How To Turn On Creator Mode On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest platform for professionals online, with over 756 million members and counting. This social network is dedicated to building professional and business relationships, and so it provides many opportunities for users to reach and interact with their audience.

Creator Mode is one of the features that allow LinkedIn users to achieve this. LinkedIn creators are those who regularly post their own content on the platform to demonstrate their expertise, drive engagement, and start conversations with members of their community. Marketers, for example, use content marketing to attract the attention of leads.

The goal of LinkedIn creators is to build relationships with their audience by creating conversations around common interests. This allows them to establish thought leadership in their industry and gain the trust of their prospective customers.

Creator Mode can potentially help you build your following on LinkedIn. If your goal is to engage with your audience on LinkedIn, this might come in handy. Here we are going to discuss how you can use this feature.

What is Creator Mode on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s creator mode is a brand new profile setting that can help users grow their influence and expand their reach on the platform. This is an update to LinkedIn profiles that can be found on the Profile dashboard.

By turning on creator mode, LinkedIn users can display their content more prominently on their profile. It also encourages visitors and other LinkedIn users to follow the creator. This is an effective way to grow your audience by drawing attention to your content.

Turning on creator mode gives you access to additional features and tools that will help you reach your target audience and grow your audience on LinkedIn. One of these features is the Follow button which replaces the typical Connect button on your profile. In creator mode, your number of followers will be displayed in your profile. This is perfect for showcasing thought leadership especially if you have a lot of followers. But even if you don’t have a following yet, this could be a good way to start building one.

Creator mode also allows you to display the topics you usually post about in your profile introduction as hashtags. By adding relevant hashtags, it is easier for other users to find and discover you on LinkedIn so they can connect with you. If they like the content you post, they will follow you.

This profile setting is great for highlighting your original content. It moves your Featured and Activity sections to the top of your profile, giving them the proper spotlight they deserve.

The Activity section in creator mode no longer includes your likes, comments, and other activities. But this information is still available through the See all activity feature.

With creator mode, you can be featured as a suggested creator for other LinkedIn users. This allows potential followers to find you as well as your content by just browsing on LinkedIn.

Creator mode gives you access to helpful tools such as LinkedIn Newsletter and LinkedIn Live Video—granted that you meet the access criteria.

If creator mode is not yet available to you, keep in mind that LinkedIn is gradually rolling out this feature to all of its members. It will eventually become available for all members. Visit the creator mode edit hub to see if you already have access. You should see the Creator tools section when you visit the edit hub if you have access. If this section is not yet visible, check back in a couple of weeks.

Here’s how you can turn on creator mode on LinkedIn.

Step By Step Instructions on How to Turn Creator Mode On for LinkedIn

You can easily find creator mode in your Profile dashboard. This option will not be visible if it is not yet available to you, but LinkedIn is continuously rolling out the feature to all of its members.

Go to your Profile by clicking the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page and choosing View profile. Click Creator mode: Off under your dashboard. This will show you a pop-up window preview of the changes that will be made. You can then click on Next.

The next step is adding the topics you normally post about. Choose one to five hashtags that represent your industry and the content you post. Include both broad and niche topics so prospective followers can discover you more easily. You can also choose whether to show these topics in your Profile Intro or not. After hitting Save, your profile will now be in creator mode.

LinkedIn creators are always free to edit their topic settings. You can also turn off creator mode at any time to revert your profile to a regular one.

To edit your hashtags, just go to your profile and click Add topics to add new topics. You can toggle creator mode on and off under your dashboard.

If you are on mobile, tap your profile photo and then choose View Profile. You can then toggle creator mode on and off under your dashboard. Follow the same steps as the one above, adding hashtags that indicate the topics you post about the most. Finally, hit Save.

Creator mode is great for LinkedIn users who are actively growing their audience and establishing their brand on the platform. According to LinkedIn, 50% of member follows come from Profile views. Make the most out of these profile visits by highlighting your content and showcasing your industry expertise.

While creator mode will change your profile action from “Connect” to “Follow”, the option to connect will still be available for those who want to be part of your network.

LinkedIn’s creator mode is perfect for establishing your voice and setting the tone of your brand. Some LinkedIn users prefer to highlight their content over work experience, and creator mode lets them achieve just that. Through this feature, your posts become front and center, allowing you to establish your voice. Get discovered by using LinkedIn’s creator mode today.

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