What Type Of Company Might Benefit Most From SMS

Any company, big or small, can benefit greatly from SMS marketing and SMS campaigns. So, the answer is YOUR company can benefit from SMS marketing if you are trying to sell a product or a service.

In the digital marketing sphere, it is extremely important for your business to be able to communicate effectively with your client base.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use SMS.

Let’s dive right into one of the fastest growing communication channels in the business world!

What are SMS Messages?

SMS stands for “short message service.” SMS messages take the form of text messages sent directly to your customers via a phone message.

SMS is different from email marketing in several ways, though the intent for both modes of communication is largely the same.

  1. SMS is used only for text messages.

  2. You can integrate SMS into your software so it automatically sends messages.

  3. SMS is the best way to send time sensitive information to your clients due to the fast open rates.

  4. It is cost effective.

  5. SMS can help you establish a personal connection with your clients and open a dialogue with them.

  6. SMS text messages provide customers with up to date information and exclusive deals.

  7. It is the fastest way to reach customers.

The ease and effectiveness of text messaging is what sets SMS marketing apart from other marketing efforts.

SMS text message marketing is utilized by companies of all kinds– medical practices, the automotive businesses, large companies, small businesses, beauty salons, and many more.

This communication channel demonstrates the benefits of using SMS marketing strategies in all areas of marketing. Allowing customer communications to take place on mobile phones using carefully crafted marketing software is an asset that helps businesses of all kinds.

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How to Use Text Messages for your Business

The main marketing goal for your business should be to reach your target audience with information quickly and effectively.

Traditional advertising methods for your business might include social media marketing, email marketing, other channels that reach most consumers.

Using SMS and text message marketing will not only help you reach your target audience, but it will increase the likelihood that your customers will receive messages and actually see them.

When you send SMS, the message goes directly to the phone of the customers you are trying to reach.

Whether your message is meant to help schedule appointments, showcase special promotions, send appointment reminders, or to simply spread important information, customers are far more likely to see your text message than they are to see an email message.

Many businesses send messages to potential customers as well as their existing client base.

This method provides your business with many advantages, inviting new customers in and allowing them to easily integrate into your client base and opt in to future SMS messaging.

How Can SMS Marketing Benefit My Business?

SMS marketing and text messaging can benefit your business in a variety of ways.

It will not only improve your communication with your clients, but it can aid in sales efforts, gauging brand loyalty, customer retention, and your other marketing goals.

Using SMS marketing effectively will help your business to take advantage of the notion that most of your customers have their phone on them throughout the day.

What this accessibility means for you is that your message will reach your clients quickly, and they’ll likely open its contents and read the message in a timely manner, especially when contrasted with the time it takes to receive and open an email message.

Text messages have the benefit of popping up immediately on the phone user’s screen, even presenting a preview of the message to create intrigue.

Once your customers have opted in and begin to receive text messages from your business, they’ll come to expect your marketing messages and have the option to respond to you with their own SMS message.

Once you have created your specific SMS campaign and begin to send messages, you’ll also receive statistics that tell you the open rates of your messages and which messages produce the most traffic or intrigue the highest number of customers.

You’ll then be able to gauge customer loyalty, check the traffic on your traditional channels, and see which of your clients rarely check their messages.

Use your analytics to improve your SMS text messaging efforts and be constantly thinking about how to reach your customers in the best way possible.

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Ways to Implement Text Message Marketing

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner, a business in the travel industry, automotive industry, or any field, the first step you’ll want to take in your text message marketing efforts is to decide what content you would like to be delivered to your clients in this text message format.

You may want to use SMS for sending appointment reminders, or alerting your customers to missed appointments and no shows to ensure they stay informed.

As a small business, making sure that your customers know how valued they are is key towards fostering a relationship with them.

Once a given client chooses to opt in to your SMS messaging, they’ll receive your SMS text messages directly to their phone whenever you choose to send one.

Make sure to tailor your SMS text messaging to your specific marketing goal. Businesses will often just send bulk texts to their client base, thinking that frequency will give them the results they desire.

In truth, you should value intention over frequency.

Your text message marketing should be constantly evolving and changing to accommodate your clients and your marketing intentions.

Small businesses may utilize text messaging simply to connect with their clients, while another business may use this service to provide updates on their products and upcoming launches.

However you choose to implement SMS does not matter. What matters is keeping your purpose at the forefront of your messaging.

How To Make SMS Messages Align With Your Business

Whether you are a small business looking to connect with your customers or a large corporation hoping to streamline your content, SMS marketing software will aid you in your respective purpose.

Keep in mind that your SMS messaging will go straight to your customer’s phone.

This means that your SMS content will have to be brief, concise, and cognizant of the traditional text messaging format.

You want your customer to be excited to open your message, so consider playing with different punctuation styles and adding images to your texts.

Once you receive data for your SMS, you’ll be better able to tailor your content to what your customers are most actively engaging with and other marketing efforts.

Show your personality through your texts!

Don’t be afraid of lacking an air of professionalism in your SMS. Your customers will appreciate some humor and personality shining through in your texts to them.

Above all, take risks and keep your customer central to your texts.

How Kennected Uses SMS Messaging

At Kennected, we are all about catering to the customer and fostering the relationships with the people we get to work with.

SMS text messaging allows us to connect with our community frequently and effectively.

We appreciate the ease of communication via phone– we want to be accessible to our client base and SMS services give us the ability to be available and ready to assist in any way we can.

As a business that prides ourselves on our digital prowess, it is especially important that we make frequent usage of growing platforms like SMS software in order to reach our communication and marketing potential.

It’s important to us that we are accessible to our community, and it should be important to you and your business too. 

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