TikTok’s Unsuspecting Role In Artist Stardom

It’s becoming more prevalent for one video to BLOW UP on TikTok, launching a stranger’s life into TikTok fame. 

However, CNBC notes the rise in another trend that has Spotify turning its head. A “modern” approach to artist discovery involves streaming platforms like Spotify or Pandora.

tiktok, social media, app-5323007.jpg

But now, it’s becoming the norm for songs to EXPLODE through the social media platform eliminating the need for a label or a more “traditional” form of artist marketing.

Because of TikTok’s ongoing success, it’s become a wildcard for fame & accidental viral posts benefiting artists & everyday humans.

Here is what the article states –

“TikTok is positioned to cash in on its role as music industry tastemaker, but the company hasn’t disclosed its plans. But there are some hints to the parent company’s thinking.

In May, ByteDance, filed a trademark application for “TikTok Music” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The service would allow users to play, share, purchase and download music, according to the filing. A TikTok spokesperson didn’t provide any additional details and sent CNBC a general statement about the company’s role in the music industry.”

Read the full story here.

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