have to position your business to show up more on Google searches. Below are some tips that will help you.

  • Optimize your local Google My Business page

  • Use targeted keywords to create quality content

  • Optimize on-page elements and images on your website

  • Use attractive headlines to increase click-through

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Email Marketing

Email marketing, when done correctly, directs traffic to your website and captures more leads.

It also serves to keep you in front of mind with people in your sphere of influence (SOI).

Make sure your emails have some value, like community information or a call to action (CTA)-like offering to provide a free market evaluation.

Market To Cash Buyers

Real estate agents and investors also need buyers. Whether you have listings or wholesaling or rehabbing and flipping houses, you need someone to sell those deals to.

Cash buyers are ideal.

Marketing for cash buyers can be challenging. For example, if you post a house ad on Craigslist, connecting with a cash buyer may be slim.

However, there are databases of active cash buyers that agents and investors can tap into to save time and resources.

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Go To Open Houses

Not hitting up open houses to harvest new leads? You’re missing out. Many buyers (or soon-to-be buyers) drop in without having an agent.

It’s the perfect time to introduce yourself and offer to help them navigate the market.

Although their success in selling the home is probably negligible, open houses are a fantastic way to get leads.

Run An Open House

Running an open house is another excellent way to generate free leads. Even if the open house property doesn’t sell, you can still get a list of potential buyers.

When an agent opens a property to the public for a certain time, potential buyers can tour the open house without an appointment.

Anyone who walks through the door is a potential lead.

However, you need to intentionally capture leads from an open house by doing more than leaving a sign-in sheet and a pen by the door.

Start by engaging with visitors as soon as they walk in.

Have The Real Estate Agent Offer An Experience

When you host an event and offer an experience, you position yourself as an expert and place yourself in front of potential clients.

Try hosting a tour of the area you sell or an educational event at one of your listings. You could also host a “neighbors-only” open house as soon as you list a new property.

Experiential marketing allows potential clients to meet you in person and get to know you in a pressure-free environment.

By giving them a chance to get to know you in person and feel comfortable, you increase the odds of being hired or recommended.

Pitch Your Listing To News Outlets

This is one of the best lead generation strategies for getting high-quality leads quickly.

You need to look for reputable news outlets such as New York Times or other outlets and pitch your property listings to them.

This will give you amazing publicity that will bring in leads to your business daily.

Apart from the New York Times, you can also pitch your listing to journalists on websites like HARO.

Phone Calls

Although it seems like people prefer texts and emails to phone calls, talking to someone one-on-one is still highly effective.

Cold calling is great because it helps you reach a larger audience base and is also cost-effective. With it, you get instant feedback from your prospect.

To get started with cold calling, you need a list of prospects to call. You can get this from:

  • Expired listings

  • Public records or on MLS

Once you have the list of prospects to call, create a script you will use when cold calling and start calling them.

If cold calling makes you break out in a cold sweat, even with a script, consider hiring a virtual real estate assistant to make those calls for you.

Cold calling old acquaintances or leads who have fallen through the cracks can recreate a relationship that potentially generates new leads and new referral sources.

Door Knocking For Real Estate Leads

People in today’s world are understandably nervous when they hear a knock on their door and aren’t expecting someone.

But if you typically do business in a nice, safe neighborhood, this is still a good option to get your name (and face) in front of potential clients.


Postcards may not have the highest return on investment, but many brokerages offer agents a certain number of postcards per deal as an incentive to join the firm, so there’s no harm in trying it.

Use postcards to announce that you’ve joined a new brokerage, promote a new listing, or provide local market information.

Include a headshot, and make sure you proofread your postcards. Grammatical and spelling errors will send your mailers straight to the circular file.

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Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads

Join LinkedIn groups you know your target audience frequents. That could be something like a group for local real estate investors or one for first-time homebuyers.

Find the groups your buyers are spending time in, and contribute to the conversation before making a professional pitch.

Showcase Properties You've Sold

Showcasing properties you’ve already sold is a great way to promote your brand and attract leads looking to rent, buy, or sell within your location.

When you run a Facebook ad featuring the sold property targeted to an audience within the same area, you can attract leads ready to act now, and promote your credentials to those planning to move in the future.

Follow Up On Expired Listings

Expired listings are properties that didn’t sell during their first appearance on the market.

You can usually find the expiration date in the listing details for a property on your multiple listing service (MLS).

Searching for expired listing leads can be a great way to showcase your ability to sell challenging houses.

However, it is worth noting that the minute a listing expires, agents inundate sellers with calls who want their business—so expect competition.

Have Real Estate Agents Invest In Paid Online Advertising

Websites like Zillow offer advertising options for realtors — a smart move since the share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home increased to an all-time high of 97% in 2020, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Replicate Competition

One of the fastest ways to generate more leads for your business is to find out where your top-performing competitors are getting their online leads, and replicate the strategy.

This eliminates a lot of the guesswork, especially if you’re just starting within an agency or brokerage.

Niche Websites

Thanks to various changes in Google’s search algorithm, building a niche website is now another surefire approach to rank higher on search engines than non-targeted sites.

Best of all, it’s completely organic through and through.

Direct Mail

Direct mail may not be as trendy as Snapchat, but it still works.

There is a reason that big banks and lenders still use direct mail with all of their big data and research departments and the ability to test and track marketing campaigns. It works.

Lead Generation Tools

Generating leads can be done organically through family, friends, and networking or through paid advertising and marketing.

Ideally, using various lead generation methods simultaneously to capture real estate leads will ensure a steady stream of prospective new clients for your business.

Real Geeks

This incredibly powerful service helps you capture leads through IDX websites, automatically responds to incoming leads with SMS messages, and includes social media advertising tools for additional lead capture.


Like Real Geeks, this service allows you to generate leads by creating websites designed to pull leads from hyper-targeted areas, but also gives you a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chat tool to nurture incoming leads.


This service offers an all-in-one tool for generating buyer and seller leads with ultra-easy setup, integration with top CRMs, stealth voicemails, and preset follow-up funnels.

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The Bottom Line

Real estate lead generation may not always have an immediate impact, but you can be confident that your efforts will build your business over time.

Whether you buy leads, build one-on-one relationships, or focus on organic methods, generating real estate leads is crucial for building a successful real estate business.

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